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Lance Morrow: “The Noise of Typewriters”

“You could read my book…as a kind of homage to the magazine.”

On February 9th, essayist Lance Morrow joined Merion West editor-in-chief emeritus Erich Prince to discuss his new book The Noise of Typewriters: Remembering Journalism. Mr. Morrow was a longtime writer at Time, having authored numerous cover stories, “Man of the Year” profiles, and contributing the magazine’s backpage essay. Having begun work at Time in 1965, Mr. Morrow wrote frequently about the Vietnam War and the Nixon administration during the first part of his tenure there. He is the author of eight previous books and contributes now to City Journal and The Wall Street Journal. In their discussion, Mr. Morrow and Mr. Prince discuss the central role that Time and its founder, Henry Luce, once played in American life; the age of magazines and the “golden age of journalism”; the distinction between the essayist and the journalist; and how insights gleaned from past eras of journalism might be applicable today.

This interview appears in video form:

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