Review: Jamal Greene’s “How Rights Went Wrong” The Center - “Greene uses abortion jurisprudence as a real-world example of how American law’s approach to rights has gone wrong—and has helped split us up into warring tribes competing for a zero-sum rights pie.” Thomas Koenig 4/10/2021
DEI: a Trojan Horse for Critical Social Justice in Science The Center - “As a result, the time has come for scientists to place themselves on the right side of history and reject Critical Social Justice in science as well as its Trojan Horse, DEI as it is currently justified and conceived.” Charles Pincourt 4/8/2021
Preparing for the Work Only Humans Can Do The Center - “Merisotis has written extensively about higher education and the future of work, but Human Work is a departure from much of his past writing.” Peter Clarke 4/7/2021
Penn’s Imprisoned Black “Guinea Pigs” Deserve an Apology and Reparations First-Person - “Upon my father’s return, I was shocked by the change in his appearance. His arms and back were a series of scars and discolored blotches.” Adrianne Jones-Alston 4/6/2021
Growing Up with the Intellectual Dark Web The Center - “It was around that time that I, a decidedly aimless and apathetic 15-year-old, would stumble upon a still somewhat blossoming The Rubin Report, along with The Joe Rogan Experience and Sam Harris’ podcast Making Sense.” Jordan Stout 4/6/2021
Where Race and Language Meet The Center - “Dropping one term in favor of another will not, by itself, solve any great problem, but it can make finding a solution a bit more likely.” Michael D. Purzycki 4/3/2021
Understanding the Mind of a Rioter The Center - “This tendency to equate nuanced thinking and nonviolence with a lack of political conviction is typical of radicals.” Gerfried Ambrosch 4/1/2021
When They Say Abortion and Capital Punishment Are One and the Same The Center - “One cannot help but wonder if this is little more than a tactic adopted by supporters of abortion to seek to discredit pro-life activists by implying that their entire worldview rests on a contradiction.” Erich J. Prince 3/31/2021
Rialpolitik: The New Iranian Dealmakers The Center - “Policy towards Iran must be suited not to religious ideologues who happen to be flush with petrocash but, rather, to racketeers who happen to be religious ideologues.” Vahaken Mouradian 3/30/2021
The Civic Moment The Center - “Instead, we should follow President Biden and Gorman’s lead and frame our political debate and public discourse within an overarching language of civic virtue.” David Civil 3/30/2021
Joe Biden: the New Face for Much of the Same on Immigration The Left - “Democrats have long gotten away with murder this way, shaking migrant hands in public view while mercilessly oppressing them out of sight.” Daniel Melo 3/27/2021
Is Joe Biden the Future of Liberalism? Let’s Hope So The Center - “Will the Democrats prove captive to cultural grievance, identity politics, anti-racism, and the like? Or will they throw their lot in with Biden-style moderates…” Thomas Koenig 3/24/2021
Flexible Government Is Good Government The Center - “When to allow discretion on the part of public servants is not an easy question to answer.” Michael D. Purzycki 3/21/2021
Europe’s Descent into Wokeness The Center - “In Austria, for example, police have shot a dozen people since 2008; none of them were black.” Gerfried Ambrosch 3/16/2021
Let’s Make the Founders Less Unique The Center - “If our halls of power are rife with mini Aaron Burrs, what does that say about us?” Thomas Koenig 3/15/2021
Is Jordan Peterson Doomed by Liberalism Itself? The Right - “The publication of Peterson’s latest book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is an opportunity to reflect on the impact this man has had on the cultural debate…” Henry George 3/14/2021