Liberalism and Relativism (Part II)

(Image via The John Locke Foundation)

“The argument that people should value ideals beyond the pursuit of their self-interest and subjective opinion was an elitist way of looking at things, and De Tocqueville’s Americans would have none of it.”

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Liberalism and Relativism (Part I)

Portrait of Thomas Hobbes by John Michael Wright.

“The point of politics can, therefore, never be to try and make individuals act well.  Indeed, for Hobbes the very idea that there is any good or evil beyond our subjective desires is vainglorious and foolish.”

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Politics and Nihilism

“Because the youth of today are primarily taught that the point of life is simply to achieve satisfaction, they are prone to a kind of easy relativism which seeks to not judge between superior or inferior ways of life.”

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The Failure of Nations: A Reply to Henry George

“So claiming that the Nazi’s nationalism and imperialism were exceptional strikes me as untrue. Almost all of the modern nation-states held up as examples made exceptions of Westphalian principles for themselves, often invoking national glory or superiority as an excuse.”

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The Case for Humanity (Part III)

(National Endowment for the Humanities)

“Rather than emphasizing abstract duty like Kant—or God, as Kierkegaard did—Nussbaum maintains that we become who we are through the people we interact with and the projects we are capable of pursuing.”

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The Case for Humanity (Part II)

(General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

And this is the rub of Kant’s political critique of nationalist-type arguments. If the nationalist allows too much deviation from the shared identity of the nation, then his society risks becoming one of liberal individuals.”

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The Case For Humanity (Part I)

“We needn’t regard internationalism as a failed or misguided project, which the 20th century demonstrated was destined for the ash heap of history. Rather we should regard it as our first, clumsy, and tentative steps towards establishing a more complete global union.”

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