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Knowing Which “Hill to Die On” The Left - “Idealists, in order to change the systems in which they exist, must usually remain in that system.” Jordan Lawrence 3/29/2021
Age Quod Agis The Center - “From Saint Ignatius, this short phrase’s message is straightforward yet powerful: Do what you are doing.” Thomas Koenig 3/28/2021
The Politicization of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” The Right - “Fixated and obsessed with Superman’s ‘whiteness,’ Phillips cannot appreciate a movie for what it is, content instead to completely misinterpret it in order to make her misguided social beliefs more palatable.” Matthew Pinna 3/22/2021
Chile’s Real Battle: Citizens vs. Tainted Bureaucrats The Right - “Instead of protesting to usher in social democracy, citizens on the Left and Right in Chile should come together to protest the abhorrent corruption that has slithered its way into the political parties of the Chilean Right.” J. Edward Britton 3/20/2021
Is Gen Z Really So Different? The Center - “Coming of age in the 1990s, the state of the world seemed every bit as dire to me as it does to many ‘Zoomers.'” Gerfried Ambrosch 3/19/2021
Local Decision-Makers and Keeping Kids Active During the Pandemic The Center - “Yet, paradoxically, it appears as a nation that our collective response to the pandemic has exacerbated the pre-existing epidemic of physical inactivity amid efforts to protect people’s health.” Stefanie Meyer and Collin Webster 3/17/2021
Confessions of a High School English Teacher The Center - “Because of the comments I had heard from people in the department and from our department head, I was scared my contract would be not be renewed if I revealed my political preferences.” Lee Douglass 3/13/2021
The Capitol and Democracy Both Qualify as “Sacred” The Right - “The immediate danger of the Capitol attack has ended. However, the work of repairing the tear in the fabric of our nation has only just begun, a task we neglect at our peril.” Matt Hoberg 2/26/2021
Taking an Oath upon the Constitution, Rather than the Bible The Left - “While laws do not and absolutely should not regulate a politician’s religious practices, the time and place for these practices is not when taking an oath of office.” Andrew Joseph Pegoda 2/19/2021
How to Harness Tribalism to Unify Americans The Center - “To the contrary, we can take advantage of certain aspects of our tribal nature to ease tensions between groups and, critically, to pursue common goals that are important for human flourishing.” Clay Routledge and Ben Wilterdink 2/12/2021
The Foe We Need Is the Foe We Have The Center - “At a time when we are losing a grip on the fundamentals of the American Experiment, a powerful foe has arisen that stands in direct opposition to those fundamentals.” Thomas Koenig 2/6/2021