Who Qualifies for a Second Chance? The Center - “Can their good works ever balance out any of the harm they have caused?” Peter Clarke 3/2/2021
Germany’s Been Down the Road to Serfdom; Now, China Is Doing the Same The Right - “Like 20th century Germany, the PRC’s embrace of socialism, nationalism, and the worst elements of collectivism have resulted in unspeakable horrors.” Aaron Tao and Amy Lutz 3/2/2021
Conservatives Are Getting Lost in “Ideas” The Right - “Shapiro’s most recent book How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps presents the United States’ problems, which he sees as near-fatal if left unaddressed, as rooted in the world of ideas and political philosophy.” Henry George 3/1/2021
When John F. Kennedy Saved the World (Part II) The Center - “Kennedy no doubt considered his relations with Khrushchev in making his decision. He had been groomed by his father to be a ruthless competitor.” Jonathan Church 2/27/2021
A Brief History of Nothing (Part III): From Dada, to Dachau, to Davos The Center - “While seemingly contrary in ‘theory,’ the great totalitarian systems—fascism and communism—would have a great deal in common in practice. Both are manifestations of the human Ego flailing about in a world reduced to Nothing.” Chris Augusta 2/25/2021
James Madison, Greg Weiner, and What to Do about the Filibuster The Center - “Patience ‘is the central constitutional virtue—and it is, by all signs, a lost one.'” Thomas Koenig 2/24/2021
When John F. Kennedy Saved the World The Center - “Kennedy proved his mettle in response to a Soviet breach of the Monroe Doctrine, defusing a crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.” Jonathan Church 2/22/2021
When Reading about Abraham Lincoln, in 2021 The Center - “As historian James Oakes writes in his new book, The Crooked Path to Abolition: Abraham Lincoln and the Antislavery Constitution, the Republican Party was once home to a tight union of moral principle and constitutionalism.” Thomas Koenig 2/18/2021
The Necessity of Acceptance The Right - “What place does acceptance have in this wasteland of a year? My view, informed and influenced by living with a severe inherited disability, a fragile skin condition is that it has a central, vital place.” Henry George 2/17/2021
Lefties Have More Fun The Right - “Left movements exude the zest of adolescence, which is why they can generate so much thrill and camaraderie and—when they occasionally succeed—such deflated confusion and hollowness.” Vahaken Mouradian 2/16/2021
An Alternative Take on Cancel Culture The Left - “But this, in my view, has little to do with people being overly sensitive and much more to with the very economic system that conservative critics of cancel culture regularly prop up.” Néstor de Buen 2/15/2021
When Conservative Christians Invoke Nietzsche The Left - “Given this, we can recognize that Nietzsche would have seen layers of irony in these contemporary conservative figures appealing to his ideas to critique contemporary socialists…while simultaneously expressing concern about declining Christian values.” Matt McManus 2/14/2021
On the American Economy Being “Rigged” The Center - “The evidence is overwhelming; the American economy is rigged in favor of the government-business elite and has become more so over time.” Milton Ezrati 2/10/2021
Cutting Through Identities: to Alter the Body or to Heal the Mind? The Center - “But this article is not actually about cutting. If one has not yet guessed what it is really about by now, it is time for me to pull back the curtain.” Alexander Zubatov 2/9/2021
The Inhumanity of Disease The Right - “Worst of all, it isolates us.” Jake Scott 2/7/2021
Forgiving All Debt Is a Step in the Wrong Direction The Center - “In financial markets, the basic unit of cost is risk.” Jonathan Church 2/5/2021