Review: “Conservatism: A Rediscovery” by Yoram Hazony The Right - “In my own life, being disabled and living with an acute example of life’s predicament means that the worldview Hazony describes and prescribes has made far more sense and has offered far more consolation than liberalism ever could.” Henry George 6/20/2022
A Decent Level for All: Economic Justice and Universal Basic Income The Center - “Instituting UBI could help us to transcend traditional distinctions between the ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ poor that have shaped poverty policy for far too long.” Tanner Matthews 6/19/2022
Review: “Obedience is Freedom” by Jacob Phillips The Right - “Denial, as Jacob Phillips deftly shows in his fascinating and staggeringly original new book Obedience is Freedom, is precisely what the liberal-left excels in, substituting for a world of limits and constraints a schizoid universe where subjectivity is all that counts.” Seamus Flaherty 6/16/2022
Cancel Culture and the Tolerance of the Natural Aristocracy The Right - “To really thrive in our own communities, we need more than just Law and Order; a strong social fabric is required that encourages virtuous behavior as much as it punishes delinquency.” Michael Weyns 6/15/2022
Why We’ll Always Be Talking about George Orwell The Center - “It is a shame, though, that whenever Orwell reappears it is almost always in the context of his dystopian political novel.” Paul Krause 6/14/2022
On Cultural Poverty The Left - “Similarly, we should understand the notion of greater cultural wealth in connection with greater cultural equality.” Brian Russell Graham 6/8/2022
Let Them Fight: The Case for Leaving Syria The Center - “If the United States and its NATO allies consider Turkey to be a partner worth keeping—and both the size of its military and its contributions to NATO’s budget suggest that it is—then a situation placing Turkey in conflict with Russia is to their benefit.” Mark Bhaskar 5/30/2022
Review: “Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel” by Domenico Losurdo The Left - “First published in Italy, [Nietzsche, The Aristocratic Rebel] has finally been translated into English by Gregor Benton and released as part of the Historical Materialism Book Series with Haymarket Books.” Matt McManus 5/26/2022
Karl Marx’s Theory of Primitive Accumulation Is Wrong The Center - “It is a win-win situation—not the zero-sum world of Marx’s gloomy dystopia. Institutions that reduce transaction costs and enforce well-defined property rights provide an environment in which incentives to economic initiative can thrive.” Jonathan Church 5/23/2022
Review: “Don’t Burn This Country” by Dave Rubin The Right - “This book undoubtedly represents an evolution in Rubin’s thinking, and contrary to those who accuse him of changing to suit others, changing one’s mind on philosophical beliefs is not automatically a disqualification.” Henry George 5/12/2022
To Win Wars, Cut the U.S. Defense Budget The Center - “It is time to slash the United States defense budget. The money wasted on weapon systems designed to win last century’s wars is staggering, as are the opportunity costs.” Sean McFate 5/9/2022
Woke Culture Isn’t Nihilistic The Left - “If the woke activists who are willing to wake up at 5:00 am to march for racial justice are nihilistic, they sure seem to find nihilism plenty meaningful and inspiring.”  Matt McManus 4/23/2022
The Many Problems with Race Reparations in the United States (Part Two) The Center - “The analyses attempting to quantify reparations, cited above, will likely encounter strong and ongoing resistance, if only based on the price tag alone.” Jonathan Church 4/16/2022
Rediscovering “Third Place” Friendships in a Post-Pandemic World The Center - “By taking part in ordinary activities like visiting a bar or restaurant or a park or library, we are doing something which is important to the health of our neighbors, neighborhoods, and communities.” Bruno V. Manno 4/15/2022
Review: Michael Millerman’s “Beginning with Heidegger: Strauss, Rorty, Derrida, Dugin and the Philosophical Constitution of the Political” The Left - “However, its veneration of far-right thinking (sometimes qualified but always in the most intellectualized vein) undermines its claims to genuine seriousness.” Matt McManus 4/13/2022
Yemen and the Weaponization of Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid The Center - “A country on the brink well before war arrived, Yemen’s humanitarian crisis has been labeled the worst of our generation.” Catherine Perez-Shakdam 4/12/2022
The Many Problems with Race Reparations in the United States The Center - “What accounts for the gap between scholars and activists who advocate reparations and broad public resistance to the idea?” Jonathan Church 4/7/2022
The Pandemic and the Scientific Gnostics  The Right - “As Deneen says, Voegelin ‘argued that modern Gnosticism was an effort to ‘redivinize’ the political world—not now by bringing the gods in to the service of the city, but by making the city into a heaven on earth.'” Henry George 4/1/2022
