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As the Leaves Begin to Change

“In that waltz, you find me now/Singing, dancing, with the moon”

As the leaves begin to change

You see my soul start to play

Atop that misty mountain

Gazing out across the bay.


With winds howling at my back

And leaves tumbling in the breeze,

With birds singing in my ears,

And the setting sun, I’m free.


As the leaves begin to change

The world calls us far away

Green grass, red trees, and orange skies

All moving to Beauty’s sway.


In that waltz, you find me now

Singing, dancing, with the moon

While my soul climbs up on high

Always dreaming about you.


Paul Krause is the editor-in-chief of VoegelinView. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love and contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters. He can be found on Twitter @paul_jkrause

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