Injecting Nuance into the Reparations Debate

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

“But when addressing a problem of justice, popularity is neither the sole nor the primary factor for adjudication.”

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Somewhere Between the Marquis de Sade and the Twist

(Clint Margrave)

“…nor could [Houellebecq] have emerged from the hundreds of wallet-siphoning creative writing MFA programs, whose grasp on the American literary world has sanitized literature to an unreadable degree.”

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The Similar Artistic Appeal of Jordan Peterson and Ta-Nehisi Coates

(Paul Marotta/Getty Images)

“In a media environment where heady intellectuals spray the air with heady jargon, it is a joy just to have people who keep the spirit of human aspiration alive through art and creative representation.”
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Coleman Hughes and Critiques of the Left: An Open Letter to McManus

“Although the line seems quite clear as to when right-wing ideas have gone too far, the same clarity just isn’t there for when left-wing ideas go bad.”

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Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility Theory Falls Prey to Logical Fallacies

Unfortunately, in so blithely dismissing individualism, DiAngelo hinges her theory so heavily on collective, rather than individual, identity and experience that it dies on the sword of a logical fallacy.”

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“Woke Capitalism” Needs to Wake Up to the Truth about China

As Jim Geraghty writes, rather than importing our values, China is exporting its repression into our societies on the back of mass industrial theft and espionage.”

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Rep. Denver Riggleman: Bringing Internet to Rural Areas

(Photo by Norm Shafer/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

If you have to take your kids and you have to go into a parking lot of a library in order to do homework, that is not something that they want to have to deal with.”

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Rep. Madeleine Dean: Making Community College a Priority

[Some of my students] couldn’t do all three: commute, work, and schoolwork. So, I saw the affordability problem growing and growing in that setting, but I hear it also from my constituents in every higher education setting.”

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Orwell: the Best Student of the Left

“The typical socialist often had very little concrete experience with the actual conditions facing those they purported to care about. They were often middle class, well educated, and highly resentful of the rich.”
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Where Tolstoy Departs from Dostoevsky

“Tolstoy was not naïve in thinking that social and political reform would end all forms of evil in human life. Like Dostoevsky, he was very well aware that much wickedness flowed from the pride and vanity of men like Napoleon or the Russian tsars.”

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Dostoevsky’s Extremely Thoughtful Critique of the Left

“People do not truly want an end to suffering in all cases…They need challenges in order to feel the thrill of victory, guilt over their actions to have a chance at redemption, and the possibility of rejection and hatred to feel any deep form of love.”

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Review: “Big Business” by Tyler Cowen

“Pulling from history, economic data, and even psychology, Dr. Cowen explains why the anti-business sentiment is mistaken, how it originated, and what we should do about it.”

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One-on-One with Rep. Dwight Evans

I have no differences when people produce outcomes.”

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Godzilla and Environmental Pessimism

The Criterion Collection

“But like his philosophical cousins before him, Godzilla cannot exist because the ideas upon which he is based are incorrect. He cannot exist because pessimism is false.”

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“Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left”

“Doing that mental exercise of seeing if you could rephrase somebody else’s argument in your own words—that alone might be one of the single most useful things that you can do to reason better and to respond to people’s arguments better.”

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