What is Post-Modernism? (Part Two) The Left - “The world is not becoming meaningless; it is becoming so saturated with symbolism that meaning itself no longer means anything.“ Matt McManus 8/13/2018
The Man Who Chronicled the Abuses at Holmesburg Prison The Left - “So unless you are Seymour Hersh, who has The New York Times backing him, or some young activists or aspiring journalist who’s willing to work an issue, [thorny issues such as these medical experiments] can fall through the floorboards.” Erich J. Prince 8/11/2018
“Extra Time” in School Is Just Another Way the Wealthy Game the System The Left - Families with money are using doctors and psychologists to get their kids a leg up, at the expense of those playing by the rules. Luke Egan 8/5/2018
What is Post-Modernism? (Part One) The Left - “My point, and the point of the post-modern philosophers, was to demonstrate that even a simple word like apple can beget numerous interpretations, let alone words like justice, equality and so on.” Matt McManus 8/3/2018
Manchin Needs to Vote His Conscience, Regardless of What That Means for November The Left - “Signs point to another yes vote from Manchin. Yet, for all this posturing, voting out of fear of losing an election is not any more morally commendable than being whipped.” Vaughn Campbell 8/1/2018
The Age of Anxiety and the Rise of the “Postmodern Conservative” The Left - “While we should note the absurdity of simultaneously blaming global elites and destitute refugees for the collapse of tradition and order, we also recognize that this confluence is the transference of a real but unsignified fear.” Dylan DeJong and Erik Tate 8/1/2018
“Purity Politics” Is Ruining Progressivism The Left - The American Left needs to spend less time hitting the pavements criticizing government and institutions outright. Instead, they must do the less glamorous: study the policies that best help working people and then go to the polls and vote that way. Victor Bruzzone 7/31/2018
Civil Liberties in a Polarized Time: An Interview with Nadine Strossen The Left - “In Congress, no matter how strongly I agree with somebody on some issues, I’m going to strongly disagree on others. But, it is this stance that has enabled the ACLU to work in odd bedfellow coalitions to advance our agenda.” Erich J. Prince 7/26/2018
All Good Things Must Come to an End: An Overview of “Why Liberalism Failed.” The Left - “So is Deneen right? Has liberalism failed? I think in the long run nothing wrought by the hand of man lasts forever. This includes political ideologies. We have a tendency to naturalize the world as it is and assume that things can never change.” Matt McManus 7/23/2018
The Troubling Effort to Silence Animal Rights Activists The Left - Last year, The Intercept published an article following the dollars, tracing a link between campaign contributions by big agriculture and laws meant to silence animal rights activists. But what’s happened since? Grace Eppinger and Grace Hylinski 7/23/2018