A Government Is More Than Capable of Addressing Multiple Crises At Once

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So, to be clear, I largely favor reducing the power of the very federal government being discussed in this piece, but that is quite different from arguing that, at its current scope and scale, it is somehow incapable of addressing multiple priorities at once.”

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Would Socrates Be Anti-Woke? A Stoic Critique of Identity Politics

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“For the Stoic, however, personal identity is not a fragmented life of intersecting cultural identities but rather a holistic and unified embodiment of rationality endowed by nature.”

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John Cribb: What We Can Learn from Abraham Lincoln

“All of the sudden, I was on the phone with Mike Pence… ‘I just finished Old Abe last night, and I had to track you down and tell you how much I loved it, and it’s the best book about Lincoln I’ve ever read.’ And, for ten minutes, he just wanted to talk about Lincoln.”

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Review: Waller Newell’s “Tyranny and Revolution: Rousseau to Heidegger”

(Execution of Marie Antoinette, 16 October 1793. Executioner Charles-Henri Sanson shows her severed head to the crowd)

Beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, proceeding through the luminaries of German Idealism and Romanticism—climaxing with Hegel—then marching beyond Hegel to Marx, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, Newell gives a reading of philosophy gone wrong.”

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Internet Censorship: Democrats, Remember You Could Be Out of Power One Day

“The mainstream media has largely ignored the unsettling censorship tactics of the Biden administration, and Democrats—all the while—clearly cannot imagine a future Republican administration following this administration’s lead and censoring content that does not support the new administration’s political narrative or agenda.”

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A Happy Retirement: A High Bar for High Achievers

I had lost my ambition and with it my identity. Without CEO status, who was I? If I was not leading a company, what was my purpose? How would I find contentment without that all-encompassing fixation on achievement?”

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Lance Morrow: “The Noise of Typewriters”

“You could read my book…as a kind of homage to the magazine.”

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Review: Bowen Blair’s “A Force for Nature”

“Nancy Russell was one of those great heroines whose quest to save the Columbia Gorge in Oregon serves as an inspirational tale that embodies the best of American grit and determination.”

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How Enmity Imperils Liberal Democracy

(Kena Betancur/AFP)

“Rather than calm debates about policy and its implications, both good and bad, we now live in a political era defined by emotion, where political discussions mutate into threats to our personal and group safety.”

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Arguments Against School Choice Presume We Have Options

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“In short, if public schooling on average is so woefully inadequate, how can we take seriously the argument that if a family cannot afford or otherwise access private or home schooling, public schooling is a perfectly sufficient choice?”

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Free Speech: An Eternal Struggle

“While Americans and other Westerners may be living in a golden age of free speech, there are still billions of people in the world who have yet to enjoy its blessings.”

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Philadelphia Schools Have Replaced Critical Thinking with “Criticality”

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“Like so many school districts in a post-George Floyd America, Philadelphia’s is rushing to embrace anti-racism.”

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Understanding Why Netanyahu Won

(Ariel Schalit/Associated Press)

Whatever else one may think about the unholy trinity of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, and Bezalel Smotrich, they are, among other things, willing to discuss the serious internal security concerns that much of the country outside of Tel Aviv faces.”

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What Is a Human?

In fact, heterosexuality and the male-female binary can be observed across countless species. The onus of proof, therefore, is on those who claim that we are an exception.”

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Work Is About Knowledge That Pays and Relationships That Are Priceless

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“And both wages and relationships advance worker opportunity, the essential elements of which are what individuals know (i.e., profitable knowledge) and whom they know (i.e., priceless relationships).”

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