The Relevance of Tolkien’s Unfinished Work “The New Shadow” Criticism - “However, in his uncompleted sequel to The Lord of the Rings, The New Shadow, as well as The Silmarillion, Tolkien presented a different vision of human nature, one that is more realistic and more concomitant with his Catholic upbringing.” Sukhayl Niyazov 1/20/2022
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James Lindsay: “Counter Wokecraft” and Responses to Institutional Takeover The Center - “You have to have a steel spine in your liberalism. ‘What kind of government did you create, sir?’ ‘We created a republic, if [you] can keep it.’ The ‘if you can keep it’ part requires a steel spine.” Erich J. Prince 1/19/2022
In Reply to “Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream” The Center - “As a former graduate student in religious studies and writer of the classics, it is deeply regrettable that the scholarship of the academy does not reach further and that century-old myths no longer of any substantial prominence in academic study still hold public sway.” Paul Krause 1/18/2022
The Great American Disconnect The Center - “A disconnect ensues: Even as the American public has indeed polarized, our elected representatives have fled to the extremes to an even greater degree.” Thomas Koenig 1/17/2022
Finland, Russia, and the NATO Question: An Interview with Risto Penttilä The Center - ” I think that we are, as always, pragmatic idealists.” Henri Mattila 1/16/2022
Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream The Center - “So, yes—my friend has a point: To someone who has never given a moment’s thought to whether Jesus was a real person or not, he does seem like an entirely fictional character.” Peter Clarke 1/14/2022
Peter Boghossian: On the Purpose of Education The Center - “It’s not that there’s anything wrong with debate. In fact, debate, in certain circumstances, can be good, but we can often solve the problems…through conversation.” Vahaken Mouradian 1/13/2022
Remembering Sir Roger Scruton, Two Years On The Center - “At the time, I would not have guessed my encounters with Roger through YouTube and a handful of books would lead me to studying with him just prior to his death.” Paul Krause 1/12/2022
When It Comes to Medical Aid-in-Dying, We Must Protect the Vulnerable The Center - “Many such persons will have internalized the idea that they constitute an inconvenient and expensive burden on loved ones, as well as the healthcare system. Legalizing MAID risks reinforcing that message.” Tanner Matthews 1/10/2022
Magatte Wade: The Power of Free Markets for Africa The Center - “Eventually, I had an emotional crisis because I could no longer reconcile the life of abundance that the U.S. afforded me. I made a pact with myself that from here on, I’m really going to try to see what needs to happen for [Africa] to thrive.” Andrew Scott 1/9/2022
Against David Brooksism The Right - “The only thing Brooks’s ‘true conservatism’ is ‘responsible’ for, however, is progressivism’s thoroughgoing dominance of our culture. For Brooks, a ‘responsible’ conservatism must concede the moral legitimacy of every progressive ‘advance.'” Daniel Addison 1/5/2022
The Failed Attempt to Rescue Marx’s Labor Theory of Value The Center - “Without the notion of socially necessary labor time, nothing in Marx’s value form or overall theory of exploitation makes sense.” Jonathan Church 1/1/2022
The Power of Facing: A Review of “Christopher Hitchens” by Ben Burgis The Center - “One of the causes of tension with Noam Chomsky, for example, Burgis observes, was Hitchens’ recognition that the forces of anti-imperialism today are dissimilar to ‘Ho Chi Minh or the Sandinistas.'” Vahaken Mouradian 12/31/2021
Who Will Guard the Guardians: Dilemmas of Policing The Left - “Policing needs to be seen as a profession to whose ranks people of every class might plausibly aspire.” Tom Farer 12/30/2021
Frank Vogl: Understanding the Kleptocrats and Their Enablers The Center - “Too often, people think of corruption as something that happens somewhere else: in Russia, in authoritarian regimes.” Andrew Scott 12/29/2021