Listen, Jordan Peterson: Marx Is Your Friend! The Center - “Peterson should also reconsider his antipathy towards Marx because—perhaps surprisingly—if properly read, Marx would come across more as Peterson’s ally, rather than the origin of everything that is wrong with modernity.” Gabriel Andrade 1/20/2020
From Ben Shapiro to Stefan Molyneux: How the Right “Uses” Philosophy The Left - “For the many activists and intellectuals on the Right, who identify with the ambiguously defined “Western civilization,” a nostalgic and selective association with Western civilization’s philosophical grandeur can be extremely appealing.” Matt McManus 1/19/2020
On Mourning for One’s Enemies: Remembering Sir Roger Scruton The Left - “And that is why I will miss Roger Scruton, enemy of my beliefs that he was.” Matt McManus 1/16/2020
Killing of Soleimani Presents Opportunities, Not Just Challenges The Right - “…it can be argued that the challenges emanating from this sequence of events have the potential to be turned into golden opportunities to clip the Islamic regime’s wings in the Middle East and beyond.” Sirvan Karimi 1/15/2020
Enough Empathy: The Case for Punching Down The Right - “…because heedless empathy for the worst among us is currently leading us on the downward-sloping path to mediocrity and beyond.” Alexander Zubatov 1/14/2020
From Ayn Rand to Amartya Sen: Using the Concept of “Rights” The Left - “Again, there seems to be no ideological bias against the concept of rights; views on the subject come from various distinct standpoints.” Néstor de Buen 1/13/2020
Review: “The Enigma of Clarence Thomas” by Corey Robin The Left - “Despite this, Thomas has also long acknowledged the history of racial discrimination in the United States and has never accepted the popular conservative trope that the impact of racism is merely a historical issue in the present day.“ Matt McManus 1/12/2020
Review: “Can the Left Learn to Meme? Adorno, Video Gaming, and Stranger Things” by Mike Watson The Left - “Despite the majority of voters aged 18-39 resisting the smear campaigns and voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, Britain’s aging population overwhelmed the voice of its youth to take the landslide victory.” Al Binns 1/10/2020
Why Greta Thunberg Should Go Back to School The Center - “As a fellow person with autism, I hope to make clear why educational support—and going to school—is so essential to the lives of people with autism.” Alessandro van den Berg 1/7/2020
What Sohrab Ahmari Has Failed to Sense The Left - “Such specious reasoning is so problematic that it may well produce more of the existential instability Ahmari is keen to reject, rather than placate it.” Matt McManus 1/5/2020
Can We Read Moby Dick? The Center - “But, as I found myself stumbling in my response to my sister, a more elemental question arose: Can we read Moby Dick?” Chris Augusta 1/4/2020
Reflecting on the Start of a New Decade (and the Wisdom of Augustine) The Right - “I must admit that as for many others, the last ten years were neither a singular triumph nor an unmitigated disaster. There were joys and sadnesses, the melody of life soaring high and crashing low. No one finds heaven on earth.” Henry George 1/1/2020
The Decline of the Intellectual Dark Web The Left - “…if one truly believes that the better argument can and should win the day, more formidable ammunition will be needed on the part of the Intellectual Dark Web.” Matt McManus 12/29/2019
Pope Francis, the Consummate Politician The Center - “From its very beginnings, Christianity has been fond of buddy tales, i.e. stories in which two great defenders of the faith become close friends.” Gabriel Andrade 12/28/2019
A Few Thoughts on Christmas The Center - “If historical debunking is waging a ‘War on Christmas,’ then we must fire our artillery because, indeed, the story of Christmas has no historical basis whatsoever.” Gabriel Andrade 12/22/2019
When Neuroscience Interjects Itself into Debates on Sexuality The Center - “The concept is called ‘reverse inference.’ It’s both neuroscience’s greatest ambition, and the origin of its most frustratingly breathless overstatements.” Andrew Neff 12/21/2019
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