How ‘Ideology’ Can Hold Us Stuck in Place (Part II) The Left - “Rapid innovations in communications technology and new media have made it so that any individual can access more knowledge at their fingertips than prior generations could have by traveling to the world’s most esteemed centers of learning.” Matt McManus 12/8/2019
Why the Left Should Take Hayek Seriously, Too The Left - “As a student pointed out during a lecture on this subject, this Hayekian market is probably closer to the Open Source movement in software development than to what is commonly invoked with the words ‘free market.'” Néstor de Buen 12/3/2019
Mon Laferte and the Power of Toplessness The Left - “Apparently, there is a significant difference between a woman who decides to show her breasts in a glittery outfit or a see-through dress—and someone who does it in the name of a social cause.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 11/30/2019
How ‘Ideology’ Can Hold Us Stuck in Place The Left - “What it means is that when we begin to coordinate our lives according to an ideological worldview, it begins to generate a social world that can look a lot like the image presented by the ideology.” Matt McManus 11/28/2019
Developing a Progressive Theory of Rights: A Preview of Liberalism and Liberal Rights The Left - “Finally, even a thinker as cynical and sharp as Michel Foucault invoked the language of rights to discuss the ‘right to intervene’ to liberate suffering individuals from the imposition of tyrannical sovereignty.” Matt McManus 11/22/2019
A Chapter from Our Forthcoming Book Critiquing Jordan Peterson The Left - “Peterson consistently invokes the Schopenhauerian-Nietzschean trope that the most important thing is to strengthen the self against the suffering of the world. The stronger one becomes, the greater and more worthy of respect and emulation by those around him.” Matt McManus 11/20/2019
“OK, Boomer!” Understood The Left - “Old leftists fully wish to hold Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Salvini and co., to account for their post-truthism. Meanwhile the younger leftist is likely to be ‘post-truth’ themselves.” Mike Watson 11/19/2019
Mexico: A “Failed State”? The Left - “And, at the regional level, Mexico should pursue stronger cooperation with the United States regarding control of arm trafficking, such as Operation ‘Frozen,’ which attempts ‘to freeze the illegal movement of guns between the two countries.'” Luz Paola García 11/18/2019
Why We’re Writing a Book-Length Critique of Jordan Peterson The Left - “Diverse as they may be, these four authors are united by a desire to confront Peterson on his own terms—that is, to eschew tawdry criticism and ad hominem attacks and instead to get to the nucleus of his thought.“ Conrad Hamilton and Matt McManus 11/17/2019
The Driver of the Trumpian Movement: Resentment? The Left - “But the more interesting argument Nietzsche puts forward is that resentment was at the base of many of the West’s egalitarian philosophies.” Matt McManus 11/11/2019