Aprinism: A Worldview Simon Maass Essay - “As mentioned, comparisons with other life-forms are often useful for understanding our human existence. Accordingly, I have derived the word ‘Aprinism’ from the Latin ‘aprinus,’ meaning ‘boar-like.'” 6/5/2024
When the Elites Declare War Alexander Zubatov Essay - “Show trials, we had thought, were totalitarian relics, a blunt tool wielded by dictators like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in order to show people, quite literally, what would happen to those who dared to defy the regime. And here it was, happening in 2024, in America.” 6/3/2024
On the Music of John Prine Erich J. Prince Essay - “For me, though, there is one Prine song I find the most philosophical, though many of his songs do indeed have that bent…The song is  ‘Fish and Whistle,’ the first track on his 1978 album Bruised Orange…” 6/2/2024
J.S. Mill: Equiliberal Seamus Flaherty Essay - “For [Patrick] Deneen, the most nefarious influence in the history of liberal political thought is John Stuart Mill, son of Enlightenment radical James Mill, godson of utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham, and the author of the canonical 1859 liberal text, On Liberty.” 5/31/2024
Chasing Immortality, Living on the Edge: A Review of “Transhuman Citizen,” the Biography of Zoltan Istvan Peter Clarke Essay - “Although the project to end death is clearly important to Istvan, his forthcoming biography, ‘Transhuman Citizen: Zoltan Istvan’s Hunt for Immortality’ by Ben Murnane, reveals that he has arguably lived his life in response to a related but slightly different question…” 5/30/2024
You Actually Do Co-Parent with the Government, So Make It Co-Parent Better David Ferrero Essay - “Although pithy and pugnacious, the slogan is wrong. The moment parents drop a child off at the schoolhouse door, they entrust the school to take over some of their parenting responsibilities.” 5/28/2024
Commodification in America: Old and New Casey Chalk Essay - “And yet, today, we continue to engage in various forms of commodifying the human person, even if they are less visibly brutal and bloody.” 5/22/2024
On Not Responding to Email Erich J. Prince Essay - “Henry David Thoreau, writing in 1854, remarked: ‘I never received more than one or two letters in my life…that were worth the postage.’ What would he make of the modern email inbox?” 5/19/2024
Review: “The Handover: How We Gave Control of Our Lives to Corporations, States and AIs” by David Runciman Seamus Flaherty Essay - “The Handover is, at bottom, a plea for liberal democratic states to discipline, if not disempower, the sociopaths and psychopaths who currently have control of the technologies and resources which are changing us and our environment and promise to change both ourselves and the planet we inhabit more radically still.” 5/16/2024
All University Protests Must Stop, Period Alexander Zubatov Essay - “Holding myself to this standard, I am comfortable in saying that in each and every one of those scenarios, my view would be unchanged: The protests, all the university protests, must be stopped.” 5/13/2024
“The Rhapsodic Fallacy” and Maurice Manning’s “Snakedoctor” Johnny Payne Essay - “The ‘free’ in ‘free verse’ was never meant as a free pass, an anything goes, for to succumb to it does, in fact, leave us standing in a well-intentioned mush.” 5/12/2024
Critiquing Stoicism Simon Maass Essay - “However, my impression is that there is something more fundamentally toxic about Stoicism. In line with [Will] Durant’s assessment, its dominant theme seems to be retreat: retreat from unpleasant emotion into indifference (despite protestations to the contrary)…” 5/10/2024
A Dangerous Partnership: the Managerial Revolution and the Immigration Revolution Henry George Essay - “New populations moving into a country creates ready-made client groups to which the managerial state can administer, gaining new voting blocs, which continue to vote for the party of the managerial state.” 5/9/2024
Nitazene: Scenes From Britain’s Struggle with a Powerful New Drug Noel Yaxley Essay - “Meanwhile, the death toll rises. John told me he was 44—the same age as me—when we first met. That is just under the average age of death for homeless men in Britain. This is more than 30 years shorter than the country’s average male life expectancy.” 5/5/2024
Too Many Excuses for Tyrants Michael D. Purzycki Essay - “Despite all of this, [Robert D.] Kaplan’s analysis of the greater Middle East should not be ignored. His travels throughout this vast region across the decades give him insights into its diverse challenges that few Americans possess.” 5/3/2024
In Defense of the Bugmen Peter Clarke Essay - “But I am not interested in chiding Bronze Age Pervert—as other publications, such as National Review, have done—for his use of dehumanization. Instead, I want to offer a full-throated defense of these nasty bugmen.” 5/2/2024