Heather Mac Donald: Medicine Under Fire The Right - “Scientific conferences are being determined based on sex and race. It’s going to slow down medical progress, and it is also going to put physicians in the ER and the operating room who are not the top qualified.” Erich J. Prince 9/27/2022
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As the Leaves Begin to Change Poetry - “In that waltz, you find me now/Singing, dancing, with the moon” Paul Krause 9/25/2022
The Joy of the Knife: On Autoimmune Responses in Politics The Right - “If we look at culture as a superorganism with its own immunological mechanisms, we can recognize modern societies as being profoundly dysregulated, and this gets worse the more modern they get.” Michael Weyns 9/24/2022
The Second Elizabeth, a Life Appreciated The Center - “From that distant day when I saw her ride down Poonamallee High Road in Madras, the epitome of regality and restraint, Elizabeth II did her best in balancing the demands of tradition, the weight of history, the requirements of society and culture both at home and abroad, and also attended to her family.” Vishwas Gaitonde 9/22/2022
Canada and the Many Problems with Euthanasia The Right - “The story goes on to detail another Canadian citizen who was repeatedly and continuously offered euthanasia, to such an extent that he began recording these occasions.” Jake Scott 9/19/2022
No Longer Running: An Interview with Felicia Heath The Center - “And, later in life, when I was dealing with my father coming out of prison and perhaps rekindling that relationship, I started to look at my experience slightly differently. I started sharing bits and pieces of my story with people and, to my surprise, found that some of the reactions were positive and even inspiring.” Celine Sleiman 9/13/2022
The Queen: 1926-2022 The Right - “It is too much to say that the world will not see her like again; there is within all of us the potential to aim for the higher moral life that the Queen embodied, if we engage in the striving that she did that is necessary to attain this.” Henry George 9/11/2022
Youth Poetry - “and Pastor speaks with God, while I/repent my youth that/like the flower which fades/has been my secret, golden calf.” Mark Botts 9/10/2022
Review: “People Love Dead Jews” by Dara Horn The Right - “All of this is captured in twelve essays in novelist Dara Horn’s powerful and coruscating book on why people still love dead Jews over living Jews. It is a book that shreds modern piety and sophistry in equal measure.” Henry George 9/7/2022
Fly Fishing Poetry - “What does it bring to light?/What meaning is there to land?/Have you killed a bit of me? I doubt it.” Harold Jones 9/6/2022
Moving Clockwise around Easton County Fiction - “They’ve always been rivals with a town across the county line, a town of insulation and roofing makers. It’s a working-class rivalry, the authentic kind, one that lasts whatever color the collars become.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/5/2022
Review: “Hannibal” by Philip Freeman  Criticism - “Freeman’s book, as the author acknowledges, is written as something of a eulogy to this great man of antiquity, who has captured imaginations for two millennia.” Paul Krause 9/4/2022
Silver Lining Poetry - “The silver lining is/you won’t be catching planes/to drag yourself away” Angelos Apallas 8/29/2022
Friendships as Pathways to Upward Income Mobility The Center - “For example, if poor children grew up in a neighborhood where 70% of their friends were wealthy, their future income on average will increase by 20%, similar to the effect of going to a four-year college.” Bruno V. Manno 8/16/2022
Salman Rushdie: The Antithesis to Moral Cowardice The Center - “Leading by example, Rushdie refuses to be intimidated into silence.” Gerfried Ambrosch 8/15/2022