The Singular Courage of Tucker Carlson The Right - “In the United States today, this is the language of the revolution’s media advance team. They want to silence one of our most prominent voices of opposition…” Jim Proser 8/5/2020


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The Places Where Patrick Deneen and the Left Can Agree The Left - “I agree with Deneen—and I suspect many others on the Left do too—that the local community is the optimal setting to pursue the good.” Néstor de Buen 8/4/2020
Why Cancel Culture Won’t Last The Center - “This is the thing about moral panics—while threatening, they can be illuminating.” Matt Johnson 8/3/2020
The Case for Free Vaccines The Right - “In the meantime, perhaps given their impressive track record, free-to-consumer vaccines are something we can all get behind.” Eddie Ferrara 8/1/2020
Blackface: When Nuance Meets Taboo The Center - “One of the first lessons my students of undergraduate literary studies learn about text analysis is to distinguish between internal and external communication.” Gerfried Ambrosch 7/31/2020
How Ben Shapiro Might Consider Locke More Carefully The Left - “Locke’s theoretical arguments prefigured another thinker who had a lot to say about labor and property: Karl Marx.” Matt McManus 7/30/2020
Pharmakon II: Sold to the Corporate Libertarian The Left - “Indeed, economist Thomas Piketty observes that the United States presents for the first time in history a society headed towards extreme inequality, driven not by hyper-patrimony (inherited wealth) but hyper-meritocracy…” Duluxan Sritharan 7/29/2020
Creating an Ethos of Individualism in China The Right - “Although China exhibits authoritarian characteristics, this, by no means, presupposes that liberty is incompatible with its people’s worldview.” Dan Mikhaylov 7/28/2020
Freedom Requires Courage The Right - “But now, being made ‘uncomfortable’ or being associated with unpopular company is sufficient reason to abandon principle.” Aaron Tao 7/27/2020
How We Can Finally Put the Reparations Question Behind Us The Center - “With that in mind, what I want to do below is to advance a proposal that, I think, lets everyone concerned out of this conundrum gracefully.” Alexander Zubatov 7/27/2020
Innocence, Guilt, and Living with a Disability The Center - “This puts me in a strange position as someone who can be unequivocally categorized as a victim and yet who has always had a difficult time seeing myself as one.” Samuel Kronen 7/26/2020
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