Kristof and WuDunn’s “Tightrope”: an Essential Book

(Games for Change/Creative Commons)

Whether one agrees with none, some, or all of their policy prescriptions, Tightrope approaches the status of a must-read.

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Slavoj Žižek, Leszek Kołakowski, and the Ontological Gap

(Piotr Wójcik, Agencja Gazeta)

I would argue that we must vigilantly guard against viewing ourselves as gods or otherwise infusing and inflating our fallible natures and politics with a divine authority.”

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Escaping Tumblr

(Getty Images)

“I was also on Tumblr with an agenda. Over the past ten months, I had stumbled deeper and deeper into the neurodiversity movement, which frames autism as an identity as well as a disability and blames society for ‘oppressing’ autistics.”

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A Brief History of Nothing

“Historically, human beings worshipped gods or God; modern secular man worships Nothing.”

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Blowing Up “The Big White Ghetto”

Williamson puts his finger on a certain, pervasive resignation that hobbles so many lower-class Americans—a resignation that must be explicitly attacked if our nation is to live up to its promises…”

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Four Ways Freedom Has Been Understood

In this brief article, my final for the year, I will discuss four different ways freedom has been conceived of in the European philosophical tradition.”

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The Irrationality of Rationalism

This condition, Epidermolysis bullosa, with which I was diagnosed after birth, is as painful as described. Singer’s language is compassionate, but what he advocates for is infanticide.”

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Can a Constitution of Genius Work for a Nation of Imbeciles?

(Alessandro Vulcano)

“Ricks writes: ‘In a nutshell, Washington was sensing the limits of virtue as a driver of the new country. He is not often seen as a political philosopher, but in his own quiet way he was ahead of most of his peers.'”

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Gad Saad’s “The Parasitic Mind”: A Reasonable Premise Gone Awry

At the time the aforementioned Heterodox Academy report was published, firings of conservatives had doubled, yet left-leaning professor firings had spiked by 950%.”

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Review: H.R. McMaster’s “Battlegrounds”

(Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

“As citizens, though, thankfully we can do more than just hope. We can engage in the sort of good-faith, learned analysis which General McMaster has provided us in Battlegrounds.”

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Christian Conservatism and Neo-Gnosticism: A Reply to Nick Opyrchal

(Catholic News Service/Nancy Wiechec)

However, Žižek’s entire point is that the dialectical method reveals a shocking truth about the world: that certain limitations cannot be overcome because they are built into the structure of reality itself.”

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Casting Spells: the Enduring Allure of Leftist Mysticism

(REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson)

In the case of leftist mysticism, the greatest obstacle to this transformation appears to be human nature, which, in part, explains the bloody reality of socialism and communism.”

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America: An Appreciation

No matter how frustrated or aggrieved you may be with your current life in America, know there are countless people in the world who would gladly trade places with you.”

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Is Racism Holding Back African Americans?

Presently, cultural explanations for success are unfashionable, though deeper introspection reveals that culture cannot be discounted.”

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Preview: “A Critical Legal Conception of Liberalism and Liberal Rights”

“My new book, A Critical Legal Examination of Liberalism and Liberal Rights, holds that liberalism is best understood as a political and moral doctrine committed to two fundamental principles.”

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