Jerry Seinfeld Understated the Death of Comedy

(The new film “Unfrosted,” directed by Jerry Seinfeld)

“In Carlin’s time, it was edgy and cool to push back against the prudish ideas about obscenity, so playing with the boundaries of the metanarrative was practically encouraged (at least from audiences). Today, quite the opposite.”

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College Protests and the Limits of Virtue

(Spencer Platt/Getty)

That is, virtuous striving now is something that seeks to turn our social paradigm on its head.

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What Happened to Columbia University?

Seventy years of an educational ideology steeped in ‘openness’ has wreaked havoc on the United States, and what we see at Columbia University (and at other American universities) is clear proof of that.”

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When Promoting Clean Energy, Patriotism Beats Moralizing

The debate over whether to go green is not a debate over whether to incur costs. It is a debate over which set of costs to incur, and people’s willingness to bear tangible burdens to achieve goals supported by affluent, educated progressives is limited.”

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The Freedom to Be Religious as an Atheist

Tom Waits and Iggy Pop in Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

In other words, now that I have become an atheist, I feel free to appreciate and even dabble in various religions. To put this in terms of Waits Paradox: Once one has quit religion, he is free to be religious.”

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Sanctimony: A Political Vice from Which We Must Escape

Watching this quasi-religious mentality migrate leftward and displace more rational, humanistic values has been painful.”

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The Age of Jihad

(Getty Images)

As a result, an air of fear hangs over society, regardless of the fact that the likelihood of falling victim to such an attack is very low indeed. But this is how terror works.”

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What Jordan Peterson’s Conversation with Destiny Can Teach Us


Paradoxically, as the amount of online content available for consumption increases, conversations with as interesting a dynamic range as the one between Peterson and Destiny seem fewer and farther between.”

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A Possible Solution to the Standardized Testing Debate

“The video games also adapted to my inputs and choices in real time, which meant they could capture my strengths and weaknesses, a fuller view of my aptitude than just a number from how many multiple choice questions I got right.”

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America Has a Writing Problem. How Do We Solve It?

“According to the most recent data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 24% of eighth and 12th graders are ‘proficient’ in writing.”

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Texas and Florida Content Moderation Laws Would Open Pandora’s Box 

(The United States Supreme Court/zacklur)

A transparency mandate passed by Congress can avoid the controversial and difficult work of legally defining the terminology and specific guardrails for online safety and viewpoint neutrality.”

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The Other Victims of the Surveillance State

No doubt [Araya] Baker’s experience is legitimate, and, of course, it is true that state surveillance is a very serious problem, but paranoid delusions are real, too.”

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The New Killing Fields of Europe

(Russian tanks partaking in drills in December of 2021)

Civilizational states such as Russia and China have a cohort of national and cultural values that are far more deeply enshrined (like them or loathe them) than those of the West.”

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Taking a Second Look at Nikki Haley

(Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speaking with attendees at the Republican Jewish Coalition's 2023 Annual Leadership Summit at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada/Gage Skidmore)

“It is true that one of the most important rules in politics is that ‘You can’t lose your base,’ but it is also true that in order to win competitive elections, broadening one’s base is essential, and Ambassador Haley might be able to accomplish that.”

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“The Great Awokening” and Christianity

“Just as wokeness has eroded traditional liberal values like free speech, freedom of thought, merit, and individualism at an institutional level, it has also eroded traditional Christian doctrine within churches, seminaries, and Christian publications.”

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