What Motivates Retail Cryptocurrency Investors?

Contrary to the Bitcoin apostles I met at the conference all those years ago, contemporary owners of cryptocurrency seem to be more interested in its speculative properties than its potential as an alternate currency or stable store of value.”

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Ranked-Choice Voting: Technocracy Run Amok

(Reuters/Jeenah Moon)

“20 years of RCV in San Francisco has neither moderated the city’s politics nor produced any novel outcomes worth replicating.”

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Are Cities Heading for a Fiscal Crunch?

(Terence Faircloth)

Although they are run down, many still boast high local taxes. Sadly, this forms a vicious cycle of adverse selection, spiraling tax rates, and underfunding. “

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Is Inflation Finally Going to Be a Problem?

Finally, the mere expectation of inflation can actually bring it to pass.”

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Is the National Debt Finally Going to Be a Problem?

(Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

“As President Joe Biden unveils his own ambitious spending plans, it is worth asking if the national debt is finally going to have its moment.”

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Robby Soave and What a Libertarian Is to Do

“Soave’s new book, Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook and the Future, will be published on September 28th…”

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Twitter Bans: a Portal into “the Synthetic State”

“Thus, corporate policy at Google, Apple, Amazon, et al. becomes a second set of laws by which Americans must live.”

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How Biden Did It

(Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

The Economist’s less-than-ringing endorsement of the former Vice President—resignedly titled, ‘Why it has to be Biden’—typifies the sentiment.”

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Changing My Mind on Universal Basic Income

With 14 million Americans suddenly plunged into indefinite unemployment, has UBI become more popular? It seems like the answer is yes and no.”

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Don’t Run Away, Conservatives

(Photo by James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images)

But it feels myopic to interpret this as a larger victory or cheer for more of the same, especially if the ultimate goal is to restore some sense of ideological pluralism to mainstream institutions.”

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The Case for Free Vaccines

(Ted S. Warren/AP Photo)

“In the meantime, perhaps given their impressive track record, free-to-consumer vaccines are something we can all get behind.”

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When Censorship Is Outsourced to the Private Sector

“Our commitment to the rights of others to express themselves, even if they hold heinous beliefs, is something uniquely American, and it is perhaps the finest piece of our cultural heritage.”

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Liberals Are Not Immune from the Pull of Authority

(Photo via Shutterstock)

My two cents is that respect for authority is neither a particularly conservative nor liberal trait. Rather, conservatives and liberals hold reverence for different categories of authority and the actors that operate within those spheres.”

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Higher Education Was Already in Trouble Before the Coronavirus

The pandemic, while it has undeniably worsened the outlook for many institutions, has only exacerbated and brought into sharper relief some of the extant forces threatening to pop the higher education bubble.”

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How Libertarians View the Coronavirus Crisis

For those of us who don’t want to go fully off-grid but concern ourselves with the expansion of the state, what might a pandemic response look like?”

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