In Defense of My Work Critical of Jordan Peterson The Left - “The irony of this exchange is it has only reinforced my opinion that Peterson’s political rhetoric often has a stultifying impact on sincere intellectual debates.“ Matt McManus 3/28/2020
When We Imbue the Stock Market with Religious Properties The Left - “These things seem all too familiar when thinking about a somewhat abstract entity with arguably outsized power over billions of people’s lives when—on a whim—it decides to violently go ‘up’ or ‘down.'” Néstor de Buen 3/27/2020
In Reply to Ben Burgis: Capitalism, Socialism, and Marx The Center - “…one can go into business with the long-term goal of instituting a worker co-op. But the first and most fundamental aim is to supply the market with something consumers want, in as profitable a way as possible.” Jonathan Church 3/26/2020
Nietzsche and Godless Post-Modernity The Left - “All of this culminated in the works of Nietzsche, who rejected the ontological and moral truths of monotheism, while retaining their stress on individualism.” Matt McManus 3/25/2020
Balance Is Needed in the Fight Against the Coronavirus The Center - “Since there is no vaccine coming anytime soon, the only way to properly handle this pandemic at this time is to allow the population to develop natural immunity to it in a controlled manner that avoids overloading the healthcare system.” Joshua Leichtberg, M.D. 3/24/2020
Robin DiAngelo Is Correct about the Psychic Weight of Race The Center - “Although one empirical study indicates that whiteness may not be as invisible to white people as is assumed, DiAngelo is not widely off the mark about the psychological advantages of being white.” Jonathan Church 3/24/2020
Margaret Thatcher, Libertarianism, and the Etherization of the Single Tax The Center - “Margaret Thatcher was a self-described libertarian from that era. She did something quite different with the single tax problem; she altered the class structure of the country.” Darren Iversen 3/23/2020
Where Social Justice Activists Persuade Me—and Where They Don’t The Center - “What follows are examples of topics where SJ/DEI activists have persuaded me, where they haven’t, and where they have led me to fresh, if heterodox, insights.” David Ferrero 3/20/2020
Erdoğan and Taking Advantage of Europe’s “Pathological Altruism” The Right - “For them, the feelings of guilt over Europe’s past seemed to require inviting in the world to redeem Europe of its sins. Erdoğan is playing on this fear by referring to the Greeks as Nazis, attempting to destabilize the collective psyche of the European leadership.” Henry George 3/19/2020
Three Lessons from Nine Years of Conflict in Syria The Center - “However much Americans and their leaders may want to turn away from wars and atrocities geographically far away, sooner or later they will be impacted by them, usually in a jarring and harmful way.” Michael D. Purzycki 3/18/2020
The Coronavirus: Exacerbated by Cultural Pathology The Center - “Make no mistake; we are in a war, and wars tend to be easier to win when it is generally acknowledged that they are happening.” Allen Farrington 3/17/2020
The Critics of “Social Justice,” from Jonah Goldberg to Jordan Peterson The Left - “The conservative critiques of social justice are, therefore, wrong on two different fronts.” Néstor de Buen 3/17/2020
Going Deeper Than a Famous Quotation or Two The Center - “By inviting further exploration of a quotation’s origin, we might re-discover great and complicated thinkers, who, it turns out, have far more to offer than a single phrase.” Erich J. Prince 3/16/2020
Hannah Arendt’s Concept of “Impotent Bigness” The Left - “Impotent bigness uses empty violence to lash out against the vulnerable to compensate for its own utter inability to change the world in any meaningful way. “ Matt McManus 3/16/2020
At the Border with Reality: the Coronavirus in Italy and Memes The Left - “Italy, the first European country to close its links with China, also became the first nation in Europe in terms of the numbers infected. With this development came the tragic counterbalance of being transformed in one fell swoop from repellers to rejected.” Nello Barile 3/14/2020
Why Millennials Are Angry The Left - “Millennials occupy the rather strange position of being both an angry and apathetic generation.” Matt McManus 3/12/2020
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