Finding Hope When All Seems Lost

“The alarming juxtaposition is that on the other side of this brick wall were patients dying from malaria and children being born with HIV. However, the sheer joy and optimism of this village was unbreakable and, in every sense, unexplainable.”

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To Be a Caring Conservative

(Source: US Department of Agriculture)

All the while, the existing social safety net—combined with various anti-poverty programs—in the United States already provides for our nation’s poor by offering them an adequate standard of living.”

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Synecdoche, New York and Synecdoche, Croatia

Something very similar—and, only slightly less surreal—is currently happening in the Republic of Croatia.”

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The Foundational Integrity of Imants Ziedonis

(Liepaja Travel)

“In other words, Ziedonis, knowingly or not, recognized that for a state to be free, its people must recognize a shared tradition and must be themselves free to build upon it.”

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The Dangers of Politicizing the Coronavirus

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

“It is not often that everyone in the country faces the same towering life-and-death challenge all at once, which is why we should drop the cheap partisan smears and start talking honestly about the greatest threat we have confronted in a generation.”

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Interview with Oliver Strijbis: Swiss Lessons on Identity and National Unity

(GlobalVision Communication / GlobalFlyCam / Getty Images)

Political ideas are too abstract. They are not enough to make people emotional about identity. Swiss identity has a cultural element.”

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Anti-Racism Demonstrations That Are Just Too Much

Those doing things like reenacting a slave raid may have noble intentions, but they are sending the wrong message.”

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The Discrete Ideology of Thomas Piketty: Successes and Failures of ‘Capital and Ideology’


Whereas Piketty’s earlier book was often accused of ignoring the role that political doctrines played in naturalizing inequality, he has here devoted an entire text to that very subject.”

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The Puppet Masters of Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis


“The question worth asking is: Who stands to benefit from the continual fueling, participation, and organization of a war that threatens to destabilize Yemen irreversibly?”

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Running Wild: Hulk Hogan, God, and the Coronavirus

Matt Baster via Reddit

“While feeding on an unclean beast alone may seem like a trivial act, it is arguably symbolic of mankind’s time-honored bastardization of the natural order.”

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Interview: How David Horowitz Sees 2020

Image via

“Our system in United States is set up in a way that forces us to compromise. The Founders thought the great threat to a democracy is factionalism.”

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Allan Bloom at Harvard, a Lesson Reverberating through the Years

The university is nothing less than the institutionalization of Socrates. So the end of philosophy in the university portends the subversion of democracy itself.”

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Herodotus and the Human Quest for Justice

“Herodotus, as we can begin to see, is a theorist of human action—and a theorist of justice. Justice, according to Herodotus, is the chief force of human action.”

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Bo Winegard on Events Taking Place Across Academia: “I Am Terrified”

Image via Quillette

“I have never been more depressed about the state of truth in the world.”

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And They’ve Come for the Founders

(Mark Graves)

However, as one watches the Founders find their way into the crosshairs of so many, perhaps the obvious needs to be restated.”

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