Paging Mr. Moynihan


“We can only hope that Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s approach to politics will be rediscovered. Books like American Burke should function as essential guides in this most necessary search.”

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Boredom: a Double-Edged Sword, for Individuals and Society

(Jon Nazca/Reuters)

“Compared to these other negative emotional states, boredom might seem like a trivial complaint. However, boredom can cause real problems if not directed towards healthy and constructive behaviors.”

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How to Be a Non-Racist

Non-racism, thus understood, implies colorblindness, not in the sense of literally not seeing skin color, but in the sense of treating it as insignificant.”

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Changing My Mind on Universal Basic Income

With 14 million Americans suddenly plunged into indefinite unemployment, has UBI become more popular? It seems like the answer is yes and no.”

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Rep. Susan Wild’s Bipartisan Initiative for Pandemic-related Child Care

“For Rep. Wild, this bill might also provide a foundation for downstream economic normalization; if child care is more accessible, the argument goes, then it becomes less burdensome for parents to return to work, seek out new potential employment, or continue their own education.”

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Do Americans Vote Too Much?

(Reuters/Mike Segar)

The United States does not have low voter turnout; Americans actually are asked to vote too much, and this hurts our democracy.

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Identity Politics and the Death of Moral Imagination

The problem—as has been said so many times before—is that identity politics takes a kernel of truth about embodied human experience and pushes it to its destructive conclusion.”

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Searching for Common Meaning in the Age of Polarization 

“It is not between Red and Blue states; it is a battle about whether there is meaning outside of politics.”

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Partisan Identity and the Death of Representative Governance

“Importing these ideas into your sense of self—to think of yourself as a liberal or a conservative—is irrational and corrosive. It is a recipe for error.”

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White Jesus and the “Other” Jesus: When Activists Come for Gods

A civilization that worships at such altars is one that no longer believes in itself, that considers itself irredeemably guilty, sinful or evil…”

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Why Cancel Culture Won’t Last

(Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“This is the thing about moral panics—while threatening, they can be illuminating.”

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How Close We Are to Unravelling

(ISABEL INFANTES/AFP via Getty Images)

The religion of Social Justice is redolent of the old paganism but without even the mortal transcendence of its pantheons.”

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Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic

(Plague in an Ancient City, Michiel Sweerts)

“Thucydides subsequently goes on to say, ‘In other respects also Athens owed to the plague the beginnings of a state of unprecedented lawlessness.’”

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If There Were Ever a Time for Bipartisanship, It Is Now

“COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for governments to build trust. According to a recent update of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in government around the world spiked by 11 points between January and May 2020.”

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Jordan Peterson and Carl Jung’s Worldviews Have Been Greatly Oversimplified

“With respect to McManus and Hamilton, who have admittedly produced a very interesting article, there are characterizations and theoretical points within their article that I feel need to be addressed.”

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