What Punk Rock Has Taught Me about the Radical Left

(Lindsay Beaumont)

The question, of course, is why an underground counterculture known for its outspoken, contrarian, and anti-authoritarian attitude would toe the woke party line, disavow empiricism, and do the bidding of elite ideologues rather than admit that the emperor is naked.”

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How the “New Atheists” Deradicalized Me

New Atheism had taught me always to demand evidence; and the evidence revealed that, historically, political radicalism had been a major source of violence and inhumanity…”

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Understanding the Mind of a Rioter

(Emma Lee/WHYY)

This tendency to equate nuanced thinking and nonviolence with a lack of political conviction is typical of radicals.”

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Is Gen Z Really So Different?

(Drew A. Kelley)

Coming of age in the 1990s, the state of the world seemed every bit as dire to me as it does to many ‘Zoomers.'”

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Europe’s Descent into Wokeness

“In Austria, for example, police have shot a dozen people since 2008; none of them were black.”

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Transgender Rites: How Trans Activism Manipulates Public Opinion

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“The notion that gender identity is a matter of self-identification, separate from biological sex, not only flies in the face of science but also leads to circular reasoning.”

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Casting Spells: The Enduring Allure of Leftist Mysticism

(REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson)

In the case of leftist mysticism, the greatest obstacle to this transformation appears to be human nature, which, in part, explains the bloody reality of socialism and communism.”

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Is the West “at War with Islam”?

This becomes painfully clear when it is one’s own city that is being attacked. I had cycled through the neighborhood a mere 30 minutes before the attack commenced.”

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How to Be a Non-Racist

Non-racism, thus understood, implies colorblindness, not in the sense of literally not seeing skin color, but in the sense of treating it as insignificant.”

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When Identity Politics Meets the Punk Scene

(Mike Maguire/Flickr)

“But to me, an observer with intimate knowledge of punk’s radical history, much of today’s woke rhetoric feels like a throwback.”

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Blackface: When Nuance Meets Taboo

One of the first lessons my students of undergraduate literary studies learn about text analysis is to distinguish between internal and external communication.”

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No, Antifa Is Not Synonymous with “Anti-fascism”

(Photo by Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

“So, in the same way that a country with the word ‘democratic’ in its name tends to be anything but, Antifa appears overwhelmingly to be anti-fascist in name only.”

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Navigating Whiteness: Between White-Shaming and White Indigenous Rights

“White-shaming is a political tactic aimed at invalidating the opinions and experiences of people of European descent. Premised on a belief in collective guilt, it judges white folks not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.”

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The Many Problems with Marxism

(AP Photo/Michael Probst)

“I recently met up with an old friend, a staunch Marxist, at a traditional Viennese café to catch up and talk about our political differences. After hours of discussion, he admitted, ‘Well, ultimately, it’s a question of faith.'”

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