Incentivizing Sick People to Come to Work Spreads Illness The Left People should support labor policies such as paid time off based on nothing but concern for their own health and well-being. Vaughn Campbell 1/18/2018
Senate Progressives Are Hypocrites on Healthcare Lobbying The Center Liberal opinion: Elizabeth Warren and other prominent Democratic Senators are hypocrites on the healthcare industry. Patrick Carr 1/18/2018
I Didn’t Vote for Donald Trump. Now I Wish I Had The Right A “Never Trumper” has a change of heart. Alex Baltzegar 1/14/2018
Bitcoin: Four Contrarian Perspectives The Center A Nobel Laureate economist, the next Chairman of the Fed, an investment banker and a legendary investor weigh in on the Bitcoin phenomenon. Henri Mattila 1/13/2018
Opposing View: The Necessity of “Legislating Morality”  The Right “The law in a democracy is never potent in a vacuum. It must work in concert with the people.” Christopher Baldacci 1/12/2018
An Interview with Geoff Duncan: Pitcher, Businessman, and Now Candidate for Lt. Governor The Right “I want to create a culture in Georgia as Lieutenant Governor that rewards good policy over good politics.” Henri Mattila 1/11/2018
Public Policy Expert: Political Engagement Is Key to “Climate Justice” The Left “Engaging with domestic politics is crucial to our collective response to global environmental change and other social justice issues.” Prakash Kashwan 1/9/2018
The Left’s Silence on Iran Is Shameful The Right Most of Western media, leftist politicians, and feminist organizations have been largely silent on the recent protests in Iran. Sadly, this was to be expected. Henry George 1/8/2018
An Interview with Anti-Aging’s Pioneer The Center “This field is still considered by most to be something that is not really science, something that is not really possible, and we really have to change that.” Erich J. Prince 1/8/2018
Monopoly Miseducation The Right In my class, I often see students equate large firms with monopolies based solely on their size or perceived “dominance” of an industry. Levi Russell 1/5/2018
Interview with a Centrist Former Member of Congress The Center “It’s been proven that the more centrists there are in Congress, the more bills get passed and are enacted into law.” Erich J. Prince 1/4/2018