Libertarians Are Going Nowhere, But Their Ideas Are The Right - In many ways, libertarians can rest happily knowing that their ideas are winning, even if their candidates are not. Eddie Ferrara 2/25/2018



School Walkouts Solve Nothing The Right - We are trusting a population that cannot vote in our society to lead informed debate on one of the nation’s most complex policy issues. Joel Gillison 2/24/2018
The Importance of Transgender Representation in Politics The Left - The election of transgender politicians to public office can effectively mobilize transgender individuals to become more politically active and engaged in the political process. Adam Seltzer 2/23/2018
In Defense of the Term “Resistance” The Left - “Far from being a detriment to democracy, resistance to a dictator-lite like President Trump is essential to saving it.” Henry Glitz 2/21/2018
On Minimum Wage, Progressive Conservatives Miss the Mark The Right - Concerning the Ontarian minimum wage, the lesser of two bad ideas is still a bad idea. James Paron 2/21/2018
Atlanta Area DA: We Need to Do Something about Gangs The Center - Criminal street gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, yet the mainstream media gives almost no attention to the issue. Vic Reynolds and Michael Scott Carlson 2/20/2018
America Has a Pornography Problem The Right - Objectifying women, exploiting performers abused as children, and wasting billions of hours per year, pornography is an underrated threat to our society. Alex Baltzegar 2/19/2018
Conservative Reactions to Professor’s Autism Comments Are Hypocritical The Left - Conservative students display the very immaturity they accuse liberal students of. Duke University conservatives, the same people frequently advocating on behalf of “free speech,” demand a professor be punished for using language they find offensive. Henry Glitz 2/19/2018
Interview: Businessman John Kingston is Running for Senate The Right - If you like the “get it down,” boot-skewered style of Charlie Baker, you should send me to Washington. But if you like the divisive, polarizing approach of Senator Warren, by all means, re-elect her. Michael Desantis 2/18/2018
The Pay Gap Is Real, but Blame Gender Roles The Left - Maybe the wage gap is not about sexism in the workplace. It probably has more to do with our society’s different expectations for men and women when it comes to childcare. Ashley Wang 2/17/2018
The “Pay Gap” Is a Myth The Right - Even if the pay gap did exist, it would not be the job of the federal government to try to eliminate it. Nikhil Sridhar 2/17/2018
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