Excerpt: “Moral Courage: 19 Profiles of Investigative Journalists” The Left - “To understand India’s slippery descent, one should read the reportage of Neha Dixit, a 37-year-old New Delhi-based freelance journalist.” Anthony Feinstein 11/21/2023
The Press Mustn’t Ignore America’s Gang Crisis The Center - “There is a formula—unfortunately, I have noticed—when it comes to many in the reality-denying national press: Make a few accurate micro-points but use them to arrive at a conclusion that no reasonable person should believe.” Erich J. Prince 11/17/2023
Excerpt: “Getting Elected Is the Easy Part” The Left - “Although an overt threat is never clearly articulated, the potential for serious political consequences makes it all the more trepidatious to consider crossing the aisle on a big bill where every vote is counted and closely watched.” Karen Keiser 11/16/2023
What One Must Understand about the New Israel War The Right - “The ‘peace process’ and the ‘two-state solution’ are other thought clichés that must be questioned because ultimately whoever speaks of these, or even more generally of a ‘political settlement,’ has not understood the conflict at all.” Benedict Beckeld 11/11/2023
The Problems with Diversity Training The Center - “This is an admirable aim, but there is just one big problem: Diversity training is not working.” Jonathan Church 11/8/2023
Why I Left the Democratic Party to Support Donald Trump The Right - “I realized that if my Columbia education were to have any meaning, I would have to be bold and risk my music career and go public with my support of President Trump, who was the President of the United States at the time of my graduation in 2017.” Tony D. Senatore 11/5/2023
Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Vision of the American Dream The Center - “I was not there at the Memorial in the sweltering heat and humidity of Washington. I saw it through the magic of our black-and-white Muntz television set in my family’s Italian tavern in Cleveland, Ohio.” Bruno V. Manno 10/23/2023
Urgently Reconsidering the Doctrine of Multiculturalism The Right - “As is sadly often the case, it is only when an issue becomes overwhelmingly acute or when it is too late to correct course, that those once derided as alarmists are dutifully acknowledged to have been correct all along.” Erich J. Prince 10/21/2023
Harvard Needs to Be Consistent on the Virtue of Free Speech The Center - “As my co-author Kai Whiting and I argue in an upcoming book…free speech debates have become not simply a matter of whether or to what extent certain ideas should be banished from the public domain, but why, how, and for whom they should be restricted.” Jonathan Church 10/16/2023
Incurious: George and the Postcolonialists The Center - “Schwartz-DuPre is dedicated to putting an end to the idea that Curious George is nothing more than an amusing story.” Melissa Knox 9/27/2023
The Russo-Ukrainian War: A Very Simple Conflict The Left - “The Rada’s final decree is a reproach to all those who think of Ukraine as nothing more than an appendage of Russia, without a culture and a history of its own.” Daniel Sharp 8/29/2023
What Socrates Can Teach Us about Political Discourse The Center - “Rather than treating the other in a Socratic manner—which is to say, as a partner in the communal quest for truth—the polemicist roundly delegitimizes the other and reduces him to an ‘adversary, an enemy, who is wrong and whose very existence constitutes a threat.'”    James M. Magrini 8/27/2023
Plato and the Pursuit of Justice The Center - “Those who do not make justice the central concern for Plato are not talking about Plato at all.” Paul Krause 7/11/2023
Excerpt: “How Hitchens Can Save the Left” The Left - “When he saw his old left-wing comrades busily hatching excuses for neutrality as Slobodan Milošević waged war on Bosnia, he realized that much of the Left was either indifferent about this confrontation or on the wrong side.” Matt Johnson 6/13/2023
Heidegger and Nazism: The Philosophy of Being and the Politics of National Socialism The Center - “I argue against the apologetics of the sycophantic defenders of Heidegger who claim that his involvement with National Socialism is wholly reducible to his political naïveté, which includes his gross overestimation of philosophy’s power to sway and influence the development of Germany’s ‘political’ history.” James M. Magrini 6/12/2023
Black War Cinema and the Representation Paradox The Right - “For all of their insistence on cultural revolution, progressives are not yet ready to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” Guzi He 6/8/2023