The Politicians Who Almost Never Were

“Although these no doubt play a role, even a cursory glance at recent election results (not to mention those of the past) makes clear that variables beyond the control of the candidate are often determinative, as well as that the best man does not necessarily win.”

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Social Justice Segregationism: Is Separate More Equal After All?

These claims put forward by critical social justice-oriented scholars and educationists all lead to the same conclusion: educational justice for black and OC students begins with schools or classrooms segregated by race and ethnicity.”

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The Sophistry of the New Right Activism

“Rufo’s ‘New Right Activism’ is not the prescription of one who, following Socrates, seeks to be virtuous, but rather one who, following Faust, sacrifices his soul to achieve victory.”

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On the Redundancy of the Terms “Right” and “Left”

(The opening of the Estates-General of 1789. Isidore-Stanislas Helman/Public Domain)

Is there anyone who can give a clear definition of Leftist or Rightist doctrine with which even half of those who consider themselves to be on the Left or the Right would agree? I am inclined to doubt it…”

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To Give Ukrainians Justice, Look to Nuremberg

(The Nuremberg Trials)

“While allies should provide Ukraine with the resources needed to push as far toward the Russian border as possible, they should also start to think about post-war justice. Resolving the war will involve more than just agreeing to where lines are drawn on a map.”

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Young Voters Do Not Belong Inevitably to the Left

(Luis Robayo/AFP via Getty Images)

However, outside of the contemporary United States and United Kingdom, a look at the composition of certain right-of-center political movements casts doubt on the reflexive association many hold between young people and voting for the Left.”

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“Neoliberalism” Is a Delusion of Marxists

(President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher)

“I have written previously that much of this ‘neoliberal’ nightmare is a myth, not because the world is without problems, but because the problems of the world are much too multifaceted, internally complex, and situationally unique for each problem to regarded as just another mutation of an invincible neoliberal virus replicating across the globe.”

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A Warning From South Africa

(The July, 2021 protests and looting in response to the imprisonment of former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma)

One might notice that unlike in the 1990s, apart from a few occasional flare-ups, the struggle is no longer primarily between Xhosa and Zulu, or any African ethnicity for that matter. A crusade against whiteness had united black South Africans who would otherwise have been fighting among themselves.”

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“Systemic Racism” Is the Biggest Conspiracy Theory of Them All

(Clay Banks/Unsplash)

The reason, as we will shortly see, that it is fair to characterize systemic racism as a nutty and sweeping conspiracy theory is that racism is, again and again, simply assumed to be the universal, underlying, unitary cause of multifarious phenomena for which other, more parsimonious, accurate, and complex explanations are blithely ignored or dismissed.”

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Taiwan and World War III

(Jason Lee/Reuters)

The question of Taiwan is never far from the Chinese President’s thoughts, and nor should it be far from ours. The fortunes of the world rest on that island. No conflict in Eastern Europe or the Middle East is as likely to spiral into a global war.”

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Yes, January 6th Was an Insurrection

(President Donald Trump speaks to supporters on January 6, 2021 (Evan Vucci/AP))

The attempted insurrection by President Trump and his supporters had failed. But make no mistake: The violent events of January 6th were the direct result of a deliberate months-long campaign by President Trump to overturn illegally an election that he did not win.”

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