As the Year Closes: Appreciating One’s Political Opponents The Left - “In this spirit I would like to thank all the many individuals who have written or commented on my writing the last year, especially those who have offered sincere and interesting criticisms that have helped me develop my understanding of the world.” Matt McManus 12/12/2019
Fact-Checking the Tweet that Got Andy Ngo Banned from Twitter The Left - “While both of Ngo’s claims are technically true, the proper context paints a widely different picture.” Néstor de Buen 12/11/2019
Understanding the Great Divide in Our Politics The Center - “How could a movement predicated on free expression and identity-blind principles come to be associated with the Right and described as reactionary by smart progressive critics like Vox’s Ezra Klein?” Samuel Kronen 12/9/2019
How ‘Ideology’ Can Hold Us Stuck in Place (Part II) The Left - “Rapid innovations in communications technology and new media have made it so that any individual can access more knowledge at their fingertips than prior generations could have by traveling to the world’s most esteemed centers of learning.” Matt McManus 12/8/2019
Why Karl Marx Is Wrong The Center - “Running a profitable enterprise is not the same thing as Smaug guarding a pile of gold.” Jonathan Church 12/5/2019
Why the Left Should Take Hayek Seriously, Too The Left - “As a student pointed out during a lecture on this subject, this Hayekian market is probably closer to the Open Source movement in software development than to what is commonly invoked with the words ‘free market.'” Néstor de Buen 12/3/2019
Why Everyone Is Talking about Josh Hawley The Right - “Hawley talks again and again about the importance of community and criticizes those on both sides of the political aisle who pay fealty to an individualism that puts the self-creating individual at the summit of what constitutes the good.“ Henry George 12/2/2019
Actually, Bernie Sanders, Billionaires Should Exist The Right - “To deny the billionaires of today the aspiration to earn as much as they do (let alone the right), we deny the possibility for everyone else to earn it tomorrow.” Tom Hyde 12/1/2019
In Reply to Geoffrey Miller: Polyamory Becomes Polygyny The Center - “Miller is a bit naïve here. He does not seem to notice that, as a general rule, polyamory eventually becomes polygyny.” Gabriel Andrade 11/29/2019
How ‘Ideology’ Can Hold Us Stuck in Place The Left - “What it means is that when we begin to coordinate our lives according to an ideological worldview, it begins to generate a social world that can look a lot like the image presented by the ideology.” Matt McManus 11/28/2019
Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”: Where Is Meaning to be Found? The Center - “Aeschylus’ tragedy represents the most elemental aspects of our human condition: all human flourishing comes with a cost.” Chris Augusta 11/26/2019
Jonathan Haidt, Steven Pinker, and the Utilitarian Road to Nowhere The Right - “American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book The Righteous Mind has determined six fundamental human values: fairness, liberty, hierarchy, care, loyalty, and sanctity. But utilitarian thinkers have reduced people’s values to just care and equality.” Sukhayl Niyazov 11/25/2019
What Share of Socialists Want to Abolish Families? The Center - “John Rawls, surely the most relevant philosopher of justice in the 20th Century, was aware of this problem and notoriously asked if the family should be abolished, with no clear answers.” Gabriel Andrade 11/24/2019
Developing a Progressive Theory of Rights: A Preview of Liberalism and Liberal Rights The Left - “Finally, even a thinker as cynical and sharp as Michel Foucault invoked the language of rights to discuss the ‘right to intervene’ to liberate suffering individuals from the imposition of tyrannical sovereignty.” Matt McManus 11/22/2019
The Particular Discomfort Neurodivergents Have with Speech Codes The Center - “The patterns of behavior that characterize a broad part of the autistic spectrum are indirectly viewed as a hindrance towards the 21st-century diversity and inclusion goals.” Alessandro van den Berg 11/22/2019
A Chapter from Our Forthcoming Book Critiquing Jordan Peterson The Left - “Peterson consistently invokes the Schopenhauerian-Nietzschean trope that the most important thing is to strengthen the self against the suffering of the world. The stronger one becomes, the greater and more worthy of respect and emulation by those around him.” Matt McManus 11/20/2019
“OK, Boomer!” Understood The Left - “Old leftists fully wish to hold Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Salvini and co., to account for their post-truthism. Meanwhile the younger leftist is likely to be ‘post-truth’ themselves.” Mike Watson 11/19/2019
Why We’re Writing a Book-Length Critique of Jordan Peterson The Left - “Diverse as they may be, these four authors are united by a desire to confront Peterson on his own terms—that is, to eschew tawdry criticism and ad hominem attacks and instead to get to the nucleus of his thought.“ Conrad Hamilton and Matt McManus 11/17/2019
