A Year and a Half After Mark Fisher’s Death, His Thinking Rings True The Left - “It is easier to imagine Emperor Palpatine of the Sith falling than to imagine a politician effectively challenging the power of Wall Street.” Matt McManus 9/15/2018
It’s Nostalgia That’s Driving Modern Politics The Left - “If the present seems increasingly like nothing more than a depressing prelude to a dark and unchanging future, it is unsurprising that individuals may look to past for answers to their personal problems.” Matt McManus 9/10/2018
On Antonin Scalia and the Problems With Originalism The Left - “It is the appealing but ultimately confusing conflation of textualism with Constitutional conservatism, of facts and norms, which gives textualism its ideological power.” Matt McManus 9/5/2018
Jordan Peterson and God The Left - “After my most recent piece on Jordan Peterson, a string of correspondents contacted me with further questions and comments about my opinions about the controversial Canadian Professor (not words one usually sees strung together).” Matt McManus 8/30/2018
Standing By My Criticism of “Canada in Decay” The Left - “One wonders what Socrates, that foul destroyer of Western civilization, might say about appealing to book sales and public opinion as an argument for the correctness of one’s views.” Matt McManus 8/30/2018
Immigration, Technology, and the Winding Road to Trump The Left - “Neoliberal economic policies have deepened the anxiety of many rural conservatives, who felt they were gradually being ‘replaced’ or outdated by an economic system which no longer prioritized the resource, industrial, and agricultural sectors.” Matt McManus 8/28/2018
What I Learned from Corresponding with Jordan Peterson’s Supporters The Left - “I very much understand why Jordan Peterson might appeal to many who feel attracted to the kinds of questions he is asking. My problem is with the specific answers he gives at a political level.” Matt McManus 8/24/2018
A Critique of Ricardo Duchesne’s “Canada in Decay” The Left - “Wouldn’t the French-speaking Quebecois have more in common with, say, francophone Roman Catholics from Haiti who happen to be black? To avoid this conclusion, Duchesne shows a truly ugly side by just biting the bullet and claiming that skin color and race matters.” Matt McManus 8/22/2018
Does Marijuana Have Medical Benefits? Sitting Down with an Advocate The Left - Bernadette Scarduzio, who lives with a rare neurological disease, argues that medical marijuana has helped normalize her life and has the potential to help reduce opiate overuse in the disabled community. Nigel Thompson 8/21/2018
Nietzsche Might Have Something to Say about Politics Today The Left - “The right has clearly learned how to deploy the language of values, while recognizing that we have entered an era where blatantly contradictory positions can be a strength rather than a weakness.” Matt McManus 8/18/2018