In Defense of the Term “Resistance” The Left - “Far from being a detriment to democracy, resistance to a dictator-lite like President Trump is essential to saving it.” Henry Glitz 2/21/2018
Conservative Reactions to Professor’s Autism Comments Are Hypocritical The Left - Conservative students display the very immaturity they accuse liberal students of. Duke University conservatives, the same people frequently advocating on behalf of “free speech,” demand a professor be punished for using language they find offensive. Henry Glitz 2/19/2018
Harvard Economist: The Stunning Cost of the War on Drugs The Left - Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron argues that prohibition is among the worst policies for curbing “irrational” drug use. Jeffrey Miron 2/15/2018
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Campus Reform’s Peddling of Misleading Claims Hurts Political Compromise The Left - Watchdog sites matter, but when they work to incite anger and remain unconcerned with reporting truthfully, they do more harm than good. Cassie Kuhn 1/28/2018
The Culture of Machismo in Mexico Harms Women The Left - I was twelve years old, and a man on the street was already verbally harassing me. He looked at me as if I were a juicy steak instead of an innocent child. Veronica Lira Ortiz 1/28/2018
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Incentivizing Sick People to Come to Work Spreads Illness The Left - People should support labor policies such as paid time off based on nothing but concern for their own health and well-being. Vaughn Campbell 1/18/2018
Public Policy Expert: Political Engagement Is Key to “Climate Justice” The Left - “Engaging with domestic politics is crucial to our collective response to global environmental change and other social justice issues.” Prakash Kashwan 1/9/2018