What is Post-Modernism? (Part Two) The Left - “The world is not becoming meaningless; it is becoming so saturated with symbolism that meaning itself no longer means anything.“ Matt McManus 8/13/2018
Why I Am No Longer a Brexit “Remainer” The Right - “Those who proclaim their concern for the poor in the abstract nearly always find that they hate what the poor believe in when confronted with it.” Henry George 8/6/2018
What is Post-Modernism? (Part One) The Left - “My point, and the point of the post-modern philosophers, was to demonstrate that even a simple word like apple can beget numerous interpretations, let alone words like justice, equality and so on.” Matt McManus 8/3/2018
What Dave Rubin Gets Wrong The Right - Henry George takes aim at today’s popularization of so-called “Classical Liberalism,” a movement that fails to appreciate that, for true conservatives, economic priorities are always subservient to ensuring social order. Henry George 8/2/2018
The Age of Anxiety and the Rise of the “Postmodern Conservative” The Left - “While we should note the absurdity of simultaneously blaming global elites and destitute refugees for the collapse of tradition and order, we also recognize that this confluence is the transference of a real but unsignified fear.” Dylan DeJong and Erik Tate 8/1/2018
“Purity Politics” Is Ruining Progressivism The Left - The American Left needs to spend less time hitting the pavements criticizing government and institutions outright. Instead, they must do the less glamorous: study the policies that best help working people and then go to the polls and vote that way. Victor Bruzzone 7/31/2018
All Good Things Must Come to an End: An Overview of “Why Liberalism Failed.” The Left - “So is Deneen right? Has liberalism failed? I think in the long run nothing wrought by the hand of man lasts forever. This includes political ideologies. We have a tendency to naturalize the world as it is and assume that things can never change.” Matt McManus 7/23/2018
British Politics is Degraded and Divisive The Right - “Trump’s visit saw him declare Britain to be in chaos (it is), that the current Brexit wasn’t what people voted for (it isn’t, and never would be), and that Boris Johnson would make a great prime minister.” Henry George 7/20/2018
Who Was Martin Heidegger? (And Should Progressives Care?) The Left - “This is especially true in large urban areas. Forces beyond our control compel us to focus on the now “yolo?” and live fragmented lives of needs and satisfaction. In these contexts, we focus on being like animals rather than selves, and become increasingly homogenous and indistinguishable.” Matt McManus 7/19/2018
What is Human Dignity? Kant Sheds Light The Left - “We are not just material objects in a value-free universe. Kant makes the radical and highly innovative argument that autonomy of the individual is the enabling condition of moral philosophy.” Matt McManus 7/14/2018
What is a “Post-Modern Conservative”? The Left - “As Harry Frankfurt of On Bullshit indicated, a liar is someone who still has some tangential sense of what the truth is. They are aware of what is true and choose to dishonestly present the opposite. This is not true of Mr. Trump and his acolytes.” Matt McManus 7/10/2018
Jordan Peterson and Conservative Critiques of Modernity The Left - “If we value our heritage, conservative intellectuals like Peterson need to stop pandering to their followers, and instead start motivating them to be more reflective about the culpability of complex social forces.” Matt McManus 6/29/2018
On Bias and Truth in the Public Sphere The Left - “The unceasing accusations of bias are no longer used to promote dialogue and bridge interpretive frameworks. Instead, they are used to seal ourselves off inside bubbles that allow us to preserve the integrity of our world view, free from contamination by the views of others.” Matt McManus 6/21/2018
Carl Schmitt, Liberalism, and Post-Modern Conservatism The Left - “The practice of politics is always a form of violence, whether literal or figurative, as different groups of friends and enemies attempt to overcome one another and seize control of the state.” Matt McManus 6/18/2018
Literature Meets Identity Politics: Lionel Shriver vs. Penguin-Random House The Right - “Writers should be judged first by the quality of the content of their prose, not their identity. If we forget this, then the world of literature will be much poorer, and with the loss of this source of consolation, so will we all.” Henry George 6/16/2018
Part Two: The Argument Against Jordan Peterson The Left - “My suspicion is that many of Peterson’s readers feel an affinity to the advice he offers and so don’t look to question his political commitments that deeply. This is problematic because it leads to deep inconsistencies in doctrine that, if applied as stated, would lead to a rather unusual politics.” Matt McManus 6/8/2018