Excerpt: “Heal Your Daughter” The Center - “As one example, some time in 2018 and 2019, many of the young people in my practice suddenly started reporting gender dysphoria and declaring themselves trans. Charismatic social media stars were effectively saying: ‘If you don’t fit in, if you don’t like your body, then you’re trans. Everything will get better after you transition.'” Cheryl Green 4/30/2023
Review: “Uncommon Wrath” by Josiah Osgood The Center - “[Josiah] Osgood’s book is a welcome and exciting read about the rivalry between Caesar and Cato; Cato, in the process, finally receives some much-deserved due in the story of the republic’s final decades.” Paul Krause 4/29/2023
On Literary Science and the Bounds of Knowledge The Left - “But philistinism is not limited to the arts. I believe that those who cannot appreciate the wondrous beauty of the real world as revealed by science are philistines, too.” Daniel Sharp 4/27/2023
Do They Really Believe in Eugenics? The Right - “While denouncing the eugenics movement, one must also recognize that its repudiation by the progressive mainstream signals the rise of a self-centered ethos that is destructive in its own right.” Guzi He 4/13/2023
Review: “How Hitchens Can Save the Left” by Matt Johnson The Left - “[Matt] Johnson believes that by adopting [Christopher] Hitchens’s approach—his allergy to party politics, his hatred of racism and nationalism, his emphasis on pluralism and humanism—the contemporary left will not just benefit at the ballot box but will also benefit morally and intellectually.” Riley Moore 4/12/2023
Review: “The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On ‘Liberal’ as an Adjective” by Michael Walzer The Right - “Reading between the lines, we learn in fact that [Michael] Walzer believes that the Right, wrong in its continuing adherence to capitalism, but correct in its eschewal of intellectual fashion, currently has a monopoly on political wisdom.” Seamus Flaherty 4/11/2023
Prelude to War: Lessons from the Second Spanish Republic The Right - “The Second Spanish Republic has many parallels with modern American politics. Much like its counterparts in Spain, the American left of today is no less preoccupied with terraforming the cultural landscape.” Guzi He 3/21/2023
Would Socrates Be Anti-Woke? A Stoic Critique of Identity Politics The Center - “For the Stoic, however, personal identity is not a fragmented life of intersecting cultural identities but rather a holistic and unified embodiment of rationality endowed by nature.” Jonathan Church 3/19/2023
Review: Spencer Klavan’s “How To Save The West” The Right - “Being a classicist and student of Greek philosophy, Klavan turns to his education to solve these philosophical dilemmas.” Tyler Hummel 3/14/2023
Review: Waller Newell’s “Tyranny and Revolution: Rousseau to Heidegger” The Center - “Beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, proceeding through the luminaries of German Idealism and Romanticism—climaxing with Hegel—then marching beyond Hegel to Marx, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, Newell gives a reading of philosophy gone wrong.” Paul Krause 3/8/2023
Marxism Has Been No Deliverer from Ethnic Strife The Right - “Any utopian project that tolerates humanity’s diverse values and identities only to the extent that they help advance a narrowly defined vision of progress can only end in indiscriminate violence.” Guzi He 3/4/2023
Review: Carl Trueman’s “Strange New World” The Right - “It bears repeating that this is a very good book. Trueman performs a thorough but concise excavation of the intellectual, philosophical, and metaphysical currents that he sees as moving below the crashing waves of our present cultural storm.” Henry George 2/21/2023
From Tanks to Think Tanks The Right - “One can judge the winds of change in foreign policy by the sudden proliferation of think tanks piping up and stating the obvious. There are tanks and think tanks and, despite the commitment of the Leopards, it may be the think tanks that are gaining the upper hand.” Brian Patrick Bolger 2/18/2023
Review: Bowen Blair’s “A Force for Nature” The Center - “Nancy Russell was one of those great heroines whose quest to save the Columbia Gorge in Oregon serves as an inspirational tale that embodies the best of American grit and determination.” Paul Krause 2/10/2023
How Enmity Imperils Liberal Democracy The Center - “Rather than calm debates about policy and its implications, both good and bad, we now live in a political era defined by emotion, where political discussions mutate into threats to our personal and group safety.” Sam Mace 2/8/2023
The Value in Reading Byung-Chul Han The Right - “Han occupies a somewhat unique position in today’s world that defies typical Right-Left categorization. This is partly because of Han’s bridging of multiple worlds: East and West; art and philosophy; theology and politics.” Josh Pauling 1/22/2023