Interview: Merion West Contributor Matt McManus on “Postmodern Conservatism” The Left - “So, I finished my Ph.D. in 2017, and, at the time, Donald Trump had just been elected President of the United States. Like a lot of people, I was a bit perplexed and disturbed by what happened.” Allen Zheng 3/21/2020
The Critics of “Social Justice,” from Jonah Goldberg to Jordan Peterson The Left - “The conservative critiques of social justice are, therefore, wrong on two different fronts.” Néstor de Buen 3/17/2020
Hannah Arendt’s Concept of “Impotent Bigness” The Left - “Impotent bigness uses empty violence to lash out against the vulnerable to compensate for its own utter inability to change the world in any meaningful way. “ Matt McManus 3/16/2020
Mexican Women Protest Gender Violence, But Is the Government Listening?  The Left - “I cannot fathom the extent of their pain, of course, but I know that if something were to happen to my mother or my friends, I would burn everything until justice were achieved.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 3/15/2020
At the Border with Reality: the Coronavirus in Italy and Memes The Left - “Italy, the first European country to close its links with China, also became the first nation in Europe in terms of the numbers infected. With this development came the tragic counterbalance of being transformed in one fell swoop from repellers to rejected.” Nello Barile 3/14/2020
Why Millennials Are Angry The Left - “Millennials occupy the rather strange position of being both an angry and apathetic generation.” Matt McManus 3/12/2020
U.S. Inaction with Rohingya Genocide Echoes Past Sins The Left - “More than 25 years after the Rwandan genocide, the United States’ current response—or lack thereof—to the state-sanctioned violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is chillingly similar.” Gwyneth Bernier 3/11/2020
Slavoj Žižek, Viktor Orbán, and Understanding “Post-Truth” The Left - “This does seem to be occurring in the academy, as the contemporary academic stars of critical theory such as Alain Badious and Slavoj Žižek tend to be hostile to the extreme skepticism of post-modern theory.” Matt McManus 3/5/2020
Announcing the Release of “Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson” The Left - “Peterson himself described some of its symptomatic features in Maps of Meaning when he discusses how the breakdown of traditional mythopoetic traditions generated a sense of nihilistic uncertainty…” Matt McManus 3/2/2020
From Nietzsche to Trump The Left - “This explains the turn to nostalgic and resentment-driven politics to seek to elevate authority figures who will not only halt the flow of time but turn back the clock.” Matt McManus 2/25/2020