From Revolting Masses to Revolting Elites The Center - “Although reaching immense influence in the 20th century, the mass man is the ‘spoiled child of history,’ and when he goes in search of bread, says Ortega, he always does one thing, ‘He wrecks the bakery.'” Chris Augusta 7/16/2021
Review: Robin DiAngelo’s “Nice Racism” The Center - “One thing that sets Nice Racism apart from her other books is the depth of its cynicism.” Christopher Paslay 7/14/2021
In Reply to Tomasz Witkowski: To Foster a Culture of Common Sense The Center - “What is needed is a return to a culture of common sense and personal well-being, in which one is judged according to what kind of person one is and how one conducts one’s life.” Paul Sturdee 6/29/2021
The Power of Stories to Tear Us Apart The Center - “In his TED Talk ‘Be suspicious of stories,’ Tyler Cowen explains that, when we create stories, ‘We’re imposing order on the mess we observe.'” Peter Clarke 6/28/2021
Why Porn? Why This Porn? Why So Little Concern? The Left - “I want to explore this conclusion by asking why pornography is so prevalent, why themes of domination and subordination are so prevalent in pornography, and why so many people defend or celebrate it, even in progressive and feminist circles.” Robert Jensen 6/24/2021
The Press and Violence against Asian-Americans  The Center - “It seems as though they will do anything to avoid actually backing approaches that would begin to remedy these problems, all of which start with taking a harder-line on those who routinely commit violent crimes.” Erich J. Prince 6/22/2021
A Rocking Chair with a Fan? Parallels with Psychotherapy The Center - “This modest and inconspicuous doctor published a 2018 guide for lay people, describing simple methods for helping people with mental health problems, entitled Where There Is No Psychiatrist.” Tomasz Witkowski 6/18/2021
Patriotism: The Supreme Political Virtue The Center - “Here, Smith steps in, and he admirably makes a case to both the Left and the Right that patriotism is a worthy political virtue in need of resuscitation here in the United States.” Thomas Koenig 6/17/2021
In Support of Snobbery The Center - “The work of totalitarianism takes a lot of muscle, but most of it is done by just one: the wooden tongue.” Vahaken Mouradian 6/11/2021
An Open Letter to The Rumpus First-Person - “…I cannot stand by while supposedly smart, thoughtful, and vocal leaders in the literary world choose to misuse (or condone the misuse of) the word ‘genocide.'” Nina Lichtenstein 6/8/2021
Review: Chris Bail’s “Breaking the Social Media Prism” The Center - “To explain why the echo chamber corrective flopped, Bail puts forth an alternative theory of how today’s social media is helping drive polarization and mutual contempt between partisans.” Thomas Koenig 6/4/2021
Sohrab Ahmari and Michael Brendan Dougherty on Reclaiming Faith, Family, and Nation The Right - “In an age of iconoclasm, Ahmari reiterates the indispensable need for the icon of tradition that points beyond itself to the everlasting, and Dougherty captures how the icon of national particularism can also point beyond itself to the universal.” Henry George 6/2/2021
The Greatest of the Forgotten Conservative Thinkers The Right - “A polity of such geopolitical importance would surely be expected to have birthed an intellectual reaction to the French Revolution that was comparable to its formidable military response.” Dan Mikhaylov 6/1/2021
Buy Out the Settlers The Center - “The United States can offer a very innovative solution to a seemingly intractable conflict: Pay Israel to withdraw its settlers.” Michael D. Purzycki 5/22/2021
The Cult of Democracy The Right - “The bigger the election’s participation, the bigger the mandate, and so universal suffrage elections have grown into unwieldy, ugly beasts.” Matthew Wardour 5/21/2021
Beware of False Humanists The Center - “At the same time, I cannot find a single discovery in the history of science that has been made by following the conviction that everybody is different.” Tomasz Witkowski 5/19/2021
The Two-faces of Classical Music: the Bureaucratic Tyranny of Music Schools The Right - “The reasoning has nothing whatsoever to do with functionality; indeed, it has nothing whatsoever to do with viruses or health safety. The reasoning is about symbolizing conformity to bureaucratic rule.” Justin Hall 5/18/2021
