Black War Cinema and the Representation Paradox The Right - “For all of their insistence on cultural revolution, progressives are not yet ready to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” Guzi He 6/8/2023
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Lawrence M. Krauss: The Fundamental Questions of Science The Center - “The great thing is the universe is as amazing as it is without all of the fairytales. The universe is far more amazing than anything that has come up in any scriptural book because the imagination of nature is much greater than the imagination of human beings.” Daniel Sharp 6/7/2023
The Ever Tenuous Coalition That Is the Left The Right - “What makes this conflict noteworthy is that it reveals stress lines within the coalition of today’s Left, a coalition that often seems held together more by what it hates than by strong bonds of friendship.” Paul Gottfried 6/6/2023
Waller Newell: The Characteristics of Tyranny The Center - “We will be nothing like the way we are now. It will be like a night and day transformation. And it always does require violence because, as you said, that class or race enemy that stands in the way of future bliss simply has to be gotten rid of.” Erich J. Prince 5/31/2023
Confessions of a Beautiful Soul The Right - “Despite the book’s homage to Friedrich Schiller via its title, we get nothing even remotely reminiscent of the profound intellectual mind meld between him and his great friend Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.” Michael Weyns 5/28/2023
The Lie of the Land Poetry - “And because you are beautiful do not think/The Nereids will hear you, or Neptune wake/And the sea calm, and you will not sink” Harold Jones 5/27/2023
Review: “Crassus: The First Tycoon” by Peter Stothard The Center - “Now, Peter Stothard has given us the final decades of the republic through the eyes of Crassus—Rome’s wealthiest man and former consul who famously embarked on a vainglorious and ultimately failed conquest of Parthia that culminated in his embarrassing death.” Paul Krause 5/26/2023
The Many Casualties of Hazing The Right - “They were given a choice to participate, and they ultimately decided it was worth risking their life, health, individuality, and future for a chance to be a part of a group of people who ultimately couldn’t care less about them.” Solomon Green 5/15/2023
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar: Iraq, 20 Years After the Fall of Baghdad The Center - “There is a lot of hope. Every time I go there and meet with the new generation, I think that they definitely want for their country to be a successful one. And that’s the conversation in Iraq. Most people have now forgotten about the war.” Erich J. Prince 5/12/2023
How Do They Still Have Jobs? The Center - “By any normal definition of the role of a Cabinet member, Secretary Mayorkas would have either resigned voluntarily or have had his resignation requested by the President.” Erich J. Prince 5/11/2023
How Ideological Addiction Drives Extremism and Undermines Civil Discourse The Center - “It is made even more dangerous because unlike other addictions, which are widely accepted as harmful, ideological addiction is being constantly fueled by irresponsible members of the political class, the press, and many on social media.” Emily Bashah and Paul E. Johnson 5/10/2023
Traffic Poetry - “And where, but in constant circularity/Is all this moving headed?/The answer Cannot be death…” Harold Jones 5/9/2023
Democrats’ Endless Anti-Institutionalism The Center - “However, it has now become clear that once in power, Democrats, with a few notable exceptions, have largely sought to remove any impediment to realizing their agenda regardless of how time-honored or important a given tradition might be.” Erich J. Prince 5/4/2023
Excerpt: “Heal Your Daughter” The Center - “As one example, some time in 2018 and 2019, many of the young people in my practice suddenly started reporting gender dysphoria and declaring themselves trans. Charismatic social media stars were effectively saying: ‘If you don’t fit in, if you don’t like your body, then you’re trans. Everything will get better after you transition.'” Cheryl Green 4/30/2023
Review: “Uncommon Wrath” by Josiah Osgood The Center - “[Josiah] Osgood’s book is a welcome and exciting read about the rivalry between Caesar and Cato; Cato, in the process, finally receives some much-deserved due in the story of the republic’s final decades.” Paul Krause 4/29/2023