Oncology Poetry - “More truths than cancer creep beneath our speech.” Harold Jones 6/25/2022
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Young Americans for Liberty: An Interview with CEO Lauren Daugherty The Right - “Ron Paul is so beloved because he is so principled. That is what we are focused on here. We will work with other people who share our interests, but we’re not going to sacrifice our principles to do it.” Henri Mattila 6/24/2022
What Type of Religion Is Wokeness? The Center - “As we might expect, the Woke, often well educated and articulate, have generated their own convoluted and comprehensive ‘theology’ replete with saints and sinners, priests and heretics, and even their own kind of Heaven and Hell.” Chris Augusta 6/23/2022
The Greatness of Ronald Reagan The Center - “With bloated bureaucracies and top marginal tax rates at 70% when he entered office, President Reagan also carried in his mind a basic script about overreach of the federal government that resonated with Americans after a decade of stagflation and presidential scandals.” Jonathan Church 6/22/2022
Review: “Conservatism: A Rediscovery” by Yoram Hazony The Right - “In my own life, being disabled and living with an acute example of life’s predicament means that the worldview Hazony describes and prescribes has made far more sense and has offered far more consolation than liberalism ever could.” Henry George 6/20/2022
A Decent Level for All: Economic Justice and Universal Basic Income The Center - “Instituting UBI could help us to transcend traditional distinctions between the ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ poor that have shaped poverty policy for far too long.” Tanner Matthews 6/19/2022
Review: “Obedience is Freedom” by Jacob Phillips The Right - “Denial, as Jacob Phillips deftly shows in his fascinating and staggeringly original new book Obedience is Freedom, is precisely what the liberal-left excels in, substituting for a world of limits and constraints a schizoid universe where subjectivity is all that counts.” Seamus Flaherty 6/16/2022
Cancel Culture and the Tolerance of the Natural Aristocracy The Right - “To really thrive in our own communities, we need more than just Law and Order; a strong social fabric is required that encourages virtuous behavior as much as it punishes delinquency.” Michael Weyns 6/15/2022
Why We’ll Always Be Talking about George Orwell The Center - “It is a shame, though, that whenever Orwell reappears it is almost always in the context of his dystopian political novel.” Paul Krause 6/14/2022
On Cultural Poverty The Left - “Similarly, we should understand the notion of greater cultural wealth in connection with greater cultural equality.” Brian Russell Graham 6/8/2022
Like in Ukraine, We Must Recognize Iranians’ Right to Resistance The Center - “Political leaders in the United States are increasingly recognizing the vitality and capabilities of the Iranian resistance movement and are looking for ways to empower it.” Kazem Gholami 6/7/2022
The Great American School Tragedy: The Coronavirus and Students The Center - “So while parents are generally satisfied with what schools did under trying and unprecedented circumstances, they have good reason to be worried about the pandemic’s effects on their children’s academic and emotional well-being.” Bruno V. Manno 5/31/2022
Let Them Fight: The Case for Leaving Syria The Center - “If the United States and its NATO allies consider Turkey to be a partner worth keeping—and both the size of its military and its contributions to NATO’s budget suggest that it is—then a situation placing Turkey in conflict with Russia is to their benefit.” Mark Bhaskar 5/30/2022
Review: “Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel” by Domenico Losurdo The Left - “First published in Italy, [Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel] has finally been translated into English by Gregor Benton and released as part of the Historical Materialism Book Series with Haymarket Books.” Matt McManus 5/26/2022
Narrative Ethics: A Modest Proposal The Center - “I wryly refer to the universal adoption of narrative ethics as a ‘modest proposal’ because while telling stories is a fundamental part of human nature, telling stories in perfectly ethical ways is, unfortunately, too often alien to our nature.” Isabelle Breier 5/25/2022