Dostoevsky’s Extremely Thoughtful Critique of the Left The Left - “People do not truly want an end to suffering in all cases…They need challenges in order to feel the thrill of victory, guilt over their actions to have a chance at redemption, and the possibility of rejection and hatred to feel any deep form of love.” Matt McManus 7/15/2019
Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot and Public Utilities The Left - “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms are much more like churches or clubs than they are like a public plaza, regardless of their size.” Néstor de Buen 7/13/2019
I Love a Black Ariel, But I Hate Identity Politics The Center - “So, all those people that tweet #notmyariel are probably arguing that if Black Panther necessarily has to be black, Ariel necessarily has to be white.” Gabriel Andrade 7/12/2019
The Shallowness of the Intellectual Dark Web The Left - “Edmund Burke’s arguments against the French Revolutionaries resonate because he understood the revolutionaries’ position quite well.” Matt McManus 7/11/2019
Preview: Human Dignity and the Law The Left - “If individuals are able to become authors of their lives in a substantive way, we can say they have lived a dignified life.” Matt McManus 7/9/2019
Is the Apostle Paul Relevant in the 21st Century? The Center - “Famously, Nietzsche despised Paul for distorting Jesus’ original message and bringing forth an obsession with sin. The result, in Nietzsche’s view, is Christianity’s unhealthy emphasis on guilt and renunciation.” Gabriel Andrade 7/8/2019
Jordan Peterson: A Libertarian Reading The Right - “In a few hundred pages of personal anecdotes, lessons from history, and psychological expertise, Jordan Peterson offers strategies for the individual to rise and face life’s hardships, and to find meaning in the fight for personal betterment.” Logan Chipkin 7/8/2019
When We Debate “Biological Differences” The Left - “The framing of these arguments, I believe, is largely misguided. Right and Left are, after all, moral and political positions and not scientific ones.” Néstor de Buen 7/6/2019
Burke’s Aesthetics Formed the Core of His Politics The Center - “Those who deal in political aesthetics have long noted that Burke’s aesthetics is the core ground of his outlook.” Paul Krause 7/1/2019
Review: Kevin O’Rourke’s “A Short History of Brexit: From Brentry to Backstop” The Left - “Importantly, he notes that it was initially the Conservative party that embraced European integration and the Labour Party which vehemently opposed it.” Matt McManus 6/29/2019
A Closer Look at Simón Bolívar The Center - “Insomuch as the historical figure of Bolívar still has considerable influence in contemporary Latin American politics, some demythologizing and criticism is in order.” Gabriel Andrade 6/28/2019
Poetry and Modernity The Center - “Any civilization or culture is itself a vast dynamic interpretation or, we could even say, a vast dynamic work of art.” Chris Augusta 6/26/2019
A Preview of “The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism” The Left - “Perhaps it would be a great Christmas present for the depressed Leftist in one’s life?” Matt McManus 6/25/2019
Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot Probably Isn’t about “Free Speech” The Left - “It makes sense to frame the issue as being about free speech, however, because it is likely seen as a much more worthwhile cause.” Néstor de Buen 6/24/2019
Review: “Big Business” by Tyler Cowen The Right - “Pulling from history, economic data, and even psychology, Dr. Cowen explains why the anti-business sentiment is mistaken, how it originated, and what we should do about it.” Logan Chipkin 6/23/2019
The Secular Age Fails to Escape Its Roots The Center - “These transformations in understandings of sacrifice culminate in what today we think of as our ‘liberation’ from centuries of naïveté and superstition.” Chris Augusta 6/22/2019
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