The Case for Free Vaccines The Right - “In the meantime, perhaps given their impressive track record, free-to-consumer vaccines are something we can all get behind.” Eddie Ferrara 8/1/2020
Creating an Ethos of Individualism in China The Right - “Although China exhibits authoritarian characteristics, this, by no means, presupposes that liberty is incompatible with its people’s worldview.” Dan Mikhaylov 7/28/2020
Freedom Requires Courage The Right - “But now, being made ‘uncomfortable’ or being associated with unpopular company is sufficient reason to abandon principle.” Aaron Tao 7/27/2020
We Need Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Now More Than Ever The Right - “We must first understand this socialist culture of the woke who seek to control what we think, what we say, and how we live. We must believe—like Solzhenitsyn did—that the truth can defeat them.” Jim Proser 7/16/2020
The Harper’s Letter: When the Boring Becomes Incendiary The Center - “Since the response to the letter was far from boring, two things can be asserted. First, a growing minority no longer believes free speech to be valuable. Secondly, those who do believe in free speech no longer believe that it is fully operational. Gabriel Scorgie 7/15/2020
The Shadow of Progress The Right - “In a worldview that prizes purity above progress, the flawed and erroneous are stains to be expunged. Their remembrance is not only deplorable but damning by association.” Tom Hyde 7/12/2020
Synecdoche, New York and Synecdoche, Croatia The Center - “Something very similar—and, only slightly less surreal—is currently happening in the Republic of Croatia.” Matija Štahan 7/11/2020
The Unimaginative Hysteria of Umair Haque The Right - “Never mind that it is the Trump administration standing up for Uyghur Muslims, actual victims of genocide, by imposing sanctions on CPC officials this past week.” Tony D. Senatore 7/10/2020
The Dangers of Politicizing the Coronavirus The Center - “It is not often that everyone in the country faces the same towering life-and-death challenge all at once, which is why we should drop the cheap partisan smears and start talking honestly about the greatest threat we have confronted in a generation.” Matt Johnson 7/5/2020
Anti-Racism Demonstrations That Are Just Too Much The Center - “Those doing things like reenacting a slave raid may have noble intentions, but they are sending the wrong message.” Gabriel Andrade 7/3/2020
When Censorship Is Outsourced to the Private Sector The Right - “Our commitment to the rights of others to express themselves, even if they hold heinous beliefs, is something uniquely American, and it is perhaps the finest piece of our cultural heritage.” Eddie Ferrara 7/2/2020
Notes on Change and “First World Problems” The Left - “And as the COVID-19 crisis that has changed seemingly everything shows, en masse unemployment and distrust of the federal government is now a “first world reality.”” Andrew Joseph Pegoda 6/29/2020
Liberate the Other Half: Empowering the “Back Row” of America The Center - “Rather than cracking down on higher-income Americans, it is past time to liberate the other half.” Ben Wilterdink 6/23/2020
Parallels Between the Coronavirus and Refugee Crises The Left - “This is a perfect example of why a global problem needs a single multilateral response, and not various contradictory unilateral responses.” Gwyneth Bernier 6/22/2020
How Mexico’s Drug Cartels Have Exploited the Pandemic The Left - “In Mexico, the most effective influencers are either politicians or drug lords.” Verónica Lira Ortiz and Guillermo Tamayo 6/19/2020
Why People Hate Jordan Peterson So Much The Right - “Peterson continued, ‘So the Soviets really implemented and perfected the idea of class and ethnicity based guilt, and it’s a very bad road to walk down, and it’s something that we’re very much engaged in at the moment.'”   Jim Proser 6/14/2020
Where Is Spike Lee? The Center - “Lee has already proven that he is one of the greatest film directors of all time; now is his time to prove that he is also a responsible influencer upon society at large.” Gabriel Andrade 6/8/2020
The Cultural Imperialism of Protest The Center - “Yet I see it more as yet another form of cultural imperialism. It takes an American victim to be brutalized in order for the whole world to come out and protest.” Gabriel Andrade 6/6/2020
Colin Kaepernick and a False Dichotomy The Center - “It probably also guarantees he will not be standing anytime soon, given that these are highly charged social issues which are deeply complex and are probably not going to be ‘fixed’ in the foreseeable future.” Jonathan Church 6/6/2020