The Solution to the “Incel” Problem The Center - “A State that hopes to mingle in the bedroom is one step closer to totalitarianism, and that is why sex redistribution is a horrifying prospect. But, while not enforcing it, the State, and most importantly, leaders of civil society (most crucially, intellectuals), should send the message that monogamy is a good thing.” Gabriel Andrade 11/13/2019
The Driver of the Trumpian Movement: Resentment? The Left - “But the more interesting argument Nietzsche puts forward is that resentment was at the base of many of the West’s egalitarian philosophies.” Matt McManus 11/11/2019
Getting to the Bottom of Ben Shapiro’s Popularity The Left - “Robinson’s article is both interesting and useful because it summarizes neatly and cogently almost every argument that those on the Left might make against Shapiro. However, it also begins to lay out a broad notion of why critiques of Shapiro usually fail.” Néstor de Buen 11/10/2019
Thomas Friedman, Barack Obama, and the Longstanding Tumult in Syria The Center - “Had Obama intervened strongly enough in 2013, Syria could have been his Bosnia, a long-running humanitarian disaster that a U.S. president halted after initially dragging his feet.” Michael D. Purzycki 11/7/2019
Where Did Post-Modernism Come From? The Left - “In this short essay, I will argue that there were three factors, which contributed to the emergence of post-modern culture.” Matt McManus 11/6/2019
Pope Francis and “What Is Idolatry, Anyways?” The Center -   “And Pope Francis himself is wrong for, once again, being a populist and refusing to call a spade a spade; he wants support from the Left and thus defends Pachamama, but he also wants support from the Right and thus condemns idolatry.” Gabriel Andrade 11/4/2019
Yoram Hazony, Russell Kirk, and the Conservative Fascination with “Order” The Left - “By contrast, Kirk insists that progressives are the real fools in thinking that unbridled reason alone can provide us with an adequate sense of meaning in the world.” Matt McManus 11/3/2019
Augustine and the Politics of Love The Center - “Compared to the other classical political philosophers, Augustine stands apart from not articulating a preferred political order or what the ideal order would be. And that is the point.” Paul Krause 11/1/2019
Halloween Moral Panics, on Both the Left and Right The Center - “Despite the absurd views of evangelical pastors, college diversity officers, and Latin American leftist nationalists, Halloween is unstoppable, and this is for the good of humanity.” Gabriel Andrade 10/31/2019
Injecting Nuance into the Reparations Debate The Left - “But when addressing a problem of justice, popularity is neither the sole nor the primary factor for adjudication.” Elie Nehme 10/30/2019
Franco’s Exhumation: An Opportunity to End One-Sided Narratives The Center - “In fact, many of the generals who participated in the 1936 rebellion used the 1934 rebellion as an excuse: if the Left was not willing to give recognition to a legitimately constituted government, then now the Right was not under the obligation to do so, either.” Gabriel Andrade 10/29/2019
What Socialists and Creationists Have in Common The Right - “[W]hile you see the products and services provided for you by the government, you are forever blind to the benefits that would have been provided by those same resources had the government not confiscated them…” Logan Chipkin 10/28/2019
Somewhere Between the Marquis de Sade and the Twist The Center - “…nor could [Houellebecq] have emerged from the hundreds of wallet-siphoning creative writing MFA programs, whose grasp on the American literary world has sanitized literature to an unreadable degree.” Clint Margrave 10/27/2019
Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and the Left’s False Anti-Imperialist Crusade The Center - “Through rallying anti-war movements and opposing any Western intervention (including humanitarian missions), many Western socialist intellectuals have, in fact, turned themselves into foot soldiers for authoritarian and undemocratic regimes.” Sirvan Karimi 10/26/2019
Identity Politics, Coleman Hughes, and the Left: A Reply to Samuel Kronen The Left - “We should be aspiring to establish a far more egalitarian society in accordance with principles of fairness. But this cannot come at the expense of respecting alternative doctrines which have a right to political expression.” Matt McManus 10/25/2019
“Things We Pretend Not to Know”: Douglas Murray and the Futilitarian Paradigm The Center - “Mill is pointing to a driver, perhaps the chief driver of inequality in our economic system. The ‘capital’ that young people today are unable to accumulate is, in fact, land (i.e. location) value.” Darren Iversen 10/24/2019
Sorry Noam Chomsky, the World Needs the United States The Center - “The United States has no other option but to, as Niall Ferguson phrases it, cease to be an empire-in-denial, and come to terms with the fact that, for now, the world needs a global policeman, and the United States is the one country that can play that role.” Gabriel Andrade 10/23/2019