Psychologist Dr. Katherine Kinzler: the Role of Speech in Polarized Times

“In polarized times, think of the other person as an individual and not member of the other group.”

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Lacy Johnson, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Challenger: Her Record Speaks for Itself

“I was in poverty once, and then I became an entrepreneur. And now I am running for office…This is the greatest country in the world.”

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Rep. Eric Swalwell: Reflecting on the Impeachment of President Trump

“Maybe there are some lessons learned, so this never happens again.”

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James Lindsay: How Critical Studies Led to Today’s Turmoil

Image via New Discourses

“This is an attempt at a social, cultural, and political revolution.”

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Interview: How David Horowitz Sees 2020

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“Our system in United States is set up in a way that forces us to compromise. The Founders thought the great threat to a democracy is factionalism.”

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Bo Winegard on Events Taking Place Across Academia: “I Am Terrified”

Image via Quillette

“I have never been more depressed about the state of truth in the world.”

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Interview: Elika Ashoori on Her Father’s Ten Year Prison Sentence in Iran

“His interrogators were telling him that we have gangs who could ‘stab your daughter or wife in London.'”

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