The Problems with Porn The Center - “And whether or not one believes that sex is sacred, it is hard to deny that the porn industry has commodified sex in ways that rid it of all that made it human.” Galen Watts 10/15/2020
Boredom: a Double-Edged Sword, for Individuals and Society The Center - “Compared to these other negative emotional states, boredom might seem like a trivial complaint. However, boredom can cause real problems if not directed towards healthy and constructive behaviors.” Clay Routledge 10/14/2020
How to Be a Non-Racist The Center - “Non-racism, thus understood, implies colorblindness, not in the sense of literally not seeing skin color, but in the sense of treating it as insignificant.” Gerfried Ambrosch 10/12/2020
The Politicization of Psychiatry The Center - “Given the numerous historical antecedents, it is likely that—probably sooner rather than later—politics would get in the way of such clinical assessments.“ Gabriel Andrade 10/11/2020
Gangs Drive Surging Homicide Rates The Center - “Gang violence is not ‘gun violence.'” Vic Reynolds and Michael Scott Carlson 10/9/2020
What Ever Happened to Answering the Question? The Center - “These were not typical evasions regarding policies; they were evasions regarding principles.” Thomas Koenig 10/8/2020
Assuaging Conservatives’ Fears about a Biden Presidency The Center - “The former option is President Trump; the latter is politics.” Thomas Koenig 10/7/2020
Members of Congress Should Live Together, But Not in Dorms The Center - “…I propose the Republican Party and the Democratic Party collectively raise money from private donors to build a 535-unit townhouse neighborhood in Washington, D.C., where all of our elected representatives will live together along with their families…” Michael Mazenko 10/5/2020
A Vision for Human Flourishing The Center - “Just like we would not accept the transportation technology of the 1800’s, we should not compulsorily accept archaic attitudes toward work, education, possessions, and leisure.” Peter Clarke 10/4/2020
When Identity Politics Meets the Punk Scene The Center - “But to me, an observer with intimate knowledge of punk’s radical history, much of today’s woke rhetoric feels like a throwback.” Gerfried Ambrosch 9/30/2020
Tax Evasion and the Catholic Church’s Plank in Its Eye The Center - “But the hard fact is that the Vatican’s vast untaxed riches—and the Church’s tax-exempt status in many countries—make it impossible for [Pope Francis] to avoid charges of hypocrisy.” Gabriel Andrade 9/29/2020
“The American People”—a Phrase Worth Discarding The Center - “…there are perhaps a few other aspects of the phrase that ought to make it first on the chopping block when considering which expressions really out to be expunged immediately from our national discourse.” Erich J. Prince 9/29/2020
Power Over Principles: the Dual Dangers of Trumpism and Anti-Racism The Center - Donald Trump rode the politics of power and emotion to the White House. If his opponents continue to respond in kind, he might have killed the politics of principle in the process. Thomas Koenig 9/24/2020
George Orwell: from Hell to Salvation The Center - “Leaving behind a bucolic past, the engine of modernity has nature on the run as it speeds towards an uncertain future.” Chris Augusta 9/22/2020
Science: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea The Center - “It bears to repeat, however, that our genes do not directly decide the actions we take in life—as fatalism would like one to believe. They are not the means to our destiny but, rather, are the keys to our hypothetical reality.” Alessandro van den Berg 9/21/2020
The Grift That Keeps on Grifting: the Troubling Issue on Campus The Center - “One of the most common questions posed by those trying to fight this is: What can we do to stop this? As someone who works in education and higher learning, I can provide three potential options…” Carson Babich 9/20/2020
Do Americans Vote Too Much? The Center - The United States does not have low voter turnout; Americans actually are asked to vote too much, and this hurts our democracy. Thomas Brown 9/18/2020
Searching for Common Meaning in the Age of Polarization  The Center - “It is not between Red and Blue states; it is a battle about whether there is meaning outside of politics.” Gonzalo Schwarz and Clay Routledge 9/16/2020
The Case for Civic Nationalism The Center - “If carefully constructed, civic nationalism in the United States can take both conservative and progressive forms.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/10/2020
Interview with Ruud Koopmans: Understanding Muslim Immigration to Europe The Center - “[Historically,] Islamic societies were actually more advanced, more liberal, and more tolerant than Western societies. So, there is nothing intrinsic to Islam that explains these problems.” Mark Hecht 9/9/2020
