Answering Slavoj Žižek’s Question: Kant’s Unpopularity The Left - “In his book, Žižek analyzes why Kant and his progeny have been struggling philosophically in recent years, while offering a partial defense of their views.” Matt McManus 10/12/2019
Slavoj Žižek, Jason Stanley, and Understanding Fascism The Left - “Žižek observes that while many thought this kind of politician was an anachronistic oddity in mid-2000’s neoliberal societies, Berlusconi may actually have been an archetype of the future.” Matthew McManus 10/8/2019
Writing in the Tradition of Rawls—to Understand Trump The Left - “McManus…is much closer to the analytic tradition represented by authors such as John Rawls and Martha Nussbaum. Yet, his work is much richer thanks to his engagement with Marxist class analysis and post-structuralist philosophy…” Néstor de Buen 10/6/2019
How Slavoj Žižek Can Help Us Understand Climate Change The Left - “There have been several assaults on this conceit before in the Western world; the philosopher Slavoj Žižek directs our attention to three in particular.” Matt McManus 10/4/2019
A Brief History of Viktor Orbán The Left - “Lendvai believes that we should never underestimate the role that ‘personalities’ play in politics.” Matt McManus 9/29/2019
Interview: Rep. Adriano Espaillat—On the Issues The Left - “First of all, I think we should make [the census] a fun process, where people, families engage in it [together], particularly in hard to count districts and communities.” John George 9/26/2019
Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories The Left - “The paradox of believing in conspiracy theories is that—despite the distrust and paranoia reflected in them—adherents often deeply desire a sense of order in the world.“ Matt McManus 9/25/2019
Rep. Madeleine Dean: Making Community College a Priority The Left - “[Some of my students] couldn’t do all three: commute, work, and schoolwork. So, I saw the affordability problem growing and growing in that setting, but I hear it also from my constituents in every higher education setting.” Erich J. Prince 9/23/2019
The Roots of Totalitarianism The Left - “The totalitarian movements offered the promise of not just belonging, but total belonging. The individual would be swallowed into the movement, becoming a single homogenous mass with one’s fellows.” Matt McManus 9/21/2019
The Spanish Philosopher Who Best Understood Populism The Left - “For Ortega y Gasset, the elite has nothing to do with class or any other kind sociocultural factors. The elite are simply those who make great demands of themselves.” Néstor de Buen 9/20/2019