The Complexity Paradox The Center - “We are great at handling complexity until things get really, really complex.” Jennifer Garvey Berger 10/27/2022
Putin’s Nuclear Threats Show that Jacinda Adern is Wrong About Nuclear Weapons The Center - “[Prime Minister Ardern] is correct that nuclear weapons arsenals carry with them great risks of widespread destruction. However, the greatest risk lies in committing not to use them.” Julian Spencer-Churchill 10/14/2022
Iran’s Uprising: Precursor to a New Revolution The Center - “The unrest that flared up in response to [Mahsa Amini’s] death has been virtually unprecedented and provides the international community with perhaps the clearest reminder that the Iranian people abhor authoritarianism.” Kazem Gholami 10/12/2022
Why I Support Australian Republicanism The Left - “A republic represents the ability for Australians to recognize formally what has been long known: that we are willing and capable of charting our own future released from the bonds of the past.” Jack Ryan 10/11/2022
Friendships as Pathways to Upward Income Mobility The Center - “For example, if poor children grew up in a neighborhood where 70% of their friends were wealthy, their future income on average will increase by 20%, similar to the effect of going to a four-year college.” Bruno V. Manno 8/16/2022
Salman Rushdie: The Antithesis to Moral Cowardice The Center - “Leading by example, Rushdie refuses to be intimidated into silence.” Gerfried Ambrosch 8/15/2022
When It Comes to Iran, Say “No” to Appeasement The Center - “Without an enemy to demonize, the Islamic Republic would have to answer for its many and grave failures.” Catherine Perez-Shakdam 8/3/2022
Peter Buxtun, the Hero of Tuskegee, 50 Years On The Right - “In later interviews, Buxtun would shrug off the accolades he later received for his whistleblowing. ‘I don’t want to be embarrassed by an oversupply of compliments. I am who I am,’ he would tell bioethicist Carl Elliott in 2017.” Erich J. Prince 7/25/2022
The Acute Danger of Iran’s Belligerence The Center - “Our collective inability to push back against such a hateful worldview by holding Tehran accountable for the terror it is has funded and weaponized could soon prove to be a costly mistake.” Catherine Perez-Shakdam 7/14/2022
If the Horseshoe Fits: Illiberalism Across the Political Spectrum The Center - “While far-right ideologues make no secret of their illiberalism, their counterparts on the Left tend to cloak theirs in the language of equality.” Gerfried Ambrosch 7/10/2022
On Finland’s Memorandum with Turkey The Left - “Finns should decide their own fate. Their pact with Turkey signals the opposite.” Mike Watson 6/30/2022
Like in Ukraine, We Must Recognize Iranians’ Right to Resistance The Center - “Political leaders in the United States are increasingly recognizing the vitality and capabilities of the Iranian resistance movement and are looking for ways to empower it.” Kazem Gholami 6/7/2022
The Great American School Tragedy: The Coronavirus and Students The Center - “So while parents are generally satisfied with what schools did under trying and unprecedented circumstances, they have good reason to be worried about the pandemic’s effects on their children’s academic and emotional well-being.” Bruno V. Manno 5/31/2022
Narrative Ethics: A Modest Proposal The Center - “I wryly refer to the universal adoption of narrative ethics as a ‘modest proposal’ because while telling stories is a fundamental part of human nature, telling stories in perfectly ethical ways is, unfortunately, too often alien to our nature.” Isabelle Breier 5/25/2022
On “The Diversity Paradox” The Center - “Similarly, while professional hockey is considered to have an under-representation problem, the same is not considered true for the National Football League or National Basketball Association, in which African Americans are very over-represented.” Charles Pincourt 5/19/2022
Why the Left Is Accepting Finnish NATO Membership The Left - “With that said, however, as a country with a 70-year commitment to welfarism, it would not be desirable to substitute this for Russia’s brand of plutocratic capitalism.” Mike Watson 5/18/2022