Power Over Principles: the Dual Dangers of Trumpism and Anti-Racism The Center - Donald Trump rode the politics of power and emotion to the White House. If his opponents continue to respond in kind, he might have killed the politics of principle in the process. Thomas Koenig 9/24/2020
A Better Way to Understand the Intellectual Dark Web The Left - “In a different world where the culture war never happened, I might have seen myself as their ally in some areas.” Néstor de Buen 9/23/2020
George Orwell: from Hell to Salvation The Center - “Leaving behind a bucolic past, the engine of modernity has nature on the run as it speeds towards an uncertain future.” Chris Augusta 9/22/2020
Science: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea The Center - “It bears to repeat, however, that our genes do not directly decide the actions we take in life—as fatalism would like one to believe. They are not the means to our destiny but, rather, are the keys to our hypothetical reality.” Alessandro van den Berg 9/21/2020
Do Americans Vote Too Much? The Center - The United States does not have low voter turnout; Americans actually are asked to vote too much, and this hurts our democracy. Thomas Brown 9/18/2020
Identity Politics and the Death of Moral Imagination The Right - “The problem—as has been said so many times before—is that identity politics takes a kernel of truth about embodied human experience and pushes it to its destructive conclusion.” Henry George 9/17/2020
Preview: “A Critical Legal Examination of Liberalism and Liberal Rights” The Left - “While we may be cursed to live in interesting times, this presents an opportunity to rethink some of our basic assumptions about the democratic politics of liberal states…” Matt McManus 9/15/2020
The Case for Civic Nationalism The Center - “If carefully constructed, civic nationalism in the United States can take both conservative and progressive forms.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/10/2020
Pharmakon IV: Secret Family Recipe The Left - “Due to the repetitive observations made by most in their daily routines in a country with little socioeconomic mixing, there is poor visibility into how the lives of those in other classes transpire.” Duluxan Sritharan 9/4/2020
The Problems with Cultural Christianity The Left - “In this respect, it is not a defense of Christianity but its final undoing: the subordination of eternal God to the human, all too human need for reactionary political order and tribalistic identity.” Matt McManus 9/3/2020
The Ideological Takeover of British Psychotherapy  The Center - “The problem with this conception is that access to truth or objectivity becomes something not open to universal access but, instead, becomes something distributed on the basis of social position.” Nick Opyrchal 9/2/2020
Why Europe Is Weak on Iran The Right - “It can be argued that the European failure to stand with the United States in maintaining sanctions on the Islamic regime is a symptom of their prolonged appeasement policy, which is masqueraded as diplomatic engagement.” Sirvan Karimi 8/31/2020
Review: Roger Scruton’s “On Human Nature” The Left - “The result is a thoughtful and nuanced book that testifies to both his theoretical and exegetical talents, solidifying Scruton’s legacy as the most talented conservative writer of his generation.” Matt McManus 8/27/2020
Looking Beyond Easy Explanations for Divorce The Left - “Maybe there is something in our environment that makes staying together so hard.” Natalia Lomaia 8/26/2020
Kayleigh McEnany: a Tough Act to Follow The Right - “However, after the departure of three spokespeople before her, it seems that President Trump has found his keeper—and the media their match—in a 32-year-old Harvard Law School graduate: Kayleigh McEnany.” Bernadette Breslin 8/22/2020
Clarifying My Comments on Lindsay, Pluckrose, and Boghossian The Left - “The picture of science that they defend, however, is what merits the most attention.“ Néstor de Buen 8/21/2020
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