Understanding Americans’ Rampant Dissatisfaction with Healthcare

“As a patient, I do not want to hold hands with a robot and confide my health problems to a faceless entity. As a doctor, a patient, and a human being, I reject the currently shattered doctor-patient relationship.”

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Incurious: George and the Postcolonialists

“Schwartz-DuPre is dedicated to putting an end to the idea that Curious George is nothing more than an amusing story.”

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On the Incoherence of “Decolonizing” the Academy

(David Hartley/REX/Shutterstock)

Ideological pressure and political conformity in the workplace, professional organizations, industry, and public institutional life are so pervasive that identity politics has all but ruined social tolerance, meritocracy, and the pursuit of excellence.”

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A Practical Approach to Career Education for K-12 Students

America’s K-12 schools typically provide little information to young people on potential careers. They also generally do not provide work experiences that help them understand practical pathways to jobs and careers.”

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What Socrates Can Teach Us about Political Discourse

“Rather than treating the other in a Socratic manner—which is to say, as a partner in the communal quest for truth—the polemicist roundly delegitimizes the other and reduces him to an ‘adversary, an enemy, who is wrong and whose very existence constitutes a threat.'”   

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Checking in on “Woke Europe”

(Leonhard Foeger/Reuters)

Like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, continental Europe would, therefore, do well to dial down the moralizing rhetoric associated with wokeness and return to the enlightened pragmatism, cultural liberalism, and scientific curiosity that gave us the modern world.”

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Aliens and America’s Crisis in Meaning

“What gives? Why are people so eager to believe wild tales despite a lack of hard, clear evidence?”

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The Atheist Movement Has One Job

(Don Arnold/Getty Images)

“This is the atheist movement’s one job: to help people navigate the world and find meaning, purpose, and community in a society that has long depended on a god-belief for these ends.”

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Plato and the Pursuit of Justice

“Those who do not make justice the central concern for Plato are not talking about Plato at all.”

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Could AI Become Angry at Humans for Causing Environmental Destruction?

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

“With artificial general intelligence (AGI) likely just decades away, there is an urgent need to consider the extent of environmental harm we are causing. AGI will likely question if humans are good stewards of the planet and quickly come to the conclusion that we are not.”

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Clay Routledge: Breaking Ground in Psychology, Outside of the Academy

(Clay Routledge)

“Regulating your own emotions is something most people are capable of doing…It doesn’t require you constantly expressing [a problem], thinking about it, [and] sharing it with everyone…There’s something about not fixating too much on your own problems and really dwelling on them but, instead, doing something.”

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Why “Longtermism” Needs Anti-Aging Science to Succeed

Assuming anti-aging science shows results, then all of those hypothetical people living way off in the distant future may include some of us. And if that is the case, then people alive today have a practical, personal reason to care how our current actions impact the future.”

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Stop Fearing the Best-Case Scenario with Artificial Intelligence

What receives less attention but is equally consequential is the extreme scenario in which AI saves all of humanity by making us immortal. Just as we are unprepared for life-destroying AI, we are equally unprepared for our AI savior.”

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Shawne Merriman: From the NFL to “Xtreme Fighting”

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

“One thing I’ve learned [from] being in combat sports is that it’s internationally watched everywhere, in every country.”

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Heidegger and Nazism: The Philosophy of Being and the Politics of National Socialism

I argue against the apologetics of the sycophantic defenders of Heidegger who claim that his involvement with National Socialism is wholly reducible to his political naïveté, which includes his gross overestimation of philosophy’s power to sway and influence the development of Germany’s ‘political’ history.”

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