Yoram Hazony’s “NatConTalk”: Enlarging the Conservative Conversation

NatConTalk is a recent entrant into the conservative conversation, or what remains of such under the hegemony of social media, our contemporary digital coliseum.”

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The Irrationality of Rationalism

This condition, Epidermolysis bullosa, with which I was diagnosed after birth, is as painful as described. Singer’s language is compassionate, but what he advocates for is infanticide.”

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What the Winning Conservative Coalition Looks Like

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Those who work with ideas increasingly vote for the Democrats, while those who work in physical reality with their hands or machinery increasingly vote Republican.”

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Patrick Deneen: Grappling with the Failures of Liberalism

This conquest of the engines of social formation is, as Patrick Deneen argues, why liberalism is failing.”

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Patrick Deneen: A Primer

Or is man—like some argue of Odysseus—a restless seeker of new places, people, and experiences?”

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Identity Politics and the Death of Moral Imagination

The problem—as has been said so many times before—is that identity politics takes a kernel of truth about embodied human experience and pushes it to its destructive conclusion.”

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How Close We Are to Unravelling

(ISABEL INFANTES/AFP via Getty Images)

The religion of Social Justice is redolent of the old paganism but without even the mortal transcendence of its pantheons.”

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To Stand up to China, the West Must First Re-Discover Itself

The lack of backbone displayed by Western leaders when dealing with China is symbolic of the malaise that has been gripping Western culture for decades.”

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Erdoğan and Taking Advantage of Europe’s “Pathological Altruism”

(AP/ Presidential Press Service)

For them, the feelings of guilt over Europe’s past seemed to require inviting in the world to redeem Europe of its sins. Erdoğan is playing on this fear by referring to the Greeks as Nazis, attempting to destabilize the collective psyche of the European leadership.”

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The “Orthodox Conservatives” and the Essence of British Conservatism

(Patricia Hamilton/Getty Images)

Orthodox Conservatism believes that the culture we have is held in trust—and that it is particular to us and our shared history; it is distinctive, not exclusive and is open to those who wish to join.”

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Reflecting on the Start of a New Decade (and the Wisdom of Augustine)

(San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro, the resting place of Augustine of Hippo)

I must admit that as for many others, the last ten years were neither a singular triumph nor an unmitigated disaster. There were joys and sadnesses, the melody of life soaring high and crashing low. No one finds heaven on earth.”

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Harold Macmillan, Roger Scruton, and Putting the U.K. Election in Context

(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As Matthew Goodwin has repeatedly written, it is easier for the Conservatives to move slightly left on economic issues than it is for Labour to move right on cultural issues.” Read more

Why Everyone Is Talking about Josh Hawley


Hawley talks again and again about the importance of community and criticizes those on both sides of the political aisle who pay fealty to an individualism that puts the self-creating individual at the summit of what constitutes the good.

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“Woke Capitalism” Needs to Wake Up to the Truth about China

As Jim Geraghty writes, rather than importing our values, China is exporting its repression into our societies on the back of mass industrial theft and espionage.”

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What’s Next for British Conservatism?

“While material prosperity should be a priority, it shouldn’t be the only priority. Simply possessing the latest consumer goods won’t provide a meaningful life that comes from a sense of dignity, purpose and responsibility rooted in community.”

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