UFOs, Zombies, and Our Cyborg Futures The Left - “However, without wishing to entertain hyperbole, we may conversely deem this great exposé to be rather trivial—even inconsequential—especially when considering the increasingly ‘extraordinary’ nature of our own existence.” Al Binns 7/17/2021
From Revolting Masses to Revolting Elites The Center - “Although reaching immense influence in the 20th century, the mass man is the ‘spoiled child of history,’ and when he goes in search of bread, says Ortega, he always does one thing, ‘He wrecks the bakery.'” Chris Augusta 7/16/2021
Review: Robin DiAngelo’s “Nice Racism” The Center - “One thing that sets Nice Racism apart from her other books is the depth of its cynicism.” Christopher Paslay 7/14/2021
In Reply to Tomasz Witkowski: To Foster a Culture of Common Sense The Center - “What is needed is a return to a culture of common sense and personal well-being, in which one is judged according to what kind of person one is and how one conducts one’s life.” Paul Sturdee 6/29/2021
The Power of Stories to Tear Us Apart The Center - “In his TED Talk ‘Be suspicious of stories,’ Tyler Cowen explains that, when we create stories, ‘We’re imposing order on the mess we observe.'” Peter Clarke 6/28/2021
Why Porn? Why This Porn? Why So Little Concern? The Left - “I want to explore this conclusion by asking why pornography is so prevalent, why themes of domination and subordination are so prevalent in pornography, and why so many people defend or celebrate it, even in progressive and feminist circles.” Robert Jensen 6/24/2021
The Press and Violence against Asian-Americans  The Center - “It seems as though they will do anything to avoid actually backing approaches that would begin to remedy these problems, all of which start with taking a harder-line on those who routinely commit violent crimes.” Erich J. Prince 6/22/2021
A Rocking Chair with a Fan? Parallels with Psychotherapy The Center - “This modest and inconspicuous doctor published a 2018 guide for lay people, describing simple methods for helping people with mental health problems, entitled Where There Is No Psychiatrist.” Tomasz Witkowski 6/18/2021
Patriotism: The Supreme Political Virtue The Center - “Here, Smith steps in, and he admirably makes a case to both the Left and the Right that patriotism is a worthy political virtue in need of resuscitation here in the United States.” Thomas Koenig 6/17/2021
In Support of Snobbery The Center - “The work of totalitarianism takes a lot of muscle, but most of it is done by just one: the wooden tongue.” Vahaken Mouradian 6/11/2021
An Open Letter to The Rumpus First-Person - “…I cannot stand by while supposedly smart, thoughtful, and vocal leaders in the literary world choose to misuse (or condone the misuse of) the word ‘genocide.'” Nina Lichtenstein 6/8/2021
Review: Chris Bail’s “Breaking the Social Media Prism” The Center - “To explain why the echo chamber corrective flopped, Bail puts forth an alternative theory of how today’s social media is helping drive polarization and mutual contempt between partisans.” Thomas Koenig 6/4/2021
Sohrab Ahmari and Michael Brendan Dougherty on Reclaiming Faith, Family, and Nation The Right - “In an age of iconoclasm, Ahmari reiterates the indispensable need for the icon of tradition that points beyond itself to the everlasting, and Dougherty captures how the icon of national particularism can also point beyond itself to the universal.” Henry George 6/2/2021
The Greatest of the Forgotten Conservative Thinkers The Right - “A polity of such geopolitical importance would surely be expected to have birthed an intellectual reaction to the French Revolution that was comparable to its formidable military response.” Dan Mikhaylov 6/1/2021
Buy Out the Settlers The Center - “The United States can offer a very innovative solution to a seemingly intractable conflict: Pay Israel to withdraw its settlers.” Michael D. Purzycki 5/22/2021
The Cult of Democracy The Right - “The bigger the election’s participation, the bigger the mandate, and so universal suffrage elections have grown into unwieldy, ugly beasts.” Matthew Wardour 5/21/2021