Bernie Sanders: a Hypocrite? The Center - “He must not antagonize millionaires, but, rather, he must acknowledge that voluntarily giving away wealth is hard to do even while you know that inequality is a problem; and precisely for that reason, we need taxes.” Gabriel Andrade 2/18/2020



A Jordan Peterson Biographer Missing the Mark The Left - Jim Proser’s new biography on Jordan Peterson portrays him as a Christlike figure plagued by personal demons. Yet the real devil here is in the details.   Conrad Hamilton 2/17/2020
“People of Color” Do Not Exist The Right - “Looking at the highest income Americans by ethnicity, we likewise find a hodgepodge of people of many colors, with peoples largely from East and South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East at the top.” Alexander Zubatov 2/17/2020
How to Respond to the Global Right Phenomenon The Left - “Veterans of the entertainment industry like Steve Bannon and the reality television star Donald Trump instinctively understood how to cater to the resentment of those who felt left behind by neoliberalism but were unwilling or unaware of left-wing alternatives.” Matt McManus 2/16/2020
Lord Heseltine Holds Up the Georgist Lens The Center - “Michael Heseltine was a minister under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and was heavily involved in urban regeneration (i.e. had direct contact with the economics of infrastructure and land).” Darren Iversen 2/15/2020
The “Orthodox Conservatives” and the Essence of British Conservatism The Right - “Orthodox Conservatism believes that the culture we have is held in trust—and that it is particular to us and our shared history; it is distinctive, not exclusive and is open to those who wish to join.” Henry George 2/14/2020
Maurizio Cattelan and When Art “Ridicules Art Itself” The Center - “This is an art which no longer presumes to speak to or for the general public. Such an art “assails all previous art” and even “ridicules art itself.”  Chris Augusta 2/14/2020
The Nordic Model is Achievable (Without Going to Extremes) The Left - “After all, the disagreement between the authors of The Times piece and the author of the Jacobin piece is only even made possible by the fact that the Finnish system does not easily conform to either model.” Mike Watson 2/13/2020
Is Jordan Peterson the New Ayn Rand? The Center - “I compare Peterson with Ayn Rand because—as I read this book—her name constantly came to my mind (she is mentioned only once in the book).” Gabriel Andrade 2/13/2020
The All Too Brief Life of the Father of Thermodynamics The Right - “This ability to deliver scientific progress amid a sea of errors is more common in the history of science than one might expect.” Logan Chipkin 2/12/2020
The Human Impulse for Tyranny The Center - “Reading Pericles’ Funeral Oration as a standalone speech—independent of the whole work to which it belongs—makes us prone to falling for the seduction of tyranny which Thucydides so subtly investigates and rebukes in his work.” Paul Krause 2/12/2020
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