What Is Unity, Anyways? The Left - “Without some clarification on this point, calling for unity looks less like an appeal to historical precedent and more like the nostalgic projection of order and stability onto time periods that were anything but.” Matt McManus 8/17/2020
Anti-Racism Is Weird The Center - “Weird is the only word available to describe the implicit rules, rituals, and taboos that surround the issue.”  Samuel Kronen 8/14/2020
Pharmakon III: Parable of the Talents The Left - “Even more disturbingly, the odds of a state governor’s child eventually holding the same title is 1 in 51; 1 in 47 for Senators; 1 in 13 for Presidents; and 1 in 9 for billionaires.” Duluxan Sritharan 8/13/2020
“It’s the Economy, Stupid”: What Marx Can Teach Us about the Pandemic The Left - “Indeed, when COVID-19 hit, the sunny stock market forecasts President Donald Trump boasted of were belied by record levels of corporate debt and a low rate of productivity growth.” Conrad Hamilton 8/12/2020
Why the Left Can’t Agree on Anything The Left - “The irony is that this is in stark contrast to how our rivals on the political right often portray the Left.” Matt McManus 8/11/2020
On the “Sokal Squared” Trio The Left - “Now, this is not a review of the book, nor a critique of them personally but, rather, a critique of their function as public intellectuals.” Néstor de Buen 8/10/2020
Partisan Identity and the Death of Representative Governance The Center - “Importing these ideas into your sense of self—to think of yourself as a liberal or a conservative—is irrational and corrosive. It is a recipe for error.” Zane Beal 8/8/2020
White Jesus and the “Other” Jesus: When Activists Come for Gods The Center - “A civilization that worships at such altars is one that no longer believes in itself, that considers itself irredeemably guilty, sinful or evil…” Alexander Zubatov 8/7/2020
The Places Where Patrick Deneen and the Left Can Agree The Left - “I agree with Deneen—and I suspect many others on the Left do too—that the local community is the optimal setting to pursue the good.” Néstor de Buen 8/4/2020
Why Cancel Culture Won’t Last The Center - “This is the thing about moral panics—while threatening, they can be illuminating.” Matt Johnson 8/3/2020
Blackface: When Nuance Meets Taboo The Center - “One of the first lessons my students of undergraduate literary studies learn about text analysis is to distinguish between internal and external communication.” Gerfried Ambrosch 7/31/2020
How Ben Shapiro Might Consider Locke More Carefully The Left - “Locke’s theoretical arguments prefigured another thinker who had a lot to say about labor and property: Karl Marx.” Matt McManus 7/30/2020
Pharmakon II: Sold to the Corporate Libertarian The Left - “Indeed, economist Thomas Piketty observes that the United States presents for the first time in history a society headed towards extreme inequality, driven not by hyper-patrimony (inherited wealth) but hyper-meritocracy…” Duluxan Sritharan 7/29/2020
How We Can Finally Put the Reparations Question Behind Us The Center - “With that in mind, what I want to do below is to advance a proposal that, I think, lets everyone concerned out of this conundrum gracefully.” Alexander Zubatov 7/27/2020
Innocence, Guilt, and Living with a Disability The Center - “This puts me in a strange position as someone who can be unequivocally categorized as a victim and yet who has always had a difficult time seeing myself as one.” Samuel Kronen 7/26/2020
To Be a Caring Conservative The Right - “All the while, the existing social safety net—combined with various anti-poverty programs—in the United States already provides for our nation’s poor by offering them an adequate standard of living.” Richard W. Burcik 7/23/2020
A Tribute to Michael Brooks The Left - “It is truly hard to believe that he is gone and that this burgeoning collaboration and friendship will never get the chance to grow.” Matt McManus 7/21/2020
Review: Ronald Beiner’s “Dangerous Minds: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Return of the Far Right” The Left - “During the past few years before, I had struggled with—and then firmly said goodbye to—the Catholicism of my upbringing, and I was searching for a new philosophy of meaning that did not seem to depend on so many leaps of faith.” Matt McManus 7/21/2020
