It’s Time for a Two-State Solution…for America The Center - “If a nation is an ‘imagined community,’ to invoke Benedict Anderson’s metaphor, then how can we live together when the communities we imagine are, at every level, incompatible?” Alexander Zubatov 8/23/2021
Politics: Not an End in Itself The Center - “As such, politics has eclipsed its primary purpose—namely, to provide the means by which people can seek out and, in turn, live good lives, lives that have nothing to do with politics.” Erich J. Prince 8/19/2021
City of Thugs The Center - “If, on the other hand, we as a society make excuses for thugs and use pretextual claims of racism to emasculate law enforcement, we will promote the continuation of our rapid race to the bottom.” Alexander Zubatov 8/13/2021
Hiding the Ball on Critical Race Theory The Right - “Marcuse and Bell might not be on the reading lists at elementary schools, but CRT’s cynical mentality and Marxist tenets are still present in the pedagogical exercises being exposed by Christopher Rufo’s investigative journalism.” Harrison Pitt 8/11/2021
Excerpt: “The End of the End of History” The Left - “History ended in 1989. In 2008, the economic order was shaken. The political reckoning arrived in 2016. By 2020, the End of History was over.” Alex Hochuli, George Hoare, and Philip Cunliffe 8/10/2021
Tunisia and Egypt: Two Tests for Biden and Democracy The Center - “The Biden administration has not yet decided whether to call Saied’s power grab a coup.” Michael D. Purzycki 8/9/2021
How Things End The Center - “As Joshua Foa Dienstag reminds us, the essential tragedy of being human (or being anything, for that matter) stems from the passage of time.” Erich J. Prince 8/6/2021
The Eviction Ban: A Case Study in Congressional Dysfunction The Center - “Our members of Congress—no matter how extreme their ideological predilections—have a duty to quit using the institution as a performative stage and begin working within it to actually forge policy solutions to our most pressing issues.” Thomas Koenig 8/3/2021
Unleashing the Hounds Upon America The Center - “How did it happen that the Wolves came to wield such power here, infiltrating academia, journalism, and other segments of society that were supposed to be high-minded bastions of truth and light?” Alexander Zubatov 8/3/2021
The Burden of Choice  First-Person - “But, if I have learned anything, it is that choice is best when it is counterweighted by a serious moral framework.” Jake Scott 8/2/2021
Ranked-Choice Voting: Technocracy Run Amok The Right - “20 years of RCV in San Francisco has neither moderated the city’s politics nor produced any novel outcomes worth replicating.” Eddie Ferrara 7/31/2021
Withdrawal Symptoms The Center - “Dear doves and hawks and other feathered brethren: It is already over.” Vahaken Mouradian 7/30/2021
When Tolerance Goes Too Far The Center - “Implicit in this choice was the belief that tolerance of all values was more important than inculcating any particular set of values and, thus, that tolerance was the most important aim of society.” Shane Trotter 7/29/2021
Propaganda Art The Center - “Yet now the Enlightenment too, like ancient thought before, finds its enduring legacy threatened by a fundamentalist competitor.” Race Hochdorf 7/27/2021
UFOs, Zombies, and Our Cyborg Futures The Left - “However, without wishing to entertain hyperbole, we may conversely deem this great exposé to be rather trivial—even inconsequential—especially when considering the increasingly ‘extraordinary’ nature of our own existence.” Al Binns 7/17/2021
From Revolting Masses to Revolting Elites The Center - “Although reaching immense influence in the 20th century, the mass man is the ‘spoiled child of history,’ and when he goes in search of bread, says Ortega, he always does one thing, ‘He wrecks the bakery.'” Chris Augusta 7/16/2021