Slavoj Žižek, Jordan Peterson, and Atheists Who Believe in God The Center - “Peterson’s importance is his powerful and influential insistence that religion is not arbitrary or malevolent—that in every developed form we encounter it, religious stories are archetypal of the human condition in a way nothing else can or ever will be.” Allen Farrington 4/25/2019
Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek Ended Up with Much in Common The Left - “Despite these contrasts, one of the striking things about the debate was how frequently Zizek and Peterson seemed to agree with one another.” Matt McManus 4/24/2019
The Cinnabon Made Me Do It: Surprising Influences on Moral Behavior The Center - “These factors seem to have a demonstrable impact on our behavior, and yet are morally irrelevant in the sense that they should not matter to what a morally virtuous person would do. What should we make of results like these?” Christian Miller 4/22/2019
An Age-Old Question: Why Would God Allow Notre Dame to Burn? The Right - “Ultimately, it seems to me that the Notre Dame fire may indeed prove that that particular place of worship is not the abode of God.” Gabriel Andrade 4/20/2019
Three Lessons from the Rwandan Genocide, 25 Years Later The Right - “The 1994 tragedy proved that the concept of sovereignty must have limits, and that major powers do have a duty to intervene to alleviate humanitarian crises, such as genocides.” Gabriel Andrade 4/18/2019
What Notre Dame Says about Civilization The Right - “The destruction of Notre Dame has shaken our complacent belief in the permanence of things and the ability for our culture to last without care and cultivation. It reveals and reminds us that life is a fragile thing, and even the strongest bastions dedicated to the eternal can still be brought down.” Henry George 4/17/2019
Liberalism and Relativism (Part II) The Left - “The argument that people should value ideals beyond the pursuit of their self-interest and subjective opinion was an elitist way of looking at things, and De Tocqueville’s Americans would have none of it.” Matt McManus 4/16/2019
Understanding Hitler’s Worldview (Part I) The Right - “[Werner Catel] called for the continuation of the Nazi program of involuntary euthanasia, saying, “…We are not talking about humans here, but rather beings that were merely procreated by humans and that will never themselves become humans endowed with reason or a soul.” Henry George 4/15/2019
The Racism Dialectic The Center - “In the contemporary political landscape, racism seems to be an indefatigable issue. I have noticed that those who advocate anti-racism, ironically, have a tendency to fight fire with fire—that is, racism with racism.” Paul Poitier 4/13/2019
Mexico Demands Apology from Spain as Trump Bears Down The Left - “The ‘Spain Affair’ is not a foreign policy strategy, but a national strategy to achieve López Obrador’s political goals. At 7 am tomorrow, we are convinced a new controversy regarding Mexico’s foreign policy will arise. This is not over yet.” Veronica Lira Ortiz and Luz Paola Garcia 4/8/2019
Liberalism and Relativism (Part I) The Left - “The point of politics can, therefore, never be to try and make individuals act well.  Indeed, for Hobbes the very idea that there is any good or evil beyond our subjective desires is vainglorious and foolish.” Matt McManus 4/3/2019
What Can Thucydides Teach Us About China’s Rise to Power? The Center - “The problem with America as a maritime power in Asia is that, like the United Kingdom of yesteryear, the United States is not an Asian power.” Paul Krause 4/1/2019
The Modernity Project Can Create Confusion The Left - “For some, the possibilities for self-creation and emancipation promised by modernity were exhilarating. For others, it has proven to be a serious social problem.” Matt McManus and Amir Massoumian 3/26/2019
Is Elizabeth Holmes an Outlier: Women in STEM (Part II) The Left - “We know a lot of cases of corrupt and fraudulent men, but we are not used to seeing female names associated with this type of behavior. One of the main reasons is because the percentage of women in leadership and influential positions is quite low.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 3/25/2019
Is Elizabeth Holmes An Outlier: Women in STEM (Part I) The Left - “There are more men named John running large companies than women.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 3/20/2019
McManus: A Preview of My Forthcoming Book The Left - “Neoliberal society and post-modern culture emerged together on the promise that they could provide greater economic prosperity and opportunities for self-development than any other social form.” Matt McManus 3/15/2019
Politics and Nihilism The Left - “Because the youth of today are primarily taught that the point of life is simply to achieve satisfaction, they are prone to a kind of easy relativism which seeks to not judge between superior or inferior ways of life.” Matt McManus 3/9/2019
