Arguments Against School Choice Presume We Have Options

(Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

“In short, if public schooling on average is so woefully inadequate, how can we take seriously the argument that if a family cannot afford or otherwise access private or home schooling, public schooling is a perfectly sufficient choice?”

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Free Speech: An Eternal Struggle

“While Americans and other Westerners may be living in a golden age of free speech, there are still billions of people in the world who have yet to enjoy its blessings.”

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Philadelphia Schools Have Replaced Critical Thinking with “Criticality”

(Joseph Kaczmarek/Shutterstock)

“Like so many school districts in a post-George Floyd America, Philadelphia’s is rushing to embrace anti-racism.”

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Understanding Why Netanyahu Won

(Ariel Schalit/Associated Press)

Whatever else one may think about the unholy trinity of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, and Bezalel Smotrich, they are, among other things, willing to discuss the serious internal security concerns that much of the country outside of Tel Aviv faces.”

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What Is a Human?

In fact, heterosexuality and the male-female binary can be observed across countless species. The onus of proof, therefore, is on those who claim that we are an exception.”

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Work Is About Knowledge That Pays and Relationships That Are Priceless

(Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images)

“And both wages and relationships advance worker opportunity, the essential elements of which are what individuals know (i.e., profitable knowledge) and whom they know (i.e., priceless relationships).”

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On the Inevitability of Racism

“As psychoanalysis long ago has perspicaciously demonstrated, prejudice is universal to human nature and is evolutionarily informed.”

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Russia Will Pursue Desperate Strategies After It Exhausts Its Missile Supply

(Sputnik/Sergey Guneev/Kremlin via REUTERS)

Aside from the fact that history shows that rockets are far more useful at inflicting damage against military than civilian targets, their misuse may indicate an underlying strategic desperation in the Kremlin.”

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The First Metaverse Nation

Brandi Mueller—via Getty Images

“What is new, in this case, is that the people of Tuvalu are hoping their future metaverse-based civilization will continue to function as a state and will be recognized internationally as a proper nation.”

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No, Let’s Not: Perpetrators of Pandemic Authoritarianism Cannot Be Forgiven

(Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

It must become embarrassing to admit one ever supported uninformed and nonconsensual participation in a medical experiment or mass house arrest and coerced isolation.”

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The Complexity Paradox


We are great at handling complexity until things get really, really complex.”

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Putin’s Nuclear Threats Show that Jacinda Adern is Wrong About Nuclear Weapons

“[Prime Minister Ardern] is correct that nuclear weapons arsenals carry with them great risks of widespread destruction. However, the greatest risk lies in committing not to use them.”

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Iran’s Uprising: Precursor to a New Revolution

(Ozan Kose|AFP|Getty Images)

“The unrest that flared up in response to [Mahsa Amini’s] death has been virtually unprecedented and provides the international community with perhaps the clearest reminder that the Iranian people abhor authoritarianism.”

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The NatCons v. Ukraine

At least Hazony recognizes that the democratic world should defend Ukraine. Other nationalists do not agree.”

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Dr. Stanley Goldfarb: The Activist Class Takes Aim at Medicine

(Noah Berger)

“It’s career ending, really…Anybody who tries to [speak out] will be shunned.”

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