The Secular Age Fails to Escape Its Roots The Center - “These transformations in understandings of sacrifice culminate in what today we think of as our ‘liberation’ from centuries of naïveté and superstition.” Chris Augusta 6/22/2019
Pope Francis’ Change to the Lord’s Prayer: Another Cheap Applause Line The Center - “His purpose seems to be diverting attention from these real concerns, by projecting a revolutionary image of a kind Pope who preaches a loving God, far removed from the deity who destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with sulphur.” Gabriel Andrade 6/20/2019
The False Binary Between Freedom and Equality (Part II) The Left - “What constitutes a sufficiently high level of education and intelligence to participate in politics is unclear, and advocates of these elitist positions are suspiciously prone to announcing the cut-off point lies with individuals roughly as capable and qualified as themselves.” Matt McManus 6/16/2019
Godzilla and Environmental Pessimism The Center - “But like his philosophical cousins before him, Godzilla cannot exist because the ideas upon which he is based are incorrect. He cannot exist because pessimism is false.” Tom Hyde 6/15/2019
When Superstitions Govern World Leaders The Center - “Maduro claims communication with Chávez via birds, but let us recall that George W. Bush once said that God told him to invade Iraq.” Gabriel Andrade 6/14/2019
Where Conservatives Go From Here The Left - “While it may seem strange to some to see people on the Right express skepticism—and even disdain—for the free market, it is increasingly common.” Néstor de Buen 6/13/2019
We Will All Be Banned The Center - “TechCrunch uses the word ‘hate’ so many times—and so without any obvious meaning, that it strikes me as likely a form of attempted Pavlovian conditioning.” Allen Farrington 6/10/2019
The False Binary Between Freedom and Equality (Part I) The Left - “It is not hard to infer that Locke may have been concerned that universal suffrage would result in concerted efforts to establish a more egalitarian society.” Matt McManus 6/9/2019
St. Peter and St. Paul: A “Bromance” That Never Was The Center - “Yet, Christianity is a more complicated religion, because in its traditions, fact and fiction intermingle, and it is not always  easy to determine which is which.” Gabriel Andrade 6/7/2019
Is the Intellectual Dark Web as “Reasonable” As It Claims? The Left - “Once one actually delves into the positions put forward by many of members of the Intellectual Dark Web, it becomes clear they are just as fallible as their intellectual opponents.” Matt McManus 6/6/2019
Nationalism: No Longer a Dirty Word But Complicated as Ever The Left - “If it is possible to have symbols and narratives that bind an imagined community of 300 million people or of one billion, it should be equally possible to imagine a community of seven billion and to construct a coherent narrative around it and create appropriate symbolisms.” Néstor de Buen 6/5/2019
When Marx Attacked The Single Tax The Center - “Georgism dissolves socialism; it is pro-worker and pro-capital at the same time. This is impossible for the socialist who believes to his core that labor can only win if capital loses.” Darren Iversen 6/2/2019
When David Harvey Writes on Marx The Left - “While I do not always agree with Harvey’s appraisals of Marx’s arguments, there is no better secondary source to learn what that argument happens to be.” Matt McManus 5/30/2019
Is “Western Civilization” a Worthwhile Conceptual Framework? The Left - “This exposes a basic problem of the conservative idealization of the Western tradition; it relies on an artificial, if not arbitrary construction that only makes sense in retrospect.” Néstor de Buen 5/29/2019
A Deep Dive into Ben Shapiro’s Book The Center - “That ‘conservatives’ today celebrate the book speaks volumes of the leftward drift of conservatism and the confused state of existence conservatism is in.” Paul Krause 5/27/2019
“Classical Liberals” and the Alt-Right The Left - Do some classical liberals and libertarians have more in common ideologically with the alt-right than they’d like to believe? Matt McManus 5/26/2019
The Perennially Difficult Debate Around Tyrannicide The Center - “It is, for the most part, a taboo, presumably because of how morally outrageous it seems—and because no sensible person wants to go down as proposing assassinations.” Gabriel Andrade 5/25/2019
