Does Understanding the American Project Begin with William Penn?

He was the first to negotiate with Native Americans as a Christian, keeping the Christian-Quaker pacifist traditions in his negotiations. He actually regarded the Native Americans as equals…”

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Congressman-elect Burgess Owens on Issues to Tackle in Office

Image via Daily Herald

“Al Davis used to say, ‘Just win, baby.’ And I tell you that’s what Americans do best. Once we wake up, once we’re engaged, once we know that our culture is at risk, we come together and start communicating. Across-party lines, Democrats and Republicans start to talk, and we rise.”

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Is the American Economy Significantly Different than Europeans Think?

“Do you realize how strange it is that professionals can move around Europe more freely than they can in the U.S.? And that overall, Alabama has more autonomy over its regulations than France does?” 

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Rep. Denver Riggleman: Reflecting on His Two Years in D.C.

(Charlottesville Tomorrow | Charlotte Rene Woods)

“And I’ll have to say this: This was the worst job I ever had, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

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Interview: Running for Congress as a Communist

Christopher Helali for Congress

“I offer an alternative to liberal-style capitalism or conservative-style capitalism. Both are neoliberal at the end of the day.”

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: a Discussion with Merlin Schaeffer

Policies that try to tackle diversity problems make it always salient in people’s minds. And that can backfire, even if well-meant.”

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Will Witt: What It Means to Be a Young Conservative

(Will Witt/Facebook)

“How can I say I care about what I’m doing if I’m not willing to put myself in situations that might make me uncomfortable?”

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Interview with Ruud Koopmans: Understanding Muslim Immigration to Europe

[Historically,] Islamic societies were actually more advanced, more liberal, and more tolerant than Western societies. So, there is nothing intrinsic to Islam that explains these problems.”

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Interview: Robert Orlando on His Film “Citizen Trump”

“Once the stage is the thing, ideas don’t matter as much as performance.”

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Interview: Rep. Susan Wild on How Congress Can Respond to the Pandemic

(Susan Wild/Facebook)

“The problem is, though, we can’t rely on volunteerism, donations, and gifts for much longer because—quite frankly—most of these places are getting pretty tapped out.”

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Psychologist Dr. Katherine Kinzler: the Role of Speech in Polarized Times

“In polarized times, think of the other person as an individual and not member of the other group.”

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Interview: Rep. Jody Hice on “Defund the Police” and Big Tech Censorship


“But there is no question that we’ve got some major issues, and free speech is so dependent these days on these big tech companies, so they have to be very careful that free speech is protected. And, of course, there’s a pattern now that shows otherwise…”

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Lacy Johnson, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Challenger: Her Record Speaks for Itself

“I was in poverty once, and then I became an entrepreneur. And now I am running for office…This is the greatest country in the world.”

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Rep. Eric Swalwell: Reflecting on the Impeachment of President Trump

“Maybe there are some lessons learned, so this never happens again.”

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James Lindsay: How Critical Studies Led to Today’s Turmoil

Image via New Discourses

“This is an attempt at a social, cultural, and political revolution.”

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