Dr. Geeta Nayyar: Better Healthcare in a New Era of Tech

Image via apbspeakers.com

“Inevitably, at the end of the ‘myth and disinformation train’ are doctors and nurses cleaning up the mess in the emergency room. There is a potion or snake oil for every ailment, from skincare to curing baldness…”

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Former Congressman Jody Hice: “Sacred Trust”

Obviously elections are political in terms of who wins and loses, but the process should not be political.” 

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Slavoj Žižek: “Christian Atheism: How to Be a Real Materialist”

(Slavoj Žižek in 2015)

“In all other religions, you have people who become atheists. Only in Christianity, God himself goes through this experience.”

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Lord Conrad Black: Insights from the Ancient World

“There is such a thing as progress. I am no Pollyanna, and human nature doesn’t change much, but there’s undoubtedly progress.”

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Grant Havers: The Conservative Tradition in Canada

“Yes, as you mentioned, one of the most interesting findings of Lament for a Nation, which came out in 1965—it’s Grant’s most famous book—is that in Grant’s view, there’s really no such thing as American conservatism.”

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“Godmother of Consumer-Driven Healthcare”: An Interview with Regina Herzlinger

“For example, with a container of yogurt, I know its price, calories, calcium content, and vitamin content. But if I need a hip replacement, I have no data to judge the quality of the physician, hospital, or other sites where the surgery might be performed.”

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Mihai Nadin: Disrupter of Science

(Mihai Nadin)

“[My book seeks to] disrupt science in the sense that it gets us away from the myth that doing more physics and chemistry will be the answer to understanding the living and, in particular, the human being.”

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Daniel A. Cox: Taking the Pulse of Gen Z

(Creative Commons)

“One of the really significant differences in terms of how young people are being raised today and their formative and teens years and previous generations is how slowly they’re reaching major milestones, such as getting married [and] owning a home, the sort of signs of adulthood…”

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Slavoj Žižek: “Freedom: A Disease Without Cure”

(Bloomsbury Press)

“So you see why people are not satisfied: I don’t propose simple solutions. In my old age, I’m returning from Marx to Hegel.”

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