Wessie du Toit: When a Society Decenters Leisure The Center - “Meaningful work is as important to life as leisure, I think. I just think that we’ve lost the balance.” Erich J. Prince 11/25/2023
Patrick Deneen: “Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future” The Right - “The so-called conservative movement of the 1980s was anything but conservative.” Henry George 11/3/2023
Dr. Cheryl Green: What’s Ailing Young Women The Center - “The most common precursor of gender dysphoria, though, seems to be intense social media use. The gender dysphoria more often seems to stem from that rather than from the home.” Emeline Torrens 10/26/2023
Samuel G. Freedman: What a Young Hubert Humphrey Can Teach Us The Left - “Humphrey’s insurgency at the convention basically lashed Truman to the mast of [Humphrey’s] own civil rights agenda. And desegregating the armed forces was arguably the single most important civil rights cause of that moment in time.” Erich J. Prince 9/16/2023
Matt Johnson: “How Hitchens Can Save the Left” The Left - “There really hasn’t been anybody like him since he passed…This is why there are these long compilations of ‘Hitchslaps’ on YouTube. It’s why most of the tributes to him focus on his rhetorical prowess—and just his brilliance on the debate stage.” Erich J. Prince 9/14/2023
Paul Gottfried: Understanding the Rich History of Paleoconservatism The Right - “Why is it more important to believe in my right to own a gun if I say it is a ‘human right’ or something like that then if I say it is a right which was given to free Englishmen in the Middle Ages and which is valued as a legacy of freedom for the […] Henry George 8/31/2023
Clay Routledge: Breaking Ground in Psychology, Outside of the Academy The Center - “Regulating your own emotions is something most people are capable of doing…It doesn’t require you constantly expressing [a problem], thinking about it, [and] sharing it with everyone…There’s something about not fixating too much on your own problems and really dwelling on them but, instead, doing something.” Erich J. Prince 7/7/2023
Shawne Merriman: From the NFL to “Xtreme Fighting” The Center - “One thing I’ve learned [from] being in combat sports is that it’s internationally watched everywhere, in every country.” Erich J. Prince 6/17/2023
Lawrence M. Krauss: The Fundamental Questions of Science The Center - “The great thing is the universe is as amazing as it is without all of the fairytales. The universe is far more amazing than anything that has come up in any scriptural book because the imagination of nature is much greater than the imagination of human beings.” Daniel Sharp 6/7/2023
Waller Newell: The Characteristics of Tyranny The Center - “We will be nothing like the way we are now. It will be like a night and day transformation. And it always does require violence because, as you said, that class or race enemy that stands in the way of future bliss simply has to be gotten rid of.” Erich J. Prince 5/31/2023
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar: Iraq, 20 Years After the Fall of Baghdad The Center - “There is a lot of hope. Every time I go there and meet with the new generation, I think that they definitely want for their country to be a successful one. And that’s the conversation in Iraq. Most people have now forgotten about the war.” Erich J. Prince 5/12/2023
Death Is Not Inevitable: Sitting Down with Zoltan Istvan The Center - “I’d be very surprised if a super intelligent AI a thousand years from now cannot recreate everything. Also, like so many other people, including Elon, I believe there’s probably a 50% chance we’re in a simulation. So, that would defeat the idea of death as well.” Peter Clarke 4/28/2023
Tabia Lee: What Happened at De Anza College The Center - “There [are] ways to teach about the past that are humanistic; that are agency-focused; and that are focused on generative things rather than destructive things—rather than dismantling things and tearing things down with no plan forward of what happens after the destruction.” Erich J. Prince 4/18/2023
John Cribb: What We Can Learn from Abraham Lincoln The Center - “All of the sudden, I was on the phone with Mike Pence… ‘I just finished Old Abe last night, and I had to track you down and tell you how much I loved it, and it’s the best book about Lincoln I’ve ever read.’ And, for ten minutes, he just wanted to talk about Lincoln.” Erich J. Prince 3/18/2023
Lance Morrow: “The Noise of Typewriters” The Center - “You could read my book…as a kind of homage to the magazine.” Erich J. Prince 2/12/2023
Mary Harrington: On a Philosophy of Limits The Right - “And my argument is that freedom and progress in the context of the cyborg era are actually inimical to women’s interests. They don’t make things better for any women, except [for] a very small, elite subset.” Henry George 12/7/2022