Review: “The Memeing of Mark Fisher” The Left - “Located within the framework of the Frankfurt School’s critical theory, The Memeing of Mark Fisher boldly riffs on everything from conspiracy theories and memes to economic policy and election campaigns…” Al Binns 9/17/2021
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“A Certain Terror”: A White Male Perspective on Being an Ally The Left - “But that raises another thorny question: Given all the excellent books by women and people of color, why am I writing at all? Why am I not simply recommending other people’s work to men and white people?” Robert Jensen 9/16/2021
The Political Import of Jonathan Rauch’s “The Constitution of Knowledge” The Center - “Rauch takes as his subject how we know what we know in public life, and what the greatest contemporary threats to our shared public knowledge are.” Thomas Koenig 9/15/2021
she asked me to get her a green card Personal Essay - “Although I would have liked to have taken a photograph, my camera was full, and they’d already walked away towards a shop with a sign advertising Calzones.” Erich J. Prince 9/10/2021
A Culture War Worth the Fight The Center - “The predictable consequence is that instead of striving together toward the ethereal glow at the top of the highest peak, we are coming apart and stomping each other and ourselves further down into the abyss…” Alexander Zubatov 9/8/2021
Why We Should Love Democracy, with a Few Caveats The Center - “But even if we should accept and defend democracy as an ideal, we should not make the mistake of forgetting that anti-democratic—or, at least, non-democratic—procedures and institutions are necessary for sustaining a liberal democratic society like our own.” Thomas Koenig 9/7/2021
What Motivates Retail Cryptocurrency Investors? The Right - “Contrary to the Bitcoin apostles I met at the conference all those years ago, contemporary owners of cryptocurrency seem to be more interested in its speculative properties than its potential as an alternate currency or stable store of value.” Eddie Ferrara 9/3/2021
The Psychology of Critical Social Justice The Center - “Adherents of the Woke worldview disallow this more complex approach to social issues (psychologically, an ambivalent position) and, instead, succumb to the simplistic and often pleasurable permission to demonize entire categories of people according to immutable traits.” Jaco van Zyl 9/2/2021
Afghanistan and the West’s Failure The Right - “Whether America likes it or not, the unipolar moment, Pax Americana, is over.” Henry George 8/31/2021
Can Australians Trust the Americans after Kabul? The Center - “As a result of this debacle, it now seems reasonable to question whether Washington is competent enough to assure Australia’s security.” Tom Grein 8/31/2021
Fixing California’s Housing Crisis: An Interview with Nolan Gray The Center - “To understand how land use regulation can help save California from the dystopian future it is currently facing, I spoke with Nolan Gray, an urban planner and outspoken land use policy wonk.” Peter Clarke 8/26/2021
It’s Time for a Two-State Solution…for America The Center - “If a nation is an ‘imagined community,’ to invoke Benedict Anderson’s metaphor, then how can we live together when the communities we imagine are, at every level, incompatible?” Alexander Zubatov 8/23/2021
Politics: Not an End in Itself The Center - “As such, politics has eclipsed its primary purpose—namely, to provide the means by which people can seek out and, in turn, live good lives, lives that have nothing to do with politics.” Erich J. Prince 8/19/2021
City of Thugs The Center - “If, on the other hand, we as a society make excuses for thugs and use pretextual claims of racism to emasculate law enforcement, we will promote the continuation of our rapid race to the bottom.” Alexander Zubatov 8/13/2021
Hiding the Ball on Critical Race Theory The Right - “Marcuse and Bell might not be on the reading lists at elementary schools, but CRT’s cynical mentality and Marxist tenets are still present in the pedagogical exercises being exposed by Christopher Rufo’s investigative journalism.” Harrison Pitt 8/11/2021