The Splits in Anglo-Saxon Conservatism The Left - Emre Kazim and Matt McManus discuss the differences between the British and American brands of conservatism and how they come to bear on current political debates, including “Brexit.” Emre Kazim and Matt McManus 3/3/2019
Jordan Peterson and Christianity (Part II): Culture and Immortality The Right - “In our lifetimes, many populations in Europe will age and shrink drastically due to their lack of belief in the possibility of transcending death, a belief that undergirds culture.” Henry George 3/2/2019
A Review of Bash Bash Revolution by Douglas Lain The Left - “Lain’s novel Bash Bash Revolution is not just a very funny work of science fiction (though it is). It is also very much a piece of engaged leftism; its irony and satire are never declaratory or moralistic…” Matt McManus 2/23/2019
Emotion and Conservatism: Edmund Burke vs. Jordan Peterson The Left - “Similar to Peterson’s argument that happiness is not the sole purpose of life, Burke claims that the ‘pain’ the sublime instills in us is extremely helpful.” Matt McManus 2/20/2019
Gender Violence in Mexico: Have Things Really Changed? The Left - “Just being a woman in politics has not necessarily meant supporting policies in favor of other women. For example, a deputy in Veracruz proposed establishing a 10pm curfew for women to avoid more femicides in her state.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 2/20/2019
“Feminism”: A War Against Women? The Center - “I am a single college student with jobs but no set career. Unlike Newman, I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can say that I did not appreciate her representation of our sex.” Sophia Redelfs 2/19/2019
In Defense of Jordan Peterson’s Religious Beliefs The Center - “However, [Peterson’s] general statements about God do, or would, find a home in Catholic and Orthodox theological dogma and tradition.” Paul Krause 2/18/2019
The Decline and Fall of Neoliberal Hegemony The Left - “Another problem of Friedman’s analysis is the way that he, like many neoliberals, condemns government intervention, yet is nevertheless willing to take credit for all of the positive gains it has accrued.” Conrad Hamilton and Matt McManus 2/17/2019
Religion and the Left: A Reply to McManus The Center - “The ideas of the Right are more powerful precisely because they are more primitive. Fraternity between differing religious, racial, and linguistic communities is of greater abstraction than fraternizing with one’s co-religionist and inter-linguistic community.” Emre Kazim 2/15/2019
In Further Defense of Nations: A Response to McManus The Right - “As such, quiet gratitude rather than arrogant pride is, I believe, the right attitude to take towards the idea of the nation.” Henry George 2/13/2019
What Is an Intellectual? The Center - “What is it, then, that intellectuals should do? In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to return to a claim made earlier, namely that the telling of truth cannot be the responsibility of an intellectual because being an intellectual, in its very definition, is truth-telling.” Emre Kazim 2/12/2019
On Winners, Losers, and Tribalism The Left - “This means conservatives are actually quite willing to engage in radical social change, but only if they feel that it is necessary to counter efforts by the Left to destroy these hierarchies.” Matt McManus and Amir Massoumian 2/11/2019
Jordan Peterson and Christianity: Doctrine and Truth (Part I) The Right - “Like Pelagius, Peterson thinks we can achieve salvation through our own efforts of will, without the grace of God. Like the aforementioned Gnostics, Peterson repeatedly argues that we each have a spark of the divine in us, so can manifest the divine here and now in our damned world of suffering.” Henry George 2/10/2019
The Failure of Nations: A Reply to Henry George The Left - “So claiming that the Nazi’s nationalism and imperialism were exceptional strikes me as untrue. Almost all of the modern nation-states held up as examples made exceptions of Westphalian principles for themselves, often invoking national glory or superiority as an excuse.” Matt McManus 2/8/2019
The Need for Nations The Right - “It may sound trite to say so, but the national state is the worst way of arranging and governing human societies, apart from all the others.” Henry George 2/4/2019
Roberto Unger is the Philosopher the Left Needs The Left - “Whether one buys into his system, the Left needs more thinkers with Unger’s courage and intellectual ambition.” Matt McManus 1/31/2019
The Intellectual Dark Web: An Analysis from the Left The Left - “Strangely enough, for all its notoriety, the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ has few of the characteristics of a unified movement oriented around concrete goals.” Matt McManus 1/25/2019
Sisterhood and Solidarity: A Feminist Utopia The Left - “Intra-sexual competitive behavior remains a major barrier to women’s full inclusion in the university workplace, and we would be wise to break it down.” Marion Trejo 1/18/2019