A Defense of the Lonely Senator from Kentucky

Image via grist.org

The Republican Party has been quick to turn against Senator Rand Paul, the only remaining principled conservative left in the Senate. Is this it for the Grand Old Party?

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How Consistently Enforcing Laws Can Remedy Mass Incarceration

Image via cahro.org

Discriminatory laws aren’t the cause behind mass incarceration. Laws in general are not enforced as much as they should be, and people have lost respect for the justice system.

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Is President Trump Really the Worst President in American History?

Why a poll comparing ratings given to the current Commander Chief and his predecessors is inaccurate.

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Confederate Memorials Endorse Treason And Racism

Image via WSJ

Remember, we are all one country now. Dismiss from your mind all sectional feeling, and bring them up to be Americans. Read more

Is it Fair To Call Antifa ‘The Real Fascists’?

Image via Daily Wire

They hope to attach to Antifa the same stigma as is attached to fascism.
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Immigration is Going Down Under, Unless We Follow Australia

Image via Migration Policy Institute

President Trump’s RAISE Act is far from the disaster the mainstream media has made it out to be. Read more