Has Ben Shapiro Outgrown Being a Polemicist? The Left - “But there are times in every polemicist’s career when he must take a genuine stab at intellectual respectability, put away sloganeering and manic hyperbole and see not through the dark lens of partisanship, but grasp the complex world as it truly is.” Matt McManus 4/27/2019
Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek Ended Up with Much in Common The Left - “Despite these contrasts, one of the striking things about the debate was how frequently Zizek and Peterson seemed to agree with one another.” Matt McManus 4/24/2019
Lincoln Chafee Joins Erich Prince: Lessons from Running for President The Left - “In my opening statement I said, ‘In thirty years of public service, I never had a scandal.’ The murmur of boos in the audience—I guess they saw that as a dig at the other candidates.” Erich J. Prince 4/23/2019
Liberalism and Relativism (Part II) The Left - “The argument that people should value ideals beyond the pursuit of their self-interest and subjective opinion was an elitist way of looking at things, and De Tocqueville’s Americans would have none of it.” Matt McManus 4/16/2019
Interview: Vice President Mondale Comments on Today’s Democratic Party The Left - “I told one of the other senators, ‘You’re a very pleasant, sweet person. But deep down, the public wants a son-of-a-gun. You’ve got to get stuff done.'” Erich J. Prince 4/11/2019
Mexico Demands Apology from Spain as Trump Bears Down The Left - “The ‘Spain Affair’ is not a foreign policy strategy, but a national strategy to achieve López Obrador’s political goals. At 7 am tomorrow, we are convinced a new controversy regarding Mexico’s foreign policy will arise. This is not over yet.” Veronica Lira Ortiz and Luz Paola Garcia 4/8/2019
Interview: One-on-One with Congresswoman Susan Wild The Left - “Most of all, I just want my constituents back home to know that I’m working for them, and that I’m not thinking about contributions from a big corporation when I’m in a committee hearing and questioning witnesses and when we’re voting on matters that are important to the working families in my district.” Erich J. Prince 4/4/2019
Liberalism and Relativism (Part I) The Left - “The point of politics can, therefore, never be to try and make individuals act well.  Indeed, for Hobbes the very idea that there is any good or evil beyond our subjective desires is vainglorious and foolish.” Matt McManus 4/3/2019
The Modernity Project Can Create Confusion The Left - “For some, the possibilities for self-creation and emancipation promised by modernity were exhilarating. For others, it has proven to be a serious social problem.” Matt McManus and Amir Massoumian 3/26/2019
Is Elizabeth Holmes an Outlier: Women in STEM (Part II) The Left - “We know a lot of cases of corrupt and fraudulent men, but we are not used to seeing female names associated with this type of behavior. One of the main reasons is because the percentage of women in leadership and influential positions is quite low.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 3/25/2019