COVID-19 and the Banality of Evil Andrew Joseph Pegoda The Left - “Compulsory obedience can especially be seen in how the Democratic Party has changed since the election of President Biden in 2020. Before he entered office, COVID-19 was more accepted as an important and legitimate issue.” 12/4/2022
Why I Support Australian Republicanism Jack Ryan The Left - “A republic represents the ability for Australians to recognize formally what has been long known: that we are willing and capable of charting our own future released from the bonds of the past.” 10/11/2022
No Easy Answers: Facing Ecological Crises Honestly Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen The Left - “But we need to replace fanciful dreams of endless energy from renewables with full-cost accounting, which an increasing number of experts are taking seriously. There are destructive environmental and social consequences to constructing the infrastructure for that energy production.” 10/8/2022
Holmesburg: Calling for an Apology from the City of Philadelphia Erich J. Prince The Left - “My father’s skin is in those pharmaceutical companies.” 8/3/2022
Why Is This Not Enough? Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen The Left - “Jackson was out walking on his property in Kansas one spring day and called Jensen with a simple question: ‘Why is this not enough?'” 7/18/2022
On Finland’s Memorandum with Turkey Mike Watson The Left - “Finns should decide their own fate. Their pact with Turkey signals the opposite.” 6/30/2022
On Cultural Poverty Brian Russell Graham The Left - “Similarly, we should understand the notion of greater cultural wealth in connection with greater cultural equality.” 6/8/2022
Review: “Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel” by Domenico Losurdo Matt McManus The Left - “First published in Italy, [Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel] has finally been translated into English by Gregor Benton and released as part of the Historical Materialism Book Series with Haymarket Books.” 5/26/2022
Why the Left Is Accepting Finnish NATO Membership Mike Watson The Left - “With that said, however, as a country with a 70-year commitment to welfarism, it would not be desirable to substitute this for Russia’s brand of plutocratic capitalism.” 5/18/2022
Woke Culture Isn’t Nihilistic Matt McManus The Left - “If the woke activists who are willing to wake up at 5:00 am to march for racial justice are nihilistic, they sure seem to find nihilism plenty meaningful and inspiring.”  4/23/2022