Blame Putin, Sure, But Also Blame Biden The Center - “The fact—one that should surprise no one—is that the same folks who gave us the grossly mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan have also taught a master class on how to bungle our crucial relationship with an already insecure nuclear superpower.” Alexander Zubatov 3/29/2022
A Better Way to Promote Equality of Opportunity Through Education The Center - “Now is no time to double down on a crumbling status quo. Instead of universalizing college and directing young people through a single pathway to opportunity, we should be multiplying pathways to opportunity.” Bruno V. Manno 3/28/2022
​​A Millennial Technologist’s View on Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future?” The Center - “Lanier draws a straight line from the idealism and optimism that ‘information wants to be free’ to the dystopian problems facing today’s world, including but not limited to a declining middle class, filter bubbles, and dysfunctional politics.” Miles Lubin 3/26/2022
A Response to Cathy Young: Let’s Be More Dispassionate When Discussing Ukraine The Center - “Young knows all too well what a chilly climate for dissent can devolve into, regardless of good intentions. This can undermine the West’s moral high ground more than any Russia-backed stooge could.” Carlos Miguel del Callar 3/22/2022
Neither Putin Nor Russia Are “Based” The Right - “For a start, American conservatives are either unaware of or ignore that Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world and the third highest divorce rate.” Henry George 3/20/2022
Drivel’s Advocate: Why Nonsense Is Necessary The Center - “To us it should be plain that bad information accompanies the good: that it is (as death is to life) the necessary dark background against which one might see any light at all.” Vahaken Mouradian 3/17/2022
Gods and Beasts: An Aristotelian View of the “Corona-Years” The Center - “Yet, today, what seems most poignant about this story of just a few years ago is not so much that the young man had the opportunity to meet his friend in person as that meeting face-to-face was still considered an essential requirement by either him or his community—the consummation, if you like, of their friendship.” Katerina Apostolides 3/15/2022
Children of Men: Are Birth Rates Declining Due to Anti-natalism or Economics? The Right - “For the first time ever, more than half of women aged 30 in England and Wales are childless. This is not a normative condemnation but a descriptive statement.” Henry George 3/8/2022
Ukraine: Reality Bites The Right - “Now, we face a second reminder of reality. First plague, now war has come to Europe, the biggest since 1945.” Henry George 2/28/2022
Bring Back “Bums”…and Then Kick the Bums Out The Center - “And we very much do need to start telling ourselves and these street people the hard (but ultimately more humanizing and compassionate) truth again: We need to call the bums by their rightful name.” Alexander Zubatov 2/20/2022
Right-Liberalism Won’t Cut It The Right - “Given the potential for a more populist conservatism that appeals to those seeking to reweave America’s weakened bonds of social and economic mutual loyalty, the right-liberalism of Murray and others is exactly the opposite of what is needed and wanted.” Henry George 2/11/2022
Dr. Fauci and Our Pandemic of Distrust The Center - “To challenge Dr. Fauci is, thus, to challenge a kind of revealed truth. Those who question Dr. Fauci are not merely expressing differing opinions; rather, they are apostates, ‘science deniers,’ ‘anti-vaxxers’ spreading dangerous ‘misinformation,’ and they are worthy of ridicule, censorship, and, of course, cancellation.” Chris Augusta 2/8/2022
In Reply to “Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream” The Center - “As a former graduate student in religious studies and writer of the classics, it is deeply regrettable that the scholarship of the academy does not reach further and that century-old myths no longer of any substantial prominence in academic study still hold public sway.” Paul Krause 1/18/2022
The Great American Disconnect The Center - “A disconnect ensues: Even as the American public has indeed polarized, our elected representatives have fled to the extremes to an even greater degree.” Thomas Koenig 1/17/2022
Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream The Center - “So, yes—my friend has a point: To someone who has never given a moment’s thought to whether Jesus was a real person or not, he does seem like an entirely fictional character.” Peter Clarke 1/14/2022
Remembering Sir Roger Scruton, Two Years On The Center - “At the time, I would not have guessed my encounters with Roger through YouTube and a handful of books would lead me to studying with him just prior to his death.” Paul Krause 1/12/2022
Against David Brooksism The Right - “The only thing Brooks’s ‘true conservatism’ is ‘responsible’ for, however, is progressivism’s thoroughgoing dominance of our culture. For Brooks, a ‘responsible’ conservatism must concede the moral legitimacy of every progressive ‘advance.'” Daniel Addison 1/5/2022