Lessons from Machiavelli and Guicciardini for an Unstable World Andy Owen Essay - “The world is in flux. November’s elections in the United States will speed up the pace of change. There is a danger that politicians across the West are positioning themselves to govern a world that will no longer exist by the time they come to power.” 4/13/2024
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The Freedom to Be Religious as an Atheist Peter Clarke Op-Ed - “In other words, now that I have become an atheist, I feel free to appreciate and even dabble in various religions. To put this in terms of Waits Paradox: Once one has quit religion, he is free to be religious.” 4/12/2024
People over Place: Reviewing “The Culture Transplant” by Garett Jones Henry George Essay - “Any serious government would, therefore, develop and implement immigration policy with the utmost care. Instead, our governments are experimenting with unprecedented peacetime increases in immigration that further expand ethnic and cultural diversity.” 4/8/2024
Sanctimony: A Political Vice from Which We Must Escape Nigel Lloyd Alcorn Op-Ed - “Watching this quasi-religious mentality migrate leftward and displace more rational, humanistic values has been painful.” 4/5/2024
Review: “A Web of Our Own Making: The Nature of Digital Formation” by Antón Barba-Kay Joshua Pauling Essay - “Barba-Kay’s central claim is that digital technology is categorically different from prior technologies. It is not just a matter of degree but, rather, a matter of kind.” 4/1/2024
Edgar Kunz’s “Tap Out” and “Fixer” Johnny Payne Criticism - “Edgar Kunz, the author of Tap Out and Fixer, does not refer to himself specifically as blue collar, proletarian, or working class. Well-meaning others, such as mentor Edward Hirsch, do so, referring to Tap Out as ‘gutsy, tough-minded, working-class poems of memory and initiation.'” 3/31/2024
The Jewish People Are Both Middle Eastern and European Simon Maass Essay - “Given that the Middle East used to be far more ‘Western’ and even ‘European’ than it is now, there is no cultural disconnect between ‘Western’ and ‘Middle Eastern’ Jews. Jews can be both at once.” 3/30/2024
In Defense of TikTok Joseph D. Terwilliger Essay - “Like most members of Generation X, I had never used TikTok, but when the political push to ban it intensified in 2023, I pulled out an old smartphone and installed TikTok to see what the fuss was all about.” 3/29/2024
The Age of Jihad Gerfried Ambrosch Op-Ed - “As a result, an air of fear hangs over society, regardless of the fact that the likelihood of falling victim to such an attack is very low indeed. But this is how terror works.” 3/27/2024
What Jordan Peterson’s Conversation with Destiny Can Teach Us(Youtube) Talia Barnes Op-Ed - “Paradoxically, as the amount of online content available for consumption increases, conversations with as interesting a dynamic range as the one between Peterson and Destiny seem fewer and farther between.” 3/26/2024
Not All Self-Immolations Are Made Equal Alexander von Sternberg Essay - “Aaron Bushnell was not a hero or a martyr akin to the self-immolators of anti-imperial conflicts past; he was likely a mentally ill, terminally online man in his mid-20s who was in a lot of pain that he transposed onto a conflict halfway around the world that in no way personally affected him.” 3/24/2024
A Possible Solution to the Standardized Testing Debate Aman Majmudar Op-Ed - “The video games also adapted to my inputs and choices in real time, which meant they could capture my strengths and weaknesses, a fuller view of my aptitude than just a number from how many multiple choice questions I got right.” 3/23/2024
Mass Immigration and the American Nation Henry George Essay - “The monthly encounters under President Biden have been like nothing else seen in American history. There are estimates that, in 2023, there were more illegal alien encounters per month than babies born to American mothers.” 3/22/2024
Grappling with Liberalism Seamus Flaherty Essay - “Modern liberalism, equally, cannot go on as it is at the moment, veering toward destruction, becoming ever more decrepit and ineffectual, incapable of meeting the challenges—domestic, geopolitical, planetary—of the 21st century.” 3/21/2024
America Has a Writing Problem. How Do We Solve It? Luka Ladan Op-Ed - “According to the most recent data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 24% of eighth and 12th graders are ‘proficient’ in writing.” 3/20/2024