Gov. Brian Kemp: His Approach for Georgia


“And things like rural broadband, having quality health care, just a good quality of life, good ability to get a great education—whether it’s going into a technical field college or university setting. We had a lot of different options for folks, and we’re slowly moving the needle.”

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Interview with Senator Isakson: Putting Veterans First

(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

“One thing is for sure in Washington is, no matter how tight or tough times are, veterans are a class to themselves; they are an issue to themselves. Partisanship rarely ever creeps into the VA.”

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Interview: Vice President Mondale Comments on Today’s Democratic Party

Image via AP

“I told one of the other senators, ‘You’re a very pleasant, sweet person. But deep down, the public wants a son-of-a-gun. You’ve got to get stuff done.'”

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Interview: One-on-One with Congresswoman Susan Wild

(Susan Walsh / AP)

“Most of all, I just want my constituents back home to know that I’m working for them, and that I’m not thinking about contributions from a big corporation when I’m in a committee hearing and questioning witnesses and when we’re voting on matters that are important to the working families in my district.”

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Interview: One-on-One with Congressman Jody Hice

(Kevin D. Liles/The New York Times)

“There’s not a single one of us who has not made mistakes in our lives, and we have a number of people who were in jails and prisons that made mistakes that they regret.”

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Interview: Jonathan Haidt on What Underlies Polarization in America

“In a sense, the Founding Fathers feared democracy because of the tendency of people to be carried away by their passion and easily led astray by demagogues, and I think that our modern polarization, augmented by social media, could well bring their worst fears to reality.”

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An Interview with Gov. Pat McCrory

(Corey Lowenstein/News & Observer)

“In fact, one of my best training grounds was being a basketball referee. That taught me how to make tough decisions under tough circumstances where you already knew you were going to make half the people mad most of the time.”

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“No Labels”: An Interview with Joe Lieberman

Image via Times of Israel

“The last four or five years I was in the Senate, there was simply no Democrat more conservative than any Republican and no Republican more liberal than any Democrat. And that’s just wrong. It’s unnatural.”

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Political Profile: An Interview with Lincoln Chafee

Image via Washington Examiner

“There are more wedge issues that divert our attention from the real issues. That’s what I found during my time in the Senate…But the Republicans wanted to send their Republican candidates out to campaign about gay marriage and abortion and flag burning. It’s all about control of the Senate.”

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Colorado Today: An Interview with Gov. Hickenlooper

Image via CNN

“The negative ads we’ve kind of moved into, starting in the nineties, have gotten worse and worse. You never see businesses do attack ads, right? If Coke did an attack ad against Pepsi, Pepsi would have to attack Coke…. You could suppress down an entire product category.”

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Interview: The Man Who Photographed Tiananmen Square

Image via Jeff Widener

“To tell you the truth, I am drawn to these dangerous events even though they scare the hell out of me. I am sure a shrink would have a field day with that…I guess there is an adrenaline rush in trying to capture images under dangerous situations and making it out alive.”

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Interview with Andrew Yang, 2020 Presidential Candidate

Image via Twitter

“It is my conviction that we are going through the greatest technological and economic shift in human history, and our political class is completely asleep at the switch.”

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The Breakdown of American Culture: An Interview with Prof. Amy Wax

On the current trend towards drug liberalization: “Everybody I know who functions at a high level in society is fairly reliable and trustworthy. My husband is an oncologist, and I can tell you that hardworking cancer doctors don’t spend their free time getting high.”

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An Interview with Dave Rubin: We Need to Listen to One Another

Image via Youtube

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses the left’s opposition to free speech, polarization, third party candidates, and finding common ground in an interview with Merion West.

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Ben Shapiro on the State of Modern Conservatism

Image via ERI

I think you have to separate conservatism from reactions to the Left. I don’t think they’re quite the same thing. Conservatism is starting to get more popular because of reaction to the Left.”

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