The Four Competing Approaches to Higher Education The Left - “Many critics point out that this one dimensional approach to education helps produce citizens who are selfish, disinterested in politics, and unprepared for dealing with moral complexities, which are not reducible to cost-benefit analysis.” Matt McManus 8/20/2019
Taking Science Fiction Seriously The Left - “Today, it is science fiction that often carried the torch of the utopian aspiration.” Matt McManus 8/17/2019
Orwell and the Motives of “Socialists” The Left - “The typical socialist often had very little concrete experience with the actual conditions facing those they purported to care about. They were often middle class, well educated, and highly resentful of the rich.” Matt McManus 8/14/2019
Where Hayek and Marx Part Ways The Left - “The most committed liberal would believe that perfection is unattainable, while the socialist would contend that it is not only possible but necessary.” Néstor de Buen 8/13/2019
Where Tolstoy Departs from Dostoevsky The Left - “Tolstoy was not naïve in thinking that social and political reform would end all forms of evil in human life. Like Dostoevsky, he was very well aware that much wickedness flowed from the pride and vanity of men like Napoleon or the Russian tsars.” Matt McManus 8/12/2019
“Frozen Desire” By James Buchan: As Relevant Now As Ever The Left - “The Romanticism of the 19th century was a direct response to not only the materialist underpinnings of the Enlightenment but also the increasingly monetary-centric worldview that subsumed all human relations.” Luke Rodeheffer 8/11/2019
Rep. Seth Moulton: Mental Health in America The Left - “When he went to the VA to get help, they told him that their next mental health appointment was in 3 months—even though he was thinking of committing suicide that very night. That’s unacceptable.” John George and Erich J. Prince 8/9/2019
A Different Take on “El Chapo” The Left - “Modern society has always had a secret love affair with the criminal.” Elie Nehme 8/8/2019
The American Approach to College Is the Winning One The Left - “Although many of us may still be encouraged at family dinner tables to pursue stable and lucrative careers in high-paying industries, such as finance, consulting, and medicine, perhaps the curriculum of a general education can help some find their true interests.” Eva Hong 8/7/2019
Kevin Williamson, “The Bard of Anti-Socialism” The Left - “Perhaps Williamson’s own ability to overcome those obstacles has led him to underestimate how formidable a challenge they can pose, a clear example of upward mobility hardening the hearts of the precious few it bestows itself upon.” Elie Nehme 7/30/2019