Sean Spicer: The Steele Dossier and “Radical Nation” The Right - “I got the call on January 10th [2017] from CNN and then BuzzFeed about them running with this hoax. I pointed out at the time that it was wrong. I could demonstrably prove it was wrong. And yet, they stuck by it…” Erich J. Prince 11/26/2021
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From Libertarianism to National Conservatism The Right - “National Conservatism, one strand of a broader emergent post-Cold War fusionist conservative movement, has the potential for both capturing youthful energy and enthusiasm while grounding and directing it with prudence and realism.” Henry George 11/24/2021
Keeping Wounds Green The Left - “In the aftermath of the fiasco that was the Fall of Kabul, it was predictable that American commentators would detect a mirroring effect of the Afghan loss on political crises in the United States.” Eric Rauth 11/22/2021
Excerpt: “Setting the Bar” The Center - “I pedal away with an all-too-familiar question bouncing around my head: ‘What are we doing to these kids?'” Shane Trotter 11/15/2021
Warding off Scurvy Poetry - “Because there’s little more to friendship than warding off scurvy or having a catch.” Erich J. Prince 11/14/2021
Excerpt: “Screen Captures: Film in the Age of Emergency” The Left - “The End of Suburbia lays out the argument that with oil production peaking somewhere around 2027–28, and from then on heading into a steep decline, the living standards of those in suburbia will decline also.” Stephen Lee Naish 11/12/2021
Is Ovid Still Worth Reading? Criticism - “Such politicized readings of the last 50 years miss the profundity of Ovid’s inclusion of the story in his grander poetic agenda of love being the constant star in the midst of a world of violence and transformation.” Paul Krause 11/11/2021
The Queens on the Throne of Kings The Left - “Presiding over a declining empire is more arduous than presiding over one that is rising.” Vishwas Gaitonde 11/8/2021
America “Un-tied” Personal Essay - “But the one fight that never resolved was the one between my Bessarabian grandfather and my American Uncle Izzie, who drove a truck and married into the family long before I was born. And it happened during the late 1970s, during the Carter administration.” Robin Greene 11/6/2021
Anne Kim: The AP Exam and the Standardized Testing Debate The Left - “I think the downside of going test-optional, the downside of ignoring what assessments tell you, means that you might end up ignoring the underlying structural problems and never fixing the inequities.” Erich J. Prince 11/5/2021
But Thinking Makes It So Poetry - “Thinking leads to Hell. The way is wide…” Jeffrey Burghauser 10/30/2021
How the National Popular Vote Protects the Electoral College The Right - “Importantly, this state-based reform preserves and protects the Electoral College by having state legislatures determine the manner and method by which presidential elections are run and administered.” Saul Anuzis 10/29/2021
“Is Nothing Sacred?” The Center - “And this is exacerbated by a situatedness in a contemporary culture that has removed the sort of guardrails that would tell a would-be troublemaker that to defile something like a grave or a tribute to those lost in a mass casualty terrorist attack is unacceptable…” Erich J. Prince 10/28/2021
Libya, Syria, and the Future of Intervention The Center - “No country, even the most powerful, can save lives in every conflict, but if it judges itself to be able to and its conscience is sufficiently moved by the killing, it should step in.” Michael D. Purzycki 10/22/2021
My Generation Is Afraid to Live The Center - “We are inheritors of incredible cultures, yet we have no appreciation or understanding of them. We have more informational resources than any generation prior, yet we are as ignorant as ever.” Jordan Stout 10/20/2021