Bring Parole Back to Federal Prisons The Left Federal Prisons have not granted parole since 1987. It’s time to bring parole back. Cassie Kuhn 7/28/2017
Transgender Ban Is Smoke and Mirrors The Left Is the President’s transgender military ban just a distraction from the scandals threatening his administration? Adarsh Venkataraman 7/28/2017
The Existential Threat of Incentives The Left Financial incentives cause companies to invest in making potentially harmful products from artificial intelligence to cigarettes. Ben Katzman 7/24/2017
Betsy DeVos Is No Hero to the Underprivileged The Left Betsy DeVos’ favored policies only hurt the poorest of our communities. Amanda Wilcox 7/18/2017
The Humanity of Animals The Left Freedom cannot exist unless all of us are free, including animals. Anoushka Narenda 7/17/2017
North Korea Is Evil, But So Is Military Action The Left A North Korean invasion would be added to the long list of failed American military efforts.  Adarsh Venkataraman 7/16/2017
Where to Go from Here: Russian Interference The Left Look no further than events in Europe to see how far Russia will go to upset the democratic process in other nations. Vaughn Campbell 7/9/2017
Young People Must Be Required to Buy Insurance The Left States require that people have car insurance. There’s nothing “un-American” about mandating the purchase of health insurance. Amanda Wilcox 7/8/2017
Tough Schools or Tough Families? The Left How do we fix our schools, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods?   Cassie Kuhn 7/7/2017
A Libertarian’s Guide to Foreign Policy The Left “War, and the threat of war, is big government’s best friend.” – Ron Paul Anson Knowles 7/6/2017