“Holding the Powerful Accountable”—Empty Words? The Center - “The holding the powerful accountable phrase resonates as it does—and, presumably, is chosen by the news media’s back-patters—because it is, indeed, precisely what a news media should be doing.” Erich J. Prince 9/7/2020
The Ideological Takeover of British Psychotherapy  The Center - “The problem with this conception is that access to truth or objectivity becomes something not open to universal access but, instead, becomes something distributed on the basis of social position.” Nick Opyrchal 9/2/2020
How Looting Destroyed Venezuela: a Cautionary Tale The Center - “And one particular author, Vicky Osterweil, has shamelessly written a book entitled In Defense of Looting.” Gabriel Andrade 9/1/2020
Interview: Robert Orlando on His Film “Citizen Trump” The Center - “Once the stage is the thing, ideas don’t matter as much as performance.” Gabriel Andrade 8/25/2020
Augustine of Hippo: Patron Saint of Political Criticism The Center - “In a brilliant stroke of irony, Augustine’s reading of Roman history not only reveals the many falsities of the Roman imperial mythology but also points the way to Christ and the Heavenly Jerusalem.” Paul Krause 8/20/2020
A.B. Stoddard on the Current Moment in Politics—and What Is to Come The Center - “Doing things like eliminating the filibuster is just going to put us on the path to more gridlock and anarchy at this point.” Henri Mattila 8/18/2020
Anti-Racism Is Weird The Center - “Weird is the only word available to describe the implicit rules, rituals, and taboos that surround the issue.”  Samuel Kronen 8/14/2020
On Robert Orlando’s “Citizen Trump” The Center - “To do so, he tells President Trump’s life story in the cinematographic style of Citizen Kane, incorporating the iconic snow globe, the campaign poster, and even the mysterious word (‘Rosebud’) that is central to Orson Welles’ masterpiece.” Gabriel Andrade 8/14/2020
Partisan Identity and the Death of Representative Governance The Center - “Importing these ideas into your sense of self—to think of yourself as a liberal or a conservative—is irrational and corrosive. It is a recipe for error.” Zane Beal 8/8/2020
White Jesus and the “Other” Jesus: When Activists Come for Gods The Center - “A civilization that worships at such altars is one that no longer believes in itself, that considers itself irredeemably guilty, sinful or evil…” Alexander Zubatov 8/7/2020
Why Cancel Culture Won’t Last The Center - “This is the thing about moral panics—while threatening, they can be illuminating.” Matt Johnson 8/3/2020
Blackface: When Nuance Meets Taboo The Center - “One of the first lessons my students of undergraduate literary studies learn about text analysis is to distinguish between internal and external communication.” Gerfried Ambrosch 7/31/2020
How We Can Finally Put the Reparations Question Behind Us The Center - “With that in mind, what I want to do below is to advance a proposal that, I think, lets everyone concerned out of this conundrum gracefully.” Alexander Zubatov 7/27/2020
Innocence, Guilt, and Living with a Disability The Center - “This puts me in a strange position as someone who can be unequivocally categorized as a victim and yet who has always had a difficult time seeing myself as one.” Samuel Kronen 7/26/2020
Psychologist Dr. Katherine Kinzler: the Role of Speech in Polarized Times The Center - “In polarized times, think of the other person as an individual and not member of the other group.” Kevin Turner 7/25/2020
Leave Lincoln’s Statues Alone but Engage with His Legacy More Critically The Center - “Indeed, Michael Scharf reports that ‘Milošević saw himself as a modern-day Abe Lincoln, employing force in a valiant effort to hold his crumbling Yugoslavia together.’”  Gabriel Andrade 7/20/2020
How Sam Harris Changed My Opinion of Jordan Peterson The Center - “This is why Peterson genuinely believes in Dostoevsky’s eminent saying in The Brothers Karamazov: ‘Without God all things are permitted.'” Alessandro van den Berg 7/20/2020
Jorge Luis Borges and the Philosophy of Memory The Center - “For this reason, Borges’ short story reveals that the human mind is intelligent precisely because it does not recollect too much.” Simone Redaelli 7/17/2020
The Harper’s Letter: When the Boring Becomes Incendiary The Center - “Since the response to the letter was far from boring, two things can be asserted. First, a growing minority no longer believes free speech to be valuable. Secondly, those who do believe in free speech no longer believe that it is fully operational. Gabriel Scorgie 7/15/2020
The Land of Lost Content The Center - “As we move forward in the present struggle, where the question of race and religion becomes an endemic part of our theaters of division, we must strive to reject the retributive impulse and embrace what Martha Nussbaum keenly called the ‘rational faith.’” Anton Sorkin 7/14/2020
