“It’s the Economy, Stupid”: What Marx Can Teach Us about the Pandemic The Left - “Indeed, when COVID-19 hit, the sunny stock market forecasts President Donald Trump boasted of were belied by record levels of corporate debt and a low rate of productivity growth.” Conrad Hamilton 8/12/2020
Why the Left Can’t Agree on Anything The Left - “The irony is that this is in stark contrast to how our rivals on the political right often portray the Left.” Matt McManus 8/11/2020
On the “Sokal Squared” Trio The Left - “Now, this is not a review of the book, nor a critique of them personally but, rather, a critique of their function as public intellectuals.” Néstor de Buen 8/10/2020
On Tucker Carlson and Sycophants The Left - “Regardless of whether President Trump succeeds in his bid for re-election to the White House, those who think and speak like Carlson will likely suffer no retribution for throwing red meat to his base.” Duluxan Sritharan 8/9/2020
The Places Where Patrick Deneen and the Left Can Agree The Left - “I agree with Deneen—and I suspect many others on the Left do too—that the local community is the optimal setting to pursue the good.” Néstor de Buen 8/4/2020
How Ben Shapiro Might Consider Locke More Carefully The Left - “Locke’s theoretical arguments prefigured another thinker who had a lot to say about labor and property: Karl Marx.” Matt McManus 7/30/2020
Pharmakon II: Sold to the Corporate Libertarian The Left - “Indeed, economist Thomas Piketty observes that the United States presents for the first time in history a society headed towards extreme inequality, driven not by hyper-patrimony (inherited wealth) but hyper-meritocracy…” Duluxan Sritharan 7/29/2020
A Tribute to Michael Brooks The Left - “It is truly hard to believe that he is gone and that this burgeoning collaboration and friendship will never get the chance to grow.” Matt McManus 7/21/2020
Review: Ronald Beiner’s “Dangerous Minds: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Return of the Far Right” The Left - “During the past few years before, I had struggled with—and then firmly said goodbye to—the Catholicism of my upbringing, and I was searching for a new philosophy of meaning that did not seem to depend on so many leaps of faith.” Matt McManus 7/21/2020
Rep. Eric Swalwell: Reflecting on the Impeachment of President Trump The Left - “Maybe there are some lessons learned, so this never happens again.” Kevin Turner 7/16/2020