Baking Cakes and Religious Liberty The Right Would you force Muslim bakers to make cakes trashing the Koran or a black baker to make a cake promoting white supremacy? Tyler Olson 6/27/2017
Two Years Later, Obergefell v. Hodges Is Still the Wrong Decision The Right Until very recently, no society in human history has equated same-sex marriage with traditional marriage. Matthew Jacobs 6/27/2017
Are Republicans Becoming Progressives? The Right If Republicans don’t start to stand up for conservative principles, the United States is going to have two major political parties, and both will be progressive. Alex Baltzegar 6/27/2017
Two Years Ago Today, Same-Sex Marriage Became Legal in the U.S. The Left On the anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, deconstructing the common arguments against same-sex marriage. Ben Katzman 6/26/2017
Enough with Bashing Refugees Online The Left YouTube aimed to raise awareness about the lives of individual refugees to put faces to statistics. The online community responded with insults and negativity. Alexa Boncimino 6/26/2017
When CEOs Get Booted from Their Own Companies Beyond Politics Just because you founded the company does not guarantee that you can continue to lead it once outside investors come in. Arin Gerald 6/26/2017
Here’s What Senate Republicans Want to Do with Healthcare The Center Can Republican leadership get both the Senate’s conservative and moderate wings behind its new healthcare plan? Joel Gillison 6/23/2017
Singapore: A Great Economy But No Free Speech The Center Does Singapore’s lack of civil liberties have a relationship to its economic success? Avneesh Moghe 6/23/2017
President Trump’s Cuba Policy 101 The Right Here are the basics of the President’s new approach to Cuba. Nick Wukoson 6/22/2017
Michelle Carter Deserved Her Sentence The Center The only so-called “freedom” an American citizen will lose from this verdict is the previously-unchallenged freedom to try your hardest to make those who love you die. Cassie Kuhn 6/22/2017
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