Leave Lincoln’s Statues Alone but Engage with His Legacy More Critically The Center - “Indeed, Michael Scharf reports that ‘Milošević saw himself as a modern-day Abe Lincoln, employing force in a valiant effort to hold his crumbling Yugoslavia together.’”  Gabriel Andrade 7/20/2020
How Sam Harris Changed My Opinion of Jordan Peterson The Center - “This is why Peterson genuinely believes in Dostoevsky’s eminent saying in The Brothers Karamazov: ‘Without God all things are permitted.'” Alessandro van den Berg 7/20/2020
Jorge Luis Borges and the Philosophy of Memory The Center - “For this reason, Borges’ short story reveals that the human mind is intelligent precisely because it does not recollect too much.” Simone Redaelli 7/17/2020
The Land of Lost Content The Center - “As we move forward in the present struggle, where the question of race and religion becomes an endemic part of our theaters of division, we must strive to reject the retributive impulse and embrace what Martha Nussbaum keenly called the ‘rational faith.’” Anton Sorkin 7/14/2020
A Reply to Elizabeth Powers: “Woke” Activists and Deconstruction The Left - “The respective propriety of each strand of said activism must be engaged with on a case-by-case basis, rather than be lumped together with all other causes before being explained away with references to academic trends.” Matt McManus 7/14/2020
Pharmakon I: Post-Mortem The Left - “The country is no longer predominantly rural but urban, and the frontier mindset has been largely superseded by a cosmopolitan one.” Duluxan Sritharan 7/11/2020
The Pernicious Influence of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s Sophistry The Center - “In one of the great exercises of academic sophistry in our times, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva wants to persuade us that color-blindness is racism, and color-consciousness is anti-racism.” Gabriel Andrade 7/9/2020
The Authentic Conservative vs. the Reactionary Conservative The Left - “The reactionary outlook is, consequently, hostile to the commitment to moral equality that authentic conservatives, liberals, and progressives share.” Matt McManus 7/8/2020
Nathan J. Robinson’s Curious Critique The Left - “If people’s convictions about those particular issues are weak enough that they could be changed by watching Rising, they surely could be changed in many other ways…” Néstor de Buen 7/7/2020
Review: “Welcome to the Rebellion: A New Hope in Radical Politics” by Michael Harris The Left - “Although set ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….,’ the Star Wars narrative feels increasingly relevant with a very real empire, one of corporate domination, at large on earth today.” Al Binns 7/7/2020
What Is the “Real Deal” at Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot? The Center - “However, in this piece, I will explain precisely why Thinkspot was created. The story starts shortly after the turn of the millennium, with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.” Adam Wasserman 7/6/2020
The Foundational Integrity of Imants Ziedonis The Center - “In other words, Ziedonis, knowingly or not, recognized that for a state to be free, its people must recognize a shared tradition and must be themselves free to build upon it.” Patrick Burr 7/6/2020
Choose “the Party of 1776,” Not “the Party of 1619” The Right - “Today, with the very identity of the West at stake, it is perhaps particularly important to focus on celebrating those great values.” Mark Granza 7/4/2020
The Discrete Ideology of Thomas Piketty: Successes and Failures of ‘Capital and Ideology’ The Left - “Whereas Piketty’s earlier book was often accused of ignoring the role that political doctrines played in naturalizing inequality, he has here devoted an entire text to that very subject.” Conrad Hamilton 7/2/2020
The Puppet Masters of Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis The Center - “The question worth asking is: Who stands to benefit from the continual fueling, participation, and organization of a war that threatens to destabilize Yemen irreversibly?” Cameron Joseph 7/1/2020
Running Wild: Hulk Hogan, God, and the Coronavirus The Left - “While feeding on an unclean beast alone may seem like a trivial act, it is arguably symbolic of mankind’s time-honored bastardization of the natural order.” Al Binns 7/1/2020
Allan Bloom at Harvard, a Lesson Reverberating through the Years The Center - “ The university is nothing less than the institutionalization of Socrates. So the end of philosophy in the university portends the subversion of democracy itself.” Chris Augusta 6/28/2020