“I ask your forgiveness; I am a mountain tiger”

(“Ginevra de’ Benci” by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1474-1478)

Why does she ask forgiveness?/For what and from whom?/Why does she call herself/a mountain tiger?”

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Smart Fish Don’t Bite

(Gary Metras Fishing)

“One of these days,/the guy with the rod won’t be so kind./This is why we hear about the liars,/hypocrites and crooks like Spiro Agnew,/Richard Nixon, Jimmy Swaggart,/Bernie Madoff, Sam Bankman-Fried…”

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Cycling at Vésinet

Her long hair, the color of her pants,/falls down her back. She has what appears to be a flower tucked behind her left ear.”

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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

There’s also a roadside historical marker/noting the massacre of the Lee family/by ‘an Indian war party’ in 1782.”

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Dying in Amsterdam

A bicycle in Amsterdam in 2011. (Erich J. Prince)

“What magnificent coordination. A ballet/on wheels. Impossible, but there it was/day after rainy day, not one collision.”

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On the Road to Damascus

(Joel Carillet/Getty Images)

“So here I am in the Radnor Township/Police Department Drunk Tank/in a white paper jumpsuit, shoelaces/removed to be sure I don’t hang myself…”

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