How the National Popular Vote Protects the Electoral College

Importantly, this state-based reform preserves and protects the Electoral College by having state legislatures determine the manner and method by which presidential elections are run and administered.”

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A Question for Frances Haugen: Who Decides?

(Jabin Botsford/Pool via AP)

“The question, however, remains: Would politically motivated government officials make better decisions than executives at these companies, and would these decisions be fairly applied to all users?”

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It’s Time to Move Away from Outward Markers of Jewish Belonging 

(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

“One thing I chose not to do was circumcise my child. While many of my secular compatriots still feel an affinity for this practice as a ‘tribal marking,’ I find it intellectually and ethically difficult to defend.”

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What Motivates Retail Cryptocurrency Investors?

Contrary to the Bitcoin apostles I met at the conference all those years ago, contemporary owners of cryptocurrency seem to be more interested in its speculative properties than its potential as an alternate currency or stable store of value.”

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Can Australians Trust the Americans after Kabul?

(AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

As a result of this debacle, it now seems reasonable to question whether Washington is competent enough to assure Australia’s security.”

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Letter to the Editor: In Reply to “Buy Out the Settlers”

“Therefore, what possible reason is there to believe that simply bribing a few Jews out of a few homes in the West Bank will result in Hamas and Fatah making peace with Israel?”

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Liberal Democracy Lives on the Page, Not the Screen

Here, I would like to reflect on the optimal mechanisms for sustaining the rational mindset that undergirds liberal democracy.”

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Are Cities Heading for a Fiscal Crunch?

(Terence Faircloth)

Although they are run down, many still boast high local taxes. Sadly, this forms a vicious cycle of adverse selection, spiraling tax rates, and underfunding. “

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Biden’s Tax Policies Would Hamstring Economic Recovery and Social Mobility

(Getty Images)

“The recovery itself is likely to be the largest job creator this decade.”

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In a Future Driven by Artificial Intelligence, “Career Adjacency” Offers Humans Agency  

However trendy this new semantic shift, the word is more relevant than ever: “Career adjacency” is now the future of human work.”

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How the “New Atheists” Deradicalized Me

New Atheism had taught me always to demand evidence; and the evidence revealed that, historically, political radicalism had been a major source of violence and inhumanity…”

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To Prevent Politics and Reality from Breaking Up, Keep It Local

“Therefore, if we want to ward off a divorce between our political narratives and reality, perhaps the best thing we can do is bring political affairs as close as possible to our lived, everyday realities.”

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Is Inflation Finally Going to Be a Problem?

Finally, the mere expectation of inflation can actually bring it to pass.”

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The Facebook Oversight Board: How to Make It Actually Work

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

Accordingly, we believe that Facebook could streamline its appeals process by following the guidelines suggested above.”

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Why We’ve Committed Ourselves to Fighting Online Censorship

We believe this question of censorship is a non-partisan concern that will deeply affect the ability of our country to achieve fairness and progress going forward.”

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