Climate Change Makes a Thanos of Us All The Center - “We need a philosophy of problem-solving, not problem-avoidance. And yes, while stalling techniques are useful, their primary function is to give us more time to create active solutions, not avoid them all together.” Tom Hyde 5/22/2019
Nietzsche’s First Man: Ralph Waldo Emerson The Center - “Nietzsche has little unqualified good to say about individual modern philosophers—save one: Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Chris Augusta 5/21/2019
“The Mirror Test”: A Way to Assess Philosophies? The Center - Is “The Mirror Test” a new tool by which to evaluate philosophies? Logan Chipkin 5/21/2019
What Ben Shapiro Gets Right The Right - “Shapiro’s book is a well-written and, at times, moving defense of Western Civilization.” Henry George 5/20/2019
Who Was Joseph de Maistre (And Why He Matters) Part II The Left - “Maistre is a fascinating thinker not so much due to the quality of his arguments themselves but instead what they represent and anticipate.” Matt McManus 5/19/2019
Jordan Peterson and Equality The Left - An investigation of how Jordan Peterson engages with the idea of “equality.” Néstor de Buen 5/17/2019
On Nihilism and the Power of Nothing The Center - “While the mass man is the product of his history, the mass man recognizes no necessary connection or debt to his past. He is ‘the spoiled child of human history’ with a, ‘radical ingratitude to all that has made possible the ease of his existence.'” Chris Augusta 5/16/2019
Who Was Joseph de Maistre? (And Why He Matters) The Left - “Notice how Maistre does not consider the actions of the people valid because they committed a crime against the nation by undermining its sovereign.” Matt McManus 5/15/2019
Steven Strogatz’s “Infinite Powers”: Science Is a Story of People The Right - “Because we tend only to see the final product of an intellectual endeavor, it is easy to forget that even titans such as Archimedes cannot know the final answer before they get their hands dirty with the problem at hand.” Logan Chipkin 5/14/2019
On Trump Hatred: A Plea from the Heart(land) The Center - “Many features of this region have stood out—but few more prominently than the generosity of its people. They are devoted to their churches; they volunteer their time; they give to charity; they start charities; they adopt children.” David Eisenberg 5/13/2019
The Enduring Relevance of Philip K. Dick The Left - “We turned to technology as a substitute for our inability to deal with the persistent riddles of existence and the lack of meaning in our life in a post-God era.” Matt McManus 5/10/2019
“Democracy” and the Language of the Founders The Left - “A republic that moves too close to an oligarchy would require democratization.” Néstor de Buen 5/9/2019
Conservatives Can’t Hide Behind the Trope of “Common Sense” The Left - “Simply invoking ‘realism’ or ‘common sense’ doesn’t add up to anything resembling an argument.” Ben Burgis and Matt McManus 5/7/2019
Book Preview: Making Human Dignity Central to International Human Rights Law The Left - “Analyzing the relationship is important because, as we all know, oftentimes law is not a medium for justice. Rather it is one that operates to repress, marginalize, and even tyrannize under the right circumstances.” Matt McManus 5/4/2019
Roger Waters Has a Point: Foreign Aid Is Flawed The Left - “In the end, whether it is rich businesspeople donating their money for the reconstruction of a national monument or ‘average Joe’s’ trying to help others in need, foreign aid is, and always will be, flawed.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 5/3/2019
Beyond Ideology The Center - “How alien this experience of total control is to our everyday existence in the chaotic, inexplicable universe. For just this reason, we fashion ideologies to live out our fantasies of control.” Brandon Tucker 4/30/2019
Slavoj Žižek’s Concept of Rupture—and Post-Truth The Left - “In the matter of politics, our society has become a consumer of emotions, constructed values, and ambiguous promises.” Luz Paola García 4/29/2019
Understanding Hitler’s Worldview (Part II) The Right - “The risk in our increasingly polarized and tribally divided times is that these societies —ours among them—are thrashing around in a sea of hopeless liquid modernity and risk coming apart in a storm of violence.” Henry George 4/28/2019