Interview: Running for Congress as a Communist

Christopher Helali for Congress

“I offer an alternative to liberal-style capitalism or conservative-style capitalism. Both are neoliberal at the end of the day.”

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Joe Biden Only Ostensibly “Has a Plan” for Everything

(REUTERS/Jim Urquhart)

“The Left needs a candidate who really believes in its preferred policies and is not just giving lip service in an attempt to gain its votes.”

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Slavoj Žižek’s Approach—And Progressives Need Not Fall in Line

(Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Žižek’s position was essentially that he could either support Hillary Clinton and, thus, perpetuate the Democratic Party’s impotence—or support Donald Trump and hope that a new Left emerges.”

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The Misleading Claim that Bernie Sanders Is a “Hypocrite”

Actually, Sanders status as a millionaire should calm and console those who believe that he thinks that all wealthy people are evil. His wealth should convince those people that he does believe in a free-market system.”

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