Mattis Biographer: Why General Mattis Is Wrong The Right - “Wouldn’t a simple statement of solidarity with the protestors and his personal commitment to help heal the nation be the right use of the General’s reputation and leadership?” Jim Proser 6/4/2020
Joe Biden Only Ostensibly “Has a Plan” for Everything The Left - “The Left needs a candidate who really believes in its preferred policies and is not just giving lip service in an attempt to gain its votes.” Teddy Duncan Jr. 6/4/2020
Republicans Do Still Buy Sneakers The Left - “And so, in an age of divisive politics, Nike had suddenly found a way to embrace and commodify protest; they would have a free marketing base like no other…” Al Binns and Chris Cawkwell 6/3/2020
Liberals Are Not Immune from the Pull of Authority The Right - “My two cents is that respect for authority is neither a particularly conservative nor liberal trait. Rather, conservatives and liberals hold reverence for different categories of authority and the actors that operate within those spheres.” Eddie Ferrara 6/2/2020
Amid Widespread Unrest, Conservatives Must Respond Correctly The Center - “When criticizing this violent upheaval, will [conservatives] go for the low-hanging fruit and come up with absurd, cheap explanations for what is going on? Or, will they engage in serious reflection to prevent this from happening again?” Gabriel Andrade 6/2/2020
Will Words Win the Day: Jargon and the Pandemic The Center - “So, how do doctors, scientists, and everyday people traverse the COVID-19 landscape, where each passing day seems to provide new information and new “theories” about our current predicament?” Cameron Joseph 5/26/2020
Joe Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment Is Deeply Concerning The Center - “I can only hope that in this election African American voters cast their ballots on the basis of what each candidate proposes—and not on the basis of what they think their racial essence ought to be. That is what real liberation is all about.” Gabriel Andrade 5/22/2020
How Feasible Is Mexico’s Re-Opening Plan? The Left - “According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE), Mexico is the country within the organization that has the lowest levels of testing: at 0.4 tests per thousand inhabitants.” María José Vallejo 5/21/2020
To “The Last Dance’s” Critics, At Least Michael Jordan Isn’t a Hypocrite The Center - “Basketball fans endlessly discuss whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. The jury may still be out on that one, but in my book, off-court James is definitely the lesser man.” Gabriel Andrade 5/20/2020
Is the Recent Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just the Beginning? The Center - “So, it may seem as if the recent failed expedition against Maduro is a major blunder. However, I would like to think that this is only the beginning, and that those Rambo wannabes may have actually sparked a greater desire for liberation among Venezuelans.” Gabriel Andrade 5/13/2020
Understanding Belarus’ Upcoming Presidential Election The Left - “Belarusian independence would become, however, a package of unfulfilled promises.  Luz Paola García 5/9/2020
The Coronavirus Must Alter Our “Normal Way of Life” Going Forward The Left - “If the global social discourse continues to be one where we ignore what does not directly affect us, then when the next global emergency occurs, governments will fail people again.” Sandra Wong 5/8/2020
Given Tara Reade’s Allegation, the Left Should Reconsider Support for Biden The Left - “It should be deeply disturbing for voters on the Left of the Democratic Party to vote for a candidate who, not only is likely to have sexually assaulted a woman—but who used a position of power to do it and get away with it for years.” Néstor de Buen 5/7/2020
America’s Pastime in the Age of Coronavirus The Left - “Embodying much of the American spirit, baseball once again finds itself on the frontline, being utilized for political gains, with any rebuke of the MLB’s return likely to be chalked up as un-American or—worse still—shouted down as a commie act.” Al Binns 5/7/2020
Applying Coronavirus-style Problem Solving to Climate Change The Right - “It’s by some cruel twist of fate that both the virus and climate change appear to be treatable by the deceleration of society.” Tom Hyde 5/6/2020
Why China Is Unlikely to Dominate the Globe The Center - “While the United States offers a conception of universal human rights and democracy—and while the Soviet Union offered the idea of achieving global communism—China lacks a universalist narrative or imperial mission.” Tomislav Kardum 5/2/2020