Why the Inequality Debate Just Goes ‘Round and ‘Round

And here, perhaps lies the problem: the single tax’s indiscriminate generosity is its undoing. You cannot offer both sides what they want without dissolving the distinction between them.”

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Free Lunch as the Key to a Free Market: a Reply to Jonathan Church

“Thus, in respect to buildings and services, the landlord is selling his or her labour. Part of the rent he or she charges constitutes wages. So far so good, but what about the land component of real estate?”

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Margaret Thatcher, Libertarianism, and the Etherization of the Single Tax

“Margaret Thatcher was a self-described libertarian from that era. She did something quite different with the single tax problem; she altered the class structure of the country.”

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Lord Heseltine Holds Up the Georgist Lens


Michael Heseltine was a minister under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and was heavily involved in urban regeneration (i.e. had direct contact with the economics of infrastructure and land).”

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“Things We Pretend Not to Know”: Douglas Murray and the Futilitarian Paradigm

“Mill is pointing to a driver, perhaps the chief driver of inequality in our economic system. The ‘capital’ that young people today are unable to accumulate is, in fact, land (i.e. location) value.”

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Basic Errors? Winston Churchill Deconstructs Andrew Yang’s UBI

(Ruth Fremson/The New York Times)

The outcome of Andrew Yang’s UBI would be higher rents and, most likely, a property bubble.”

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When Marx Attacked The Single Tax

(Puck magazine, Oct 20, 1886 – Henry George, Mephistopheles of Today – Honest Labor’s Temptation)

Georgism dissolves socialism; it is pro-worker and pro-capital at the same time. This is impossible for the socialist who believes to his core that labor can only win if capital loses.”

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