James Lindsay: How Critical Studies Led to Today’s Turmoil The Center - “This is an attempt at a social, cultural, and political revolution.” Kevin Turner 7/12/2020
Synecdoche, New York and Synecdoche, Croatia The Center - “Something very similar—and, only slightly less surreal—is currently happening in the Republic of Croatia.” Matija Štahan 7/11/2020
The Pernicious Influence of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s Sophistry The Center - “In one of the great exercises of academic sophistry in our times, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva wants to persuade us that color-blindness is racism, and color-consciousness is anti-racism.” Gabriel Andrade 7/9/2020
What Is the “Real Deal” at Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot? The Center - “However, in this piece, I will explain precisely why Thinkspot was created. The story starts shortly after the turn of the millennium, with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.” Adam Wasserman 7/6/2020
The Foundational Integrity of Imants Ziedonis The Center - “In other words, Ziedonis, knowingly or not, recognized that for a state to be free, its people must recognize a shared tradition and must be themselves free to build upon it.” Patrick Burr 7/6/2020
The Dangers of Politicizing the Coronavirus The Center - “It is not often that everyone in the country faces the same towering life-and-death challenge all at once, which is why we should drop the cheap partisan smears and start talking honestly about the greatest threat we have confronted in a generation.” Matt Johnson 7/5/2020
Interview with Oliver Strijbis: Swiss Lessons on Identity and National Unity The Center - “Political ideas are too abstract. They are not enough to make people emotional about identity. Swiss identity has a cultural element.” Mark Hecht 7/3/2020
Anti-Racism Demonstrations That Are Just Too Much The Center - “Those doing things like reenacting a slave raid may have noble intentions, but they are sending the wrong message.” Gabriel Andrade 7/3/2020
The Puppet Masters of Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis The Center - “The question worth asking is: Who stands to benefit from the continual fueling, participation, and organization of a war that threatens to destabilize Yemen irreversibly?” Cameron Joseph 7/1/2020
Allan Bloom at Harvard, a Lesson Reverberating through the Years The Center - “ The university is nothing less than the institutionalization of Socrates. So the end of philosophy in the university portends the subversion of democracy itself.” Chris Augusta 6/28/2020
Herodotus and the Human Quest for Justice The Center - “Herodotus, as we can begin to see, is a theorist of human action—and a theorist of justice. Justice, according to Herodotus, is the chief force of human action.” Paul Krause 6/27/2020
Bo Winegard on Events Taking Place Across Academia: “I Am Terrified” The Center - “I have never been more depressed about the state of truth in the world.” Kevin Turner 6/24/2020
And They’ve Come for the Founders The Center - “However, as one watches the Founders find their way into the crosshairs of so many, perhaps the obvious needs to be restated.” Erich J. Prince 6/24/2020
Interview: Elika Ashoori on Her Father’s Ten Year Prison Sentence in Iran The Center - “His interrogators were telling him that we have gangs who could ‘stab your daughter or wife in London.'” Kevin Turner 6/23/2020
Liberate the Other Half: Empowering the “Back Row” of America The Center - “Rather than cracking down on higher-income Americans, it is past time to liberate the other half.” Ben Wilterdink 6/23/2020
Against the Concept Creep Of “Racism” The Center - “This is why I was dismayed by a recent essay published at Arc Digital (on June 9th) by Akiva M. Cohen, entitled ‘Systemic Racism Is Real. We Need To Fight It, Not Deny It.'” Samuel Kronen 6/18/2020
Columbus Belongs Not Only to History The Center - “And one example of this—among others—is how prominently he features in a particular tradition of philosophy: that of philosophical pessimism.” Erich J. Prince 6/17/2020
No, Antifa Is Not Synonymous with “Anti-fascism” The Center - “So, in the same way that a country with the word ‘democratic’ in its name tends to be anything but, Antifa appears overwhelmingly to be anti-fascist in name only.” Gerfried Ambrosch 6/17/2020
The False Dichotomy in Kimberlé Crenshaw’s Intersectionality The Center - “Why is this important? Because grammar shows that Crenshaw’s distinction between identity politics and liberal universalism is artificial.” Jonathan Church 6/16/2020
Interview: Curt Jaimungal, Director of “Better Left Unsaid” The Center - “They reject ideas of the extreme, so that’s why there needs to be a delineation between what’s extreme and what’s not extreme.” Kevin Turner 6/16/2020