Harris Poll’s Will Johnson: Why Polling Still Matters The Center - “At the end of the day, it’s a pretty simple business that we’re in: We want to understand culture, we want to understand consumers’ thinking, and we’re just trying to answer why’s.” Erich J. Prince 5/3/2022
Stephen Hicks: Lessons from the Canadian Trucker Protest The Center - “Every generation, we need to learn and relearn how thin the line can be between having a basically liberal society and a basically authoritarian society.” Erich J. Prince 2/28/2022
Dwight Evans: The VICTIM Act and Combating Crime The Left - “No one is exempt from being a victim of some sort of crime. And it’s very appropriate that I use that title [of victim] in terms of the VICTIM Act.” Erich J. Prince 2/23/2022
Pat McCrory: How to Get a Handle on the Crime Surge The Right - “My wife and I used to go vacation in San Francisco. We don’t anymore…This is what’s headed toward the rest of the nation.” Erich J. Prince 1/24/2022
James Lindsay: “Counter Wokecraft” and Responses to Institutional Takeover The Center - “You have to have a steel spine in your liberalism. ‘What kind of government did you create, sir?’ ‘We created a republic, if [you] can keep it.’ The ‘if you can keep it’ part requires a steel spine.” Erich J. Prince 1/19/2022
Finland, Russia, and the NATO Question: An Interview with Risto Penttilä The Center - ” I think that we are, as always, pragmatic idealists.” Henri Mattila 1/16/2022
Peter Boghossian: On the Purpose of Education The Center - “It’s not that there’s anything wrong with debate. In fact, debate, in certain circumstances, can be good, but we can often solve the problems…through conversation.” Vahaken Mouradian 1/13/2022
Magatte Wade: The Power of Free Markets for Africa The Center - “Eventually, I had an emotional crisis because I could no longer reconcile the life of abundance that the U.S. afforded me. I made a pact with myself that from here on, I’m really going to try to see what needs to happen for [Africa] to thrive.” Andrew Scott 1/9/2022
Frank Vogl: Understanding the Kleptocrats and Their Enablers The Center - “Too often, people think of corruption as something that happens somewhere else: in Russia, in authoritarian regimes.” Andrew Scott 12/29/2021
Video: Merion West Co-Founders Speak at Alma Mater The Center - Henri Mattila and Erich Prince tell the story of Merion West. Henri Mattila & Erich J. Prince 12/13/2021
Sean Spicer: The Steele Dossier and “Radical Nation” The Right - “I got the call on January 10th [2017] from CNN and then BuzzFeed about them running with this hoax. I pointed out at the time that it was wrong. I could demonstrably prove it was wrong. And yet, they stuck by it…” Erich J. Prince 11/26/2021
Anne Kim: The AP Exam and the Standardized Testing Debate The Left - “I think the downside of going test-optional, the downside of ignoring what assessments tell you, means that you might end up ignoring the underlying structural problems and never fixing the inequities.” Erich J. Prince 11/5/2021
Fixing California’s Housing Crisis: An Interview with Nolan Gray The Center - “To understand how land use regulation can help save California from the dystopian future it is currently facing, I spoke with Nolan Gray, an urban planner and outspoken land use policy wonk.” Peter Clarke 8/26/2021
Kay Hymowitz: The Devaluation of Higher Education The Center - “This brings in the status issue again, doesn’t it? Because there are so many careers that people just wouldn’t consider because how would they tell their friends?” Erich J. Prince 7/28/2021
Edward J. Watts: Dissecting the Rhetoric of Decline The Center - “But one of the dangers is it’s very easy when there is change that makes someone uncomfortable to immediately say that this is a society that’s in decline and to blame somebody for causing it.” Johanna Leo 7/22/2021
Kai Whiting: Clearing up Misconceptions about Stoicism The Center - “The other fans that have a dangerously inaccurate idea about what it means to be Stoic are the ‘Broics.'” Johanna Leo 7/12/2021