The Failure of Multiculturalism The Center - “We have a broken immigration system. Despite saying the right thing, [Suella] Braverman did not take much action to stop it. She ought to be judged similarly to what economists would call a revealed preference. In other words, actions speak louder than words.” Noel Yaxley 11/24/2023
When a Different Standard of Morality Applies to the “Oppressed” The Center - “The woke ideology does not merely advocate for redistribution of resources, but it also calls for (or at least allows for) different moral obligations according to one’s identity. This means that so-called oppressors are bound by a different morality than so-called oppressed identities.” Charles Pincourt 11/20/2023
In Reply to Beckeld: What Is “the West” Nowadays? The Right - “Where I may disagree most emphatically with Beckeld is in his idealization of the ‘West,’ which is supposedly currently at war with barbarous ‘non-Western enemies.’ From my perspective, much of what we see in the impassioned pro-Hamas protests represents where Western civilization has moved in the last hundred years or more.” Paul Gottfried 11/14/2023
What Karl Marx Can Teach Us about Abortion The Right - “What better way to avoid paying for maternity leave, family health insurance, and other perks than to make sure that one’s employees never have children?” Guzi He 11/2/2023
The Media’s Blood Libel of Israel The Right - “All of this could have been uncovered with measured reporting and a skepticism that avoids trusting the word of the baby-murdering terror group, Hamas.” Henry George 10/20/2023
How Jesse Singal Became the Symbol of Polarization on the Left The Center - “Whether or not Singal is wrong in his conclusions does not matter. He dared to question the truisms, the sacred cows, and that brands him irredeemably transphobic.” Peter Clarke 10/17/2023
Barbarians in Our Midst The Center - “It is safe to say that the Muslims who have been spouting anti-Semitic hatred and propaganda on our streets in recent days were socialized in a culture whose values are irreconcilably at odds with ours—a parallel society that sees itself not as part of Western civilization but in opposition to it.” Gerfried Ambrosch 10/13/2023
Black Lives Matter’s Shameful Response to the Attacks on Israel The Right - “Meanwhile, the silence of companies such as Ben and Jerry’s that claim to support injustice is deafening. Clearly, when the issue of state-sponsored violence against the nation of Israel is in question, silence is an option…” Tony D. Senatore 10/12/2023
Mourning for Palestinians and Israelis—and the Possibility of Peace Ended The Center - “After witnessing the events of the past few days, I admit that part of me is relieved that [my father] died before he had to watch Hamas take away his lifelong dream, slaughtering both it and Israeli civilians on video for the entire world to see.” Yasmine Mohammed 10/11/2023
As the Violence Escalates, We Mustn’t Forget the Role of Iran The Right - “The disturbing element here is not just the escalation but the advanced level of military precision demonstrated by Hamas—an unnerving signal that Iran’s influence is looming larger than ever.” Catherine Perez-Shakdam 10/10/2023
War in Israel, War in the West The Right - “This is not Israel’s 9/11. It is not even Israel’s Pearl Harbor. It is worse by an order of magnitude. The closest parallel is the Rape of Nanking.” Henry George 10/9/2023
Iran Invades Israel Through Hamas The Right - “But one thing is absolutely clear: This is war, not just a terror attack. This is war not just by Hamas on Israel, but by Iran—through Hamas—on Israel.” Henry George 10/7/2023
The Collapse of the Kabul Foreign Aid Bazaar The Center - “The stated North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) objective in Afghanistan was nation-building, but what was created instead, over 20 years, and fell in days, was a heavily garrisoned foreign aid bazaar.” Julian Spencer-Churchill 10/7/2023
Understanding Americans’ Rampant Dissatisfaction with Healthcare The Center - “As a patient, I do not want to hold hands with a robot and confide my health problems to a faceless entity. As a doctor, a patient, and a human being, I reject the currently shattered doctor-patient relationship.” Henry Buchwald 9/28/2023
On the Incoherence of “Decolonizing” the Academy The Center - “Ideological pressure and political conformity in the workplace, professional organizations, industry, and public institutional life are so pervasive that identity politics has all but ruined social tolerance, meritocracy, and the pursuit of excellence.” Jon Mills 9/26/2023
A Practical Approach to Career Education for K-12 Students The Center - “America’s K-12 schools typically provide little information to young people on potential careers. They also generally do not provide work experiences that help them understand practical pathways to jobs and careers.” Bruno V. Manno 9/6/2023