Fact-Checking the Tweet that Got Andy Ngo Banned from Twitter The Left - “While both of Ngo’s claims are technically true, the proper context paints a widely different picture.” Néstor de Buen 12/11/2019



Standing By Our Criticisms of Jordan Peterson The Left - “If Peterson manages to dispense good advice in spite of muddled philosophical and political reasoning, this attests to his psychological acuity. But it is does not magically redeem his intellectual output.” Conrad Hamilton and Matt McManus 12/10/2019
Understanding the Great Divide in Our Politics The Center - “How could a movement predicated on free expression and identity-blind principles come to be associated with the Right and described as reactionary by smart progressive critics like Vox’s Ezra Klein?” Samuel Kronen 12/9/2019
How ‘Ideology’ Can Hold Us Stuck in Place (Part II) The Left - “Rapid innovations in communications technology and new media have made it so that any individual can access more knowledge at their fingertips than prior generations could have by traveling to the world’s most esteemed centers of learning.” Matt McManus 12/8/2019
University Professor: the Reason Academia Is Useless The Center - “Socrates and all the other great Greek masters emphasized the importance of leisure as part of education. In our Calvinist world, this has become a major sin.” Junior Torrent 12/7/2019
Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson The Center - “Yeah, there’s not a lot of lying in Jordan. That’s part of what I was trying to say with the fact that he doesn’t do small talk. If he wants to talk to you, he’ll talk to you. And sometimes the first thing he’ll ask you is something kind of serious.” Kambiz Tavana 12/6/2019
Why Karl Marx Is Wrong The Center - “Running a profitable enterprise is not the same thing as Smaug guarding a pile of gold.” Jonathan Church 12/5/2019
The Best Argument For Jordan Peterson: My Friend, Fred The Right - “But again, this aside, Jordan Peterson’s lessons of personal responsibility and taking charge of one’s life are actually helping people, which brings me to my friend, Fred.” Tony D. Senatore 12/4/2019
Why the Left Should Take Hayek Seriously, Too The Left - “As a student pointed out during a lecture on this subject, this Hayekian market is probably closer to the Open Source movement in software development than to what is commonly invoked with the words ‘free market.'” Néstor de Buen 12/3/2019
Why Everyone Is Talking about Josh Hawley The Right - “Hawley talks again and again about the importance of community and criticizes those on both sides of the political aisle who pay fealty to an individualism that puts the self-creating individual at the summit of what constitutes the good.“ Henry George 12/2/2019
Actually, Bernie Sanders, Billionaires Should Exist The Right - “To deny the billionaires of today the aspiration to earn as much as they do (let alone the right), we deny the possibility for everyone else to earn it tomorrow.” Tom Hyde 12/1/2019
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