To Be a Caring Conservative

(Source: US Department of Agriculture)

All the while, the existing social safety net—combined with various anti-poverty programs—in the United States already provides for our nation’s poor by offering them an adequate standard of living.”

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Conservatives Are Not the Only Ones Who Ignore “Facts and the Science”

“…this and countless other scientific findings led the President of the American Sociological Association—in his 2005 presidential address—to call upon members to, ‘Prepare to defend against the genomic data juggernaut heading their way down the pike.'”

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In Reply to McManus: Harping on Income Inequality Ignores the Data

“The Economist noted: ‘Just as ideas about inequality have completed their march from the Academy to the frontlines of politics, researchers have begun to look again. And some are wondering whether inequality has risen as much as claimed—or, by some measures, at all.'”

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Letter to the Editor: In Reply to McManus—Markets Are the Better Way

(REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

“Each day, I read an almost endless array of pro-socialist and anti-capitalist articles in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and web sites. Then I ask myself: ‘How could so many bright, well-informed authors be so apparently unaware of the actual realities concerning the history of socialism?'”

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