In Reply to “Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream” The Center - “As a former graduate student in religious studies and writer of the classics, it is deeply regrettable that the scholarship of the academy does not reach further and that century-old myths no longer of any substantial prominence in academic study still hold public sway.” Paul Krause 1/18/2022
The Great American Disconnect The Center - “A disconnect ensues: Even as the American public has indeed polarized, our elected representatives have fled to the extremes to an even greater degree.” Thomas Koenig 1/17/2022
Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream The Center - “So, yes—my friend has a point: To someone who has never given a moment’s thought to whether Jesus was a real person or not, he does seem like an entirely fictional character.” Peter Clarke 1/14/2022
Remembering Sir Roger Scruton, Two Years On The Center - “At the time, I would not have guessed my encounters with Roger through YouTube and a handful of books would lead me to studying with him just prior to his death.” Paul Krause 1/12/2022
Against David Brooksism The Right - “The only thing Brooks’s ‘true conservatism’ is ‘responsible’ for, however, is progressivism’s thoroughgoing dominance of our culture. For Brooks, a ‘responsible’ conservatism must concede the moral legitimacy of every progressive ‘advance.'” Daniel Addison 1/5/2022
The Failed Attempt to Rescue Marx’s Labor Theory of Value The Center - “Without the notion of socially necessary labor time, nothing in Marx’s value form or overall theory of exploitation makes sense.” Jonathan Church 1/1/2022
The Power of Facing: A Review of “Christopher Hitchens” by Ben Burgis The Center - “One of the causes of tension with Noam Chomsky, for example, Burgis observes, was Hitchens’ recognition that the forces of anti-imperialism today are dissimilar to ‘Ho Chi Minh or the Sandinistas.'” Vahaken Mouradian 12/31/2021
Who Will Guard the Guardians: Dilemmas of Policing The Left - “Policing needs to be seen as a profession to whose ranks people of every class might plausibly aspire.” Tom Farer 12/30/2021
What Karl Marx Got Wrong About Value The Center - “As a matter of economics, scarcity is the source of all value, even if it is a combination of ‘manufactured’ scarcity via monopoly control and relative scarcity due to the costliness of extraction and the preferences of consumers.” Jonathan Church 12/27/2021
Editor’s Choice: The Best Interviews of 2021 The Center - Here are our editor’s choices for his favorite interviews of this past year. Erich J. Prince 12/21/2021
Editor’s Choice: The Best Articles of 2021 The Center - “As is tradition at Merion West, here are our editor’s choices for his favorite Merion West articles of this past year.” Erich J. Prince 12/15/2021
The Material Roots of Wokeness The Right - “So, the fact that what is now called wokeness is a minority persuasion, believed by a small group of elite left-liberals and pursued through the instruments of the managerial state and corporate oligarchies, should not be surprising.” Henry George 12/12/2021
From Libertarianism to National Conservatism The Right - “National Conservatism, one strand of a broader emergent post-Cold War fusionist conservative movement, has the potential for both capturing youthful energy and enthusiasm while grounding and directing it with prudence and realism.” Henry George 11/24/2021
Keeping Wounds Green The Left - “In the aftermath of the fiasco that was the Fall of Kabul, it was predictable that American commentators would detect a mirroring effect of the Afghan loss on political crises in the United States.” Eric Rauth 11/22/2021
Excerpt: “Setting the Bar” The Center - “I pedal away with an all-too-familiar question bouncing around my head: ‘What are we doing to these kids?'” Shane Trotter 11/15/2021
Excerpt: “Screen Captures: Film in the Age of Emergency” The Left - “The End of Suburbia lays out the argument that with oil production peaking somewhere around 2027–28, and from then on heading into a steep decline, the living standards of those in suburbia will decline also.” Stephen Lee Naish 11/12/2021