On Winners, Losers, and Tribalism The Left - “This means conservatives are actually quite willing to engage in radical social change, but only if they feel that it is necessary to counter efforts by the Left to destroy these hierarchies.” Matt McManus and Amir Massoumian 2/11/2019
The Failure of Nations: A Reply to Henry George The Left - “So claiming that the Nazi’s nationalism and imperialism were exceptional strikes me as untrue. Almost all of the modern nation-states held up as examples made exceptions of Westphalian principles for themselves, often invoking national glory or superiority as an excuse.” Matt McManus 2/8/2019
Interview: Rep. Madeleine Dean—On the Issues The Left - “In the Democratic caucus, we elected more new women than men. Think of that statement!” Connor Mustakas 2/7/2019
Roberto Unger is the Philosopher the Left Needs The Left - “Whether one buys into his system, the Left needs more thinkers with Unger’s courage and intellectual ambition.” Matt McManus 1/31/2019
The Intellectual Dark Web: An Analysis from the Left The Left - “Strangely enough, for all its notoriety, the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ has few of the characteristics of a unified movement oriented around concrete goals.” Matt McManus 1/25/2019
Sisterhood and Solidarity: A Feminist Utopia The Left - “Intra-sexual competitive behavior remains a major barrier to women’s full inclusion in the university workplace, and we would be wise to break it down.” Marion Trejo 1/18/2019
A Review of “Too Fat to Go to the Moon” by Rob McCleary The Left - “Like any good satirist, McLeary directs a lot of his vitriol against the powers that be. He condemns the wealthy families and politicos that encouraged the country to give into its worst impulses, and then fled into space when the inevitable decline set in.” Matt McManus 1/16/2019
The Case for Humanity (Part IV) The Left - “A technologically-advanced species with the capacity to destroy itself had better learn how to work together.” Matt McManus 1/3/2019
The Case for Humanity (Part III) The Left - “Rather than emphasizing abstract duty like Kant—or God, as Kierkegaard did—Nussbaum maintains that we become who we are through the people we interact with and the projects we are capable of pursuing.” Matt McManus 12/14/2018
The Case for Humanity (Part II) The Left - “And this is the rub of Kant’s political critique of nationalist-type arguments. If the nationalist allows too much deviation from the shared identity of the nation, then his society risks becoming one of liberal individuals.” Matt McManus 12/4/2018