Stoicism Offers an Antidote to Cancel Culture The Center - “From a eudaimonic well-being perspective, the act of cancelling those we do not like—more often than not—leaves us worse off, precisely because it robs us of an opportunity to create the best version of ourselves.” Kai Whiting and Jonathan Church 5/14/2021
Review: Stephan Haggard and Robert Kaufman’s “Backsliding” The Right - “With that said, there is considerably more to democratic regression than the simplistic idea of evil, right-wing leaders whose ideas resonate with bad people.” Tony D. Senatore 5/11/2021
A Brit’s Friendly Advice to American Conservatives The Right - “In order to win, the American Right needs to bury dead dogmas, get its head out of abstract Platonic idealism, and look reality in the face.” Henry George 5/11/2021
Time To Get Vaccinated…Against Propaganda The Center - “To these people, lockdown has been a raging success. To everybody else, it has been an unmitigated disaster.” Allen Farrington 5/9/2021
Lessons from Labour’s 2021 Election Defeat The Left - “It is a crushing defeat that signals that Labour’s loss of several of its Northern constituencies under former Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the 2019 general election was not a one-off occurrence that could be fixed with a new leader.” Mike Watson 5/8/2021
George Orwell’s Vision for a Socialist Britain: What Did He Actually Want? The Center - “But every now and again, it is worth looking at his own vision of an ideal society. Interestingly, this is where this sharp-eyed critic comes across as short-sighted.” Adam Wakeling 5/7/2021
George W. Bush’s “Out of Many, One”: A Message of Gratitude The Center - “And at a time when so many, on both the Left and Right, seem intent on tearing everything down, President Bush reminds us how much we have.” Thomas Koenig 5/3/2021
James Burnham: Foreseeing Our Managerial Domination (Part II) The Right - “Ultimately, in order to thwart the managerial system, the American conservative movement needs to co-opt the managerial system.” Henry George 4/27/2021
Independent Wealth: a Prerequisite for Speaking Up? The Center - “This point deserves all the more consideration today, at a time in recent history that has become uniquely critical of concentrated wealth, both of the inherited and earned variety.” Erich J. Prince 4/23/2021
A Big, Bad Word The Center - “But the thinking man ought to deploy le mot juste—the precise term—because of the heartburn it gives petty tyranny, as all truths reliably do.” Vahaken Mouradian 4/20/2021
Review: John Boehner’s “On the House” The Center - “On the House does not provide a clear answer, but, if one reads carefully, one might find that Boehner’s short-term pessimism and long-term optimism are both warranted.” Thomas Koenig 4/19/2021
James Burnham: Foreseeing Our Managerial Domination The Right - “This depoliticization of the public realm extends to the selection of the managerial class itself. Elections matter not at all. The managers perpetuate themselves…” Henry George 4/18/2021
A Brief History of Nothing (Part IV): Wars of the Spirit The Center - “Lewis observes that young people are no longer being taught to experience a unity with greater powers but, rather, to accept themselves as separated from greater reality.” Chris Augusta 4/13/2021
Review: Jamal Greene’s “How Rights Went Wrong” The Center - “Greene uses abortion jurisprudence as a real-world example of how American law’s approach to rights has gone wrong—and has helped split us up into warring tribes competing for a zero-sum rights pie.” Thomas Koenig 4/10/2021
DEI: a Trojan Horse for Critical Social Justice in Science The Center - “As a result, the time has come for scientists to place themselves on the right side of history and reject Critical Social Justice in science as well as its Trojan Horse, DEI as it is currently justified and conceived.” Charles Pincourt 4/8/2021
Preparing for the Work Only Humans Can Do The Center - “Merisotis has written extensively about higher education and the future of work, but Human Work is a departure from much of his past writing.” Peter Clarke 4/7/2021
Penn’s Imprisoned Black “Guinea Pigs” Deserve an Apology and Reparations First-Person - “Upon my father’s return, I was shocked by the change in his appearance. His arms and back were a series of scars and discolored blotches.” Adrianne Jones-Alston 4/6/2021
Growing Up with the Intellectual Dark Web The Center - “It was around that time that I, a decidedly aimless and apathetic 15-year-old, would stumble upon a still somewhat blossoming The Rubin Report, along with The Joe Rogan Experience and Sam Harris’ podcast Making Sense.” Jordan Stout 4/6/2021