Dostoevsky, Milton, and the Changing Definition of “Meaning” The Left - “In the case of our current crisis of meaning, it was only in the 19th century that sensitive figures truly began to grasp the profound changes which had transformed societies.” Matt McManus 9/18/2019
Review: J.A. Smith’s “Other People’s Politics: Populism to Corbynism” The Left - “So confident were many in the apparent neutrality and sensibility of the third way approach that the difference between Conservatives and Labor, much like the Republicans and the Democrats, started to look merely cosmetic.” Matt McManus 9/10/2019
Better Understanding Plato’s Republic The Center - “Plato’s Republic is not, primarily, asking the question ‘what is justice?’ as much as it is asking what kind of city do we live in? Before we can address any political issue we must first know whether we are living under a regime of tyranny or liberty.” Paul Krause 9/9/2019
Why Christians Should Oppose Sohrab Ahmari The Left - “In many ways, it was far better to see Christendom shrunk down to a few genuine believers than to see it ballooned and enforced into a parody of itself” Matt McManus 9/7/2019
Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, and What We Mean by “Left” and “Right” The Left - “For these reasons, I think it is not unreasonable to identify this nature-nurture or nature-history spectrum as the basic guiding principle behind the left-right spectrum.” Néstor de Buen 9/6/2019
The Uses and Misuses of Philosophy The Left - “I wanted to take this opportunity to consider some of the ways philosophy has been used and misused in contemporary political debates to justify a broad range of positions.” Matt McManus 9/5/2019
Aristophanes: The First Poet Critic The Center - In the words of German poet Henrich Heine: “There is a God, and his name is Aristophanes.” Paul Krause 9/4/2019
On the Death of Immanuel Wallerstein The Center - “For that reason, I hold that Wallerstein’s ideas are very questionable, but his work is still worthy of consideration.” Gabriel Andrade 9/3/2019
The Philosophy of Human Rights (Part II) The Left - “The state must respect the freedom and autonomy of those fleeing violence by accepting them within its boundaries and offering them hospitality, which makes for a precursor to modern refugee law.” Matt McManus 8/30/2019
The Philosophy of Human Rights The Left - “Even those who agree that rights exist struggle to locate where they come from, what counts as a genuine right, and how to realize them.” Matt McManus 8/27/2019
Sophocles and the Necessity of Family The Center - “Instead of the gods being our deliverance, the family is the instrument of salvation and the bulwark against tyranny in his surviving plays.” Paul Krause 8/26/2019
Slavoj Žižek and the Quillette Hoax The Left - “But this just shows that Žižek is right in that there is no such thing as seeing the world as it really is. There is always something that mediates perception.” Néstor de Buen 8/21/2019
The Four Competing Approaches to Higher Education The Left - “Many critics point out that this one dimensional approach to education helps produce citizens who are selfish, disinterested in politics, and unprepared for dealing with moral complexities, which are not reducible to cost-benefit analysis.” Matt McManus 8/20/2019
Euripides: Oracle of Modernity The Center - “Euripides’ gods are the gods of Hesiod given a new, cunning, and manipulative makeover. Furthermore, they are depicted as clear threats to the human social order.“ Paul Krause 8/19/2019
Taking Science Fiction Seriously The Left - “Today, it is science fiction that often carried the torch of the utopian aspiration.” Matt McManus 8/17/2019
Why Aeschylus Still Matters Today The Center - “But Aeschylus’ cosmos goes beyond Homer’s in presenting Reason, Persuasion, as an integral aspect of the cosmos that was otherwise absent in Homer.” Paul Krause 8/15/2019
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