Geert Wilders: Yet Another Warning to the Center The Center - “Many Europeans are waking up to the failures of multiculturalism and open-border policies and are demanding action. If the parties of the center left and center right continue to fail on this front, someone else will step in.” Gerfried Ambrosch 11/29/2023
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For Love Nor Money Poetry - “Every object, rests on its certain devaluation/In the implacable fact of an ending—decay,/Dissolution, death—from which another/New thing and its solicitation emerges.” Harold Jones 11/27/2023
Wessie du Toit: When a Society Decenters Leisure The Center - “Meaningful work is as important to life as leisure, I think. I just think that we’ve lost the balance.” Erich J. Prince 11/25/2023
The Failure of Multiculturalism The Center - “We have a broken immigration system. Despite saying the right thing, [Suella] Braverman did not take much action to stop it. She ought to be judged similarly to what economists would call a revealed preference. In other words, actions speak louder than words.” Noel Yaxley 11/24/2023
Excerpt: “Moral Courage: 19 Profiles of Investigative Journalists” The Left - “To understand India’s slippery descent, one should read the reportage of Neha Dixit, a 37-year-old New Delhi-based freelance journalist.” Anthony Feinstein 11/21/2023
When a Different Standard of Morality Applies to the “Oppressed” The Center - “The woke ideology does not merely advocate for redistribution of resources, but it also calls for (or at least allows for) different moral obligations according to one’s identity. This means that so-called oppressors are bound by a different morality than so-called oppressed identities.” Charles Pincourt 11/20/2023
The Press Mustn’t Ignore America’s Gang Crisis The Center - “There is a formula—unfortunately, I have noticed—when it comes to many in the reality-denying national press: Make a few accurate micro-points but use them to arrive at a conclusion that no reasonable person should believe.” Erich J. Prince 11/17/2023
Excerpt: “Getting Elected Is the Easy Part” The Left - “Although an overt threat is never clearly articulated, the potential for serious political consequences makes it all the more trepidatious to consider crossing the aisle on a big bill where every vote is counted and closely watched.” Karen Keiser 11/16/2023
In Reply to Beckeld: What Is “the West” Nowadays? The Right - “Where I may disagree most emphatically with Beckeld is in his idealization of the ‘West,’ which is supposedly currently at war with barbarous ‘non-Western enemies.’ From my perspective, much of what we see in the impassioned pro-Hamas protests represents where Western civilization has moved in the last hundred years or more.” Paul Gottfried 11/14/2023
Coming to Terms with a Lifetime of Trauma While in Prison Personal Essay - “The hyper-masculine environment of a prison creates additional impediments. Inmates fear that any sign of weakness might lead another inmate to take advantage, another reason not to speak openly with others. Sexual abuse is at the top of the list of things prisoners will not talk about.” Darrell Jackson 11/12/2023
What One Must Understand about the New Israel War The Right - “The ‘peace process’ and the ‘two-state solution’ are other thought clichés that must be questioned because ultimately whoever speaks of these, or even more generally of a ‘political settlement,’ has not understood the conflict at all.” Benedict Beckeld 11/11/2023
The Problems with Diversity Training The Center - “This is an admirable aim, but there is just one big problem: Diversity training is not working.” Jonathan Church 11/8/2023
You Tread on My Dreams Personal Essay - “Allow me to be unambiguous: I am no one’s BIPOC mannequin. I am a person foremost and not a skin color, and I will not be cheapened nor reduced. I am not marginalized, and I need no special treatment. I refuse your categories.” Calan Panchoo 11/6/2023
Why I Left the Democratic Party to Support Donald Trump The Right - “I realized that if my Columbia education were to have any meaning, I would have to be bold and risk my music career and go public with my support of President Trump, who was the President of the United States at the time of my graduation in 2017.” Tony D. Senatore 11/5/2023
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians Poetry - “There’s also a roadside historical marker/noting the massacre of the Lee family/by ‘an Indian war party’ in 1782.” W. D. Ehrhart 11/4/2023