Colorado Today: An Interview with Gov. Hickenlooper The Left - “The negative ads we’ve kind of moved into, starting in the nineties, have gotten worse and worse. You never see businesses do attack ads, right? If Coke did an attack ad against Pepsi, Pepsi would have to attack Coke…. You could suppress down an entire product category.” Erich J. Prince 6/14/2018
Glitz: The Problem Goes Deeper than the Cake The Left - “When it comes down to it, most of us realize the cake a Christian baker refuses to bake for a gay couple isn’t just a cake—it stands for so much more.” Henry Glitz 6/14/2018
Part Two: The Argument Against Jordan Peterson The Left - “My suspicion is that many of Peterson’s readers feel an affinity to the advice he offers and so don’t look to question his political commitments that deeply. This is problematic because it leads to deep inconsistencies in doctrine that, if applied as stated, would lead to a rather unusual politics.” Matt McManus 6/8/2018
Interview: Jenny Wilson Wants to Be Utah’s Senator The Left - “People working at the local level are indeed the people who understand how to make the federal government more responsive…” Erich J. Prince 6/4/2018
A Critique of Jordan Peterson The Left - “Why does Peterson get this so wrong? He simply doesn’t care to present a more complex narrative that would problematize his cute and hyperbolic story about the left.” Matt McManus 6/3/2018
A Brief Critique of Originalist Constitutional Histories The Left - The problem for originalists is that there is little truth or historical validity to their argument, which amounts to just a feel-good story of the Constitution’s natural legitimacy. Matt McManus 5/23/2018
I Support Affirmative Action, Even Though It May Hurt Me The Left - “As a person of Indian heritage, I’m willing to lower my odds in November’s game of chance if it makes the admissions process, as a whole, more inclusive.” Parthav Shergill 5/22/2018
Interview with Andrew Yang, 2020 Presidential Candidate The Left - “It is my conviction that we are going through the greatest technological and economic shift in human history, and our political class is completely asleep at the switch.” Henri Mattila 5/9/2018
From Theater Major to NYC Council: An Interview with Jumaane Williams The Left - “I changed my major from theater to film because, in many of my auditions, I was typecast as a drug dealer or a murderer, and that changed my perception of what people thought a black man was.” Erich J. Prince 4/23/2018
Public Schools Need Not Crash The Left - We may need to tap into music, sports, video games and even some street talents to reach some students. Steve Young 4/2/2018