Why I Stand by Relocation: A Rejoinder to Ben Burgis Walter E. Block Essay - “To kick him or them out of the country would indeed be to violate the non-aggression principle (NAP) of this strict version of libertarianism. But I do not always write from this point of view. Sometimes, often in my writings on Israel, I do so from the perspective of classical liberalism…” 7/6/2024
Was Chamberlain Actually More Strategic than Churchill, Roosevelt, and Biden? Julian Spencer-Churchill Essay - “Prime Minister Chamberlain’s premature death in 1940 and his transformation into a cautionary tale has meant that he was not available to remind his successors that appeasement was just one-facet of a multi-dimensional diplomatic strategy.” 7/5/2024
The End of Capitalism Jonathan Church Essay - “For Herbert Marcuse, German philosopher and notorious member of the Frankfurt School, Marx did us a service in trying to expose capitalism as a historically-contingent mode of production based on reified social relations that do not facilitate—in fact, impede—the harvesting of reason as the path to the flowering of human autonomy, and flourishing.” 7/2/2024
When Glen Campbell Sang “Galveston” Erich J. Prince Essay - “But with that said, what has always bothered me about the story told in ‘Galveston’ is that there seems to be so much of life left unruminated over, a fact remediated only slightly by the mention of the seascape at the end of the song (and ‘the sea waves crashing’ in the Campbell version).” 6/30/2024
Jordan Peterson, Martin Heidegger, and the Inescapability of Stories J. Michael Yarros Essay - “But Heidegger and Peterson differ when it comes to the origin of our stories, the meaning of nihilism, and the limits to the stories we can tell. To begin, it is useful to explore the question of the origins of our stories. In both Peterson and Heidegger, there is talk of something coming from nothing.” 6/29/2024
Factors of the War in Ukraine Dmitrii Ershov Essay - “Instead of a ‘police operation’ to capture the former colony, Russia got a full-scale protracted war for which it was simply not prepared.” 6/20/2024
Wrangling Our Political Herds: Upholding Intellectual Standards, No Matter Who Gets Angry Robert Jensen Essay - “It may sound naïve in a time of intense political polarization, but in It’s Debatable I make a case for more humility and a bit of hubris. We need to be willing to argue with passion for our political positions but at the same time remember our limitations.” 6/18/2024
In Reply to Walter Block: Relocation Must Be Off the Table Ben Burgis Essay - “It is not particularly interesting that I disagree with Block’s argument. I am a bleeding-heart left-winger who thinks every human being has a right to healthcare, housing, education, and much more…The interesting part is that [his arguments] fly in the face of the values he cares about.” 6/10/2024
Aprinism: A Worldview Simon Maass Essay - “As mentioned, comparisons with other life-forms are often useful for understanding our human existence. Accordingly, I have derived the word ‘Aprinism’ from the Latin ‘aprinus,’ meaning ‘boar-like.'” 6/5/2024
When the Elites Declare War Alexander Zubatov Essay - “Show trials, we had thought, were totalitarian relics, a blunt tool wielded by dictators like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in order to show people, quite literally, what would happen to those who dared to defy the regime. And here it was, happening in 2024, in America.” 6/3/2024
On the Music of John Prine Erich J. Prince Essay - “For me, though, there is one Prine song I find the most philosophical, though many of his songs do indeed have that bent…The song is  ‘Fish and Whistle,’ the first track on his 1978 album Bruised Orange…” 6/2/2024
J.S. Mill: Equiliberal Seamus Flaherty Essay - “For [Patrick] Deneen, the most nefarious influence in the history of liberal political thought is John Stuart Mill, son of Enlightenment radical James Mill, godson of utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham, and the author of the canonical 1859 liberal text, On Liberty.” 5/31/2024
Chasing Immortality, Living on the Edge: A Review of “Transhuman Citizen,” the Biography of Zoltan Istvan Peter Clarke Essay - “Although the project to end death is clearly important to Istvan, his forthcoming biography, ‘Transhuman Citizen: Zoltan Istvan’s Hunt for Immortality’ by Ben Murnane, reveals that he has arguably lived his life in response to a related but slightly different question…” 5/30/2024
You Actually Do Co-Parent with the Government, So Make It Co-Parent Better David Ferrero Essay - “Although pithy and pugnacious, the slogan is wrong. The moment parents drop a child off at the schoolhouse door, they entrust the school to take over some of their parenting responsibilities.” 5/28/2024
Commodification in America: Old and New Casey Chalk Essay - “And yet, today, we continue to engage in various forms of commodifying the human person, even if they are less visibly brutal and bloody.” 5/22/2024
On Not Responding to Email Erich J. Prince Essay - “Henry David Thoreau, writing in 1854, remarked: ‘I never received more than one or two letters in my life…that were worth the postage.’ What would he make of the modern email inbox?” 5/19/2024