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The Singular Courage of Tucker Carlson

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In the United States today, this is the language of the revolution’s media advance team. They want to silence one of our most prominent voices of opposition…”

We have reached the point in the United States where publicly stating one’s political opinion is physically dangerous and often socially and professionally suicidal. Bernell Trammell, a 60-year-old black man, was shot to death on July 23rd at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon in front of his Milwaukee store, where he displayed handmade “Re-elect Trump 2020” posters. Recently, he had walked through his neighborhood advocating for various Christian teachings and proclaiming his support for President Donald Trump. Local resident Adebisi Agoro said, “He had a lot of different views, but it was his last view that made people be outrageous with him.”

Trammell was also the target of angry posts on neighborhood Facebook pages, Agoro said. In a recently posted video Trammell himself noted the local attitude toward him that forced him to find a different location to speak openly about his beliefs: “I moved over here because over there, they’re just about ready to kill me.”

Bernell Trammell was correct. In spite of the fact that he was a Black Lives Matter supporter, there was no mention of his brazen daylight murder by Black Lives Matter or their supporters in the media including CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, or The New York Times

In their own versions of murder by media, several of the companies above brazenly attacked 16-year-old Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann for his offense of wearing a red MAGA hat while smiling at a Native American rights aggressor. In the now typical “big lie” style of journalism, Sandmann was falsely accused, vilified, and threatened for attacking the man who confronted him. As final proof of their character assassination slander, CNN and The Washington Post have now settled Sandmann’s defamation lawsuits against them. The other media companies are expected to follow suit.

The physical and media attacks against those thought to be insufficiently woke like Sandmann are increasing in number and violence as liberal politicians, civic leaders, and celebrities continue to condone the violent, political extremism of left-wing activist groups. As the United States’ philosophy, history, and culture suffer from these Marxist-inspired and anarchist-executed attacks, leading public figures who stand for the United States, such as Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson have become prime targets. Carlson’s brand of deeply incisive journalism is now highly dangerous work if we examine the fates of his colleagues in the Marxist cultural revolutions of Cuba and Venezuela. As Victor Davis Hanson writes

“Cultural revolutions are insidious and not just because they seek to change the way people think, write, speak, and act. They are also dangerous because they are fueled by self-righteous sanctimoniousness, expressed in seemingly innocuous terms such as ‘social activism,’ ‘equality,’ and ‘fairness.’…Cubans and Venezuelans got poor and killed; woke Chavezes and Castros got rich and murderous.'”

On his July 20, 2020 broadcast, Carlson reported that The New York Times was apparently keen to dox him and his family. In a strategic parry of pre-emptive doxxing, Carlson exposed the political operative, Murray Carpenter, writing the story for The New York Times. In the same stroke, he admonished the newspaper’s editors for having no journalistic reason to publish his home address, other than attempting to intimidate and “…shut me up.”

If Vice President Biden succeeds in his march to the White House, those of us who think and speak like Carlson will suffer the certain retribution of the candidate’s supporters.

This effort to silence a leading American journalist by The New York Times is the now-silent canary in our coal mine. This is the language of blood politics. This is the language of every third-world despot. This is the language of Marxist revolutionaries around the world for the last 100 years. In the United States today, this is the language of the revolution’s media advance team. They want to silence one of our most prominent voices of opposition on their way to a coronation of their stuttering puppet, former Vice President Joe Biden.

When I say doxxing a prominent journalist is the language of blood politics, please consider this 2019 statement by the secretary-general Christophe Deloire of Reporters Without Borders, an organization that monitors the safety of reporters around the world:

“We welcome the unprecedented fall in the number of journalists killed in war zones but, at the same time, more and more journalists are being deliberately murdered in connection with their work in democratic countries, which poses a real challenge for the democracies where these journalists live and work.”

The phrase “blood politics” is not a euphemism. 

During Carlson’s broadcast accusing The New York Times of threatening him, Carlson also made it clear that the newspaper was well aware of what happens when blood politics is practiced. Carlson had been doxxed before, with the instances widely reported. In November of 2018, Antifa local chapter Smash Racism DC rallied outside Carlson’s Washington, D.C. home promising violence and hoping to intimidate him and his family. They chanted through bullhorns, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night!”

The Antifa group then attacked his home while Carlson was at work doing his nightly broadcast. As they attempted to breach his front door, a security camera picked up one of the attackers mentioning a “…pipe bomb.” His wife was home alone and hid in a closet while she called the police. By the time police arrived, the mob had broken Carlson’s front door and vandalized his car. Soon after the attack, with four children at risk, the family decided to move from their home and out of the neighborhood where they had raised their children and away from the neighbors they loved.

Then in June of 2019, another Antifa group, All Out DC, plastered posters around Washington, D.C. showing Carlson’s face under the superimposed Antifa three-arrow symbol. His new home address was printed underneath his face with the indictment: “Block the Alt-Right. Racist with a huge following and platform, uses it to promote racist dogwhistles.”

For now, private security is maintaining the defensive line at Carlson’s home while a demoralized Metropolitan Police Department contends with a $15 million dollar defunding. Police patrolling will likely decrease dramatically. After a drop in the murder rate in April of this year, it has steadily increased, compared to the same months last year, every month since rioting began in May.      

As happened in Venezuela, American cities have been burning, and our culture is being vandalized by Marxists, anarchists, socialist Democratic mayors, governors, senators, and a presidential candidate. We have been sleeping.  

If Vice President Biden succeeds in his march to the White House, those of us who think and speak like Carlson will suffer the certain retribution of the candidate’s supporters. We must put out their fires now by increasing police strength, prosecuting all rioters and their leaders, and re-casting our city, state, and federal governments with effective, pro-American civil servants. As we re-build our cities, we must re-imagine not the police but our schools and universities to include pro-American curricula and spirit to prevent a left-wing insurrection from ever happening here again. 

For those of us who stand as first-responders to our First Amendment and against the United States’ political and intellectual enemies, like Tucker Carlson, we should acknowledge their courage, zealously protect them, and actively, vocally join their lonely voices.

Jim Proser is the author of Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson Is Saving Western Civilization and No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy: The Life of General James Mattis. 

One thought on “The Singular Courage of Tucker Carlson

  1. There was a long time when I thought Tucker Carlson was overbearing and condescending. In other words, I could only take him in small doses. No longer do I have that reaction. Perhaps he’s changed somewhat;
    perhaps the landscape has changed enough to make me more receptive to TC’s messaging. It seems the format of his show is better now— more informative, not as aggressively combative. His ego seems to be under better control. Less snotty but still frank and firm in his opinions and positions. All of which is to say, I try to not miss him most days, and that’s a surprise to me. This article has given me reason to admire him even
    as I worry over his and his family’s personal safety.

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