Four Ways Freedom Has Been Understood The Left - “In this brief article, my final for the year, I will discuss four different ways freedom has been conceived of in the European philosophical tradition.” Matt McManus 12/14/2020
Gad Saad’s “The Parasitic Mind”: A Reasonable Premise Gone Awry The Left - “At the time the aforementioned Heterodox Academy report was published, firings of conservatives had doubled, yet left-leaning professor firings had spiked by 950%.” Néstor de Buen 12/9/2020
Mayor Justin Elicker: Lessons from New Haven, CT The Left - “It’s clear that so many cities are going through a lot of the same challenges that New Haven is facing right now.” Asher Ellis 12/8/2020
Christian Conservatism and Neo-Gnosticism: A Reply to Nick Opyrchal The Left - “However, Žižek’s entire point is that the dialectical method reveals a shocking truth about the world: that certain limitations cannot be overcome because they are built into the structure of reality itself.” Matt McManus 12/5/2020
Preview: “A Critical Legal Conception of Liberalism and Liberal Rights” The Left - “My new book, A Critical Legal Examination of Liberalism and Liberal Rights, holds that liberalism is best understood as a political and moral doctrine committed to two fundamental principles.” Matt McManus 12/1/2020
How Democrats Can Win Back Cuban and Venezuelan Voters The Left - “For those accustomed to political polarization, it is easy to transition into this hyper-polarized political climate in the United States and readily pick a side.” Adam J. Nott Borges 11/19/2020
Žižek and Milbank: The Monstrosity of Christ? The Left - “However, the purpose of this reading is to stress—contra more conservative interpreters like Milbank—that the disordered post-modern world that we inhabit is not a firm break with Christianity.” Matt McManus 11/10/2020
How Online Meme Culture Fails the Left The Left - “As such, it is not simply the case that coherent political dialogue is difficult via the Internet; it is difficult, in large part, because of the Internet…” Mike Watson 10/28/2020
Interview: Running for Congress as a Communist The Left - “I offer an alternative to liberal-style capitalism or conservative-style capitalism. Both are neoliberal at the end of the day.” Teddy Duncan Jr. 10/20/2020
On Donald Trump, the Person The Left - “Throughout my writings on post-modern conservatism, I have generally avoided discussing President Donald Trump’s personality.” Matt McManus 10/20/2020