How Online Meme Culture Fails the Left The Left - “As such, it is not simply the case that coherent political dialogue is difficult via the Internet; it is difficult, in large part, because of the Internet…” Mike Watson 10/28/2020
Stop Saying Biden Is “A Lot like Trump” on China The Center - “All the headlines about how we will see a continuation of President Trump’s China policies under a potential Biden administration ignore their radically divergent views about the United States’ role in the world.” Matt Johnson 10/27/2020
Jordan Peterson and the Return of Solzhenitsyn The Right - “The world was on this brink of this fiery hell when Jordan Peterson read Solzhenitsyn and began to turn from despair toward hope.” Jim Proser 10/26/2020
Paging Mr. Moynihan The Center - “We can only hope that Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s approach to politics will be rediscovered. Books like American Burke should function as essential guides in this most necessary search.” Thomas Koenig 10/21/2020
On Donald Trump, the Person The Left - “Throughout my writings on post-modern conservatism, I have generally avoided discussing President Donald Trump’s personality.” Matt McManus 10/20/2020
Patrick Deneen: Grappling with the Failures of Liberalism The Right - “This conquest of the engines of social formation is, as Patrick Deneen argues, why liberalism is failing.” Henry George 10/16/2020
That Day The Center - “Ten years ago I received a call from my father, Mario Vargas Llosa, telling me that he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature.” Álvaro Vargas Llosa 10/16/2020
America at the End of History The Center - “The universal end-state society, Kojève argued, was the society in which any individual could attain what he desired with ease and without opposition…” Paul Krause 10/15/2020
The Problems with Porn The Center - “And whether or not one believes that sex is sacred, it is hard to deny that the porn industry has commodified sex in ways that rid it of all that made it human.” Galen Watts 10/15/2020
Pharmakon V: Culture Wars—Trickle-Down Economics vs. Trickle-Down Morality The Left - “Without this circumspection, advocacy appears heavy-handed, tone-deaf, mistimed, and ultimately self-defeating, to the detriment of the downtrodden.” Duluxan Sritharan 10/14/2020
Van Morrison’s “Dangerous” Songs The Right - “But, furthermore, there is virtue in urging society to introspection over blind obedience to narratives.” Christian Watson 10/13/2020
How to Be a Non-Racist The Center - “Non-racism, thus understood, implies colorblindness, not in the sense of literally not seeing skin color, but in the sense of treating it as insignificant.” Gerfried Ambrosch 10/12/2020
Ten Books Every Progressive Should Read to Understand the Right The Left - “One question I am often asked by engaged leftists is what texts are most helpful for understanding the political right.” Matt McManus 10/8/2020
Patrick Deneen: A Primer The Right - “Or is man—like some argue of Odysseus—a restless seeker of new places, people, and experiences?” Henry George 10/5/2020
A Vision for Human Flourishing The Center - “Just like we would not accept the transportation technology of the 1800’s, we should not compulsorily accept archaic attitudes toward work, education, possessions, and leisure.” Peter Clarke 10/4/2020
The Crowding out of a Humanities Education The Left - “Taken to its logical apotheosis, this trend all but guarantees that the humanities—philosophy, literature, journalism, etc.—will become the exclusive domain of the economic elite.” Néstor de Buen and Conrad Hamilton 10/3/2020
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