Prelude to War: Lessons from the Second Spanish Republic The Right - “The Second Spanish Republic has many parallels with modern American politics. Much like its counterparts in Spain, the American left of today is no less preoccupied with terraforming the cultural landscape.” Guzi He 3/21/2023
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A Government Is More Than Capable of Addressing Multiple Crises At Once The Center - “So, to be clear, I largely favor reducing the power of the very federal government being discussed in this piece, but that is quite different from arguing that, at its current scope and scale, it is somehow incapable of addressing multiple priorities at once.” Erich J. Prince 3/20/2023
Would Socrates Be Anti-Woke? A Stoic Critique of Identity Politics The Center - “For the Stoic, however, personal identity is not a fragmented life of intersecting cultural identities but rather a holistic and unified embodiment of rationality endowed by nature.” Jonathan Church 3/19/2023
John Cribb: What We Can Learn from Abraham Lincoln The Center - “All of the sudden, I was on the phone with Mike Pence… ‘I just finished Old Abe last night, and I had to track you down and tell you how much I loved it, and it’s the best book about Lincoln I’ve ever read.’ And, for ten minutes, he just wanted to talk about Lincoln.” Erich J. Prince 3/18/2023
Review: Spencer Klavan’s “How To Save The West” The Right - “Being a classicist and student of Greek philosophy, Klavan turns to his education to solve these philosophical dilemmas.” Tyler Hummel 3/14/2023
Boris Johnson’s Most Fundamental Failure: Immigration The Right - “After all, one of the major reasons for the Conservatives’ 2019 election landslide victory was due to [Johnson’s] populist rhetoric regarding mass immigration, including the Conservatives’ promise that ‘overall numbers will come down.'” Edward Howard 3/10/2023
Review: Waller Newell’s “Tyranny and Revolution: Rousseau to Heidegger” The Center - “Beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, proceeding through the luminaries of German Idealism and Romanticism—climaxing with Hegel—then marching beyond Hegel to Marx, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, Newell gives a reading of philosophy gone wrong.” Paul Krause 3/8/2023
Internet Censorship: Democrats, Remember You Could Be Out of Power One Day The Center - “The mainstream media has largely ignored the unsettling censorship tactics of the Biden administration, and Democrats—all the while—clearly cannot imagine a future Republican administration following this administration’s lead and censoring content that does not support the new administration’s political narrative or agenda.” Mike Matthys 3/7/2023
A Happy Retirement: A High Bar for High Achievers The Center - “I had lost my ambition and with it my identity. Without CEO status, who was I? If I was not leading a company, what was my purpose? How would I find contentment without that all-encompassing fixation on achievement?” Laura Black 3/6/2023
Who Will Fix a Broken Internet Landscape Before It’s Too Late? The Right - “Despite the enormous improvements that technology has contributed to the human condition, if we do not choose to fix the way the Internet works, there remains the potential for a digital Pearl Harbor-type event.” Thomas P. Vartanian 3/5/2023
Marxism Has Been No Deliverer from Ethnic Strife The Right - “Any utopian project that tolerates humanity’s diverse values and identities only to the extent that they help advance a narrowly defined vision of progress can only end in indiscriminate violence.” Guzi He 3/4/2023
How a “National Divorce” Could Actually Unite Americans The Right - “Far from giving up on the American project, national divorce aims to renew and deepen our ability to live in harmony together.” Joseph (Jake) Klein 3/2/2023
Review: Carl Trueman’s “Strange New World” The Right - “It bears repeating that this is a very good book. Trueman performs a thorough but concise excavation of the intellectual, philosophical, and metaphysical currents that he sees as moving below the crashing waves of our present cultural storm.” Henry George 2/21/2023
The Tide Poetry - “‘Where now security, what to trust?’/The cycle of an invisible moon has/Our harbor in its force, another period/Has begun: the existing limits to be tested.” Harold Jones 2/19/2023
From Tanks to Think Tanks The Right - “One can judge the winds of change in foreign policy by the sudden proliferation of think tanks piping up and stating the obvious. There are tanks and think tanks and, despite the commitment of the Leopards, it may be the think tanks that are gaining the upper hand.” Brian Patrick Bolger 2/18/2023