The Protests Are Not About Police Violence The Center - “Racism and racial inequality are barriers for many non-whites, but viewing these disparities as a morality play between powerful whites and enraged minorities is a recipe for untold conflict.” Samuel Kronen 6/3/2020
As the Word “Racism” Loses Its Meaning The Center - “Ambiguity, however, is the name of the game when it comes to defining racism, while Whiteness Studies is similarly plagued with ‘critical’ obfuscation.” Jonathan Church 6/2/2020
Why Wendy Brown Remains as Relevant as Ever The Left - “Brown makes the bold choice of echoing conservative critics in scrutinizing left-wing variants of identity politics from a Nietzschean perspective; however, she takes a far more nuanced and less polemical approach.” Matt McManus 5/29/2020
A Few Questions for My Social Justice Colleagues The Center - “What I left out of that piece are the many questions my immersion has raised whose answers, if I could find them, might help what I’ll call the reasonable unwoke better assess SJ/DEI claims. I would like to air those questions here.” David Ferrero 5/26/2020
Excitement about the Coronavirus’ Effect on Emissions Obscures the Big Picture The Center - “Should individuals collectively decide to make radical changes to lower their carbon output, they—and the economy at large—will suffer. As a result, individuals won’t. And, their individual choices would not be enough, regardless.” Thomas Hochman 5/24/2020
Can Free Speech Help Us Beat the Coronavirus?  The Right - “We must remind those like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Susan Wojcicki that they should not silence ideas from the get-go because they fear that people are incapable of evaluating information for themselves.” Jean Vilbert 5/23/2020
Bhaskar Sunkara’s “The Socialist Manifesto” and Understanding Millennial Socialism The Left - “What has become ‘millennial socialism’ arguably got its start in 2011, with the founding of Jacobin, a proudly left-wing magazine that was trendy, readable, and erudite.” Matt McManus 5/21/2020
The Plague in New York, the Pox on America  The Right - “With our political and cultural situation having deteriorated far beyond where it was two decades ago, it is my hope that the long-overdue national cleansing and cultural revitalization this pestilence brings in its wake will last.” Alexander Zubatov 5/20/2020
The Limits of Political Reasoning The Center - “However, regardless of it being mathematically the same task, the politically-charged task’s results came out in a polarized fashion…” Alessandro van den Berg 5/19/2020
Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic The Center - “Thucydides subsequently goes on to say, ‘In other respects also Athens owed to the plague the beginnings of a state of unprecedented lawlessness.’” Paul Krause 5/18/2020
Psychoanalytic Darkness and Reflections on the Coronavirus The Center - “The ‘viral’ aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic and the disproportionate effect on the aged similarly suggests a Jungian reading of systemic breakdown and a lurch towards either symbolic or literal death.” Nick Opyrchal 5/18/2020
Why Jordan Peterson Is Worth Defending The Center - “And, in the midst of it all, a Canadian psychologist told people to clean their rooms before trying to change the world and has not ceased to be excoriated for his efforts years later. History will be kinder to him than his opponents.” Samuel Kronen 5/17/2020
Has Dave Rubin Found His Intellectual Stride? The Left - “I do want to give Rubin the fairest shake I possibly can. As such, instead of commenting on the book generally, I will look at some of the book’s arguments in detail and break them down…” Néstor de Buen 5/14/2020
If There Were Ever a Time for Bipartisanship, It Is Now The Center - “COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for governments to build trust. According to a recent update of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in government around the world spiked by 11 points between January and May 2020.” Matt Johnson 5/13/2020
The Outsourcing of American Tennis The Left - “Should American tennis enthusiasts be deprived the opportunity of receiving a financial scholarship and the college athletic experience because coaches—and an increasing number of them from overseas—believe foreign players are their best chance to win matches?” Allen M. Hornblum 5/12/2020
The Irrelevance of the Intelligence Debate  The Left - “By contrast, those on the Left tend to prefer more transparently social determinants, such as ethnic or economic background and push against anything which seems to ‘naturalize’ inequality by explaining it biologically.” Matt McManus 5/12/2020
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