How Consistently Enforcing Laws Can Remedy Mass Incarceration The Right - Discriminatory laws aren’t the cause behind mass incarceration. Laws in general are not enforced as much as they should be, and people have lost respect for the justice system. Alex Baltzegar 3/15/2018



Senator Sam Nunn: Ensuring We Continue to Avoid Nuclear War The Left - Sam Nunn, Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Igor Ivanov make their pitch for ensuring security in the Post–Cold War world. Senator Sam Nunn 3/14/2018
Five Reasons to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s The Right - From supporting cop killers to bankrolling abortion providers, buying Ben & Jerry’s should disturb your conscience. Alex Baltzegar 3/14/2018
Duverger’s Speed Bump The Center - Independent votes aren’t determined by choosing the lesser of evils. It’s long-term strategy. Dale Ritchie 3/13/2018
DA Larry Krasner’s Move to Not Require Cash Bail for Misdemeanors Is a Step In the Right Direction The Left - Wealth should not determine whether someone accused of a minor crime is free while they await their due process. Cassie Kuhn 3/10/2018
Why a “Blue Apron” Food Policy Makes No Economic Sense The Right - Economist Levi Russell explains why the proposed restructuring of the largest food assistance program will end up costing more than its probable worth. Levi Russell 3/9/2018
What Government Oppression Really Looks Like: An Interview with Michael Malice The Right - On how Americans talk about their political opponents: “I am delighted by our continued polarization and the fact that each side is unable to communicate with the other.” Alex Baltzegar 3/7/2018
Ben Carson’s Dining Room Set Is the Tip Of The IcebergBen Carson The Right - The HUD Secretary’s outrageous spending on tableware is causing an uproar because of how relatable it is– not its cost. Eddie Ferrara 3/7/2018
An Unlikely Friendship: A Liberal and a Segregationist The Center - “James Strom Thurmond…he was one complex guy. For what else would explain that he asked a guy named Biden from the state of Delaware to be one of his eulogists?” Erich J. Prince 3/5/2018
Is President Trump Really the Worst President in American History? The Right - Why a poll comparing ratings given to the current Commander Chief and his predecessors is inaccurate. Aidan Mattis 3/5/2018
Three Free Speech Myths The Right - Steve Simpson’s guide on how not to defend free speech. Steve Simpson 3/3/2018
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