When Gender Violence Outpaces the Coronavirus in Mexico

(REUTERS/Carlos Jasso)

“What similarities we have are dwarfed, however, by an immense difference. At the beginning of April, Ana Paola—at the age of 13—was raped and killed in her home in Nogales, while I write this safely from between the covers.”

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Mexican Women Protest Gender Violence, But Is the Government Listening? 

(AP Photo/Ginnette Riquelme)

I cannot fathom the extent of their pain, of course, but I know that if something were to happen to my mother or my friends, I would burn everything until justice were achieved.”

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Mon Laferte and the Power of Toplessness

Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for LARAS)

Apparently, there is a significant difference between a woman who decides to show her breasts in a glittery outfit or a see-through dress—and someone who does it in the name of a social cause.”

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Mexico’s Glitter Revolution: How Should Women Protest?  

Now, pink glitter seems to be the spark of a new revolution in Mexico against gender violence.”

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Trump’s Tariffs: Did Mexico Have a Choice?

(Evan Vucci/AP/Shutterstock)

“This may sound as if Mexico were evil and did not want to help others, but this is not the case. If we become a safe third country, we would be biting off more than we can chew by condemning migrants to hellish conditions—mainly due to organized crime and lack of resources—and becoming the U.S. backyard.”

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A Mexican Perspective: The Three Options for Venezuela

(Martin Mejia/AP)

“I know several Latin American brothers and sisters who have fled their country. Some were born in the era of Chavismo and have not known anything new, until now.”

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Roger Waters Has a Point: Foreign Aid Is Flawed

(Image via CNN.com)

“In the end, whether it is rich businesspeople donating their money for the reconstruction of a national monument or ‘average Joe’s’ trying to help others in need, foreign aid is, and always will be, flawed.”

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Is Elizabeth Holmes an Outlier: Women in STEM (Part II)

(David Sprague)

“We know a lot of cases of corrupt and fraudulent men, but we are not used to seeing female names associated with this type of behavior. One of the main reasons is because the percentage of women in leadership and influential positions is quite low.”

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Is Elizabeth Holmes An Outlier: Women in STEM (Part I)


“There are more men named John running large companies than women.”

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Standing Up to Machismo

“Just being a woman in politics has not necessarily meant supporting policies in favor of other women. For example, a deputy in Veracruz proposed establishing a 10pm curfew for women to avoid more femicides in her state.”

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The Culture of Machismo in Mexico Harms Women

Image via europapress.es

I was twelve years old, and a man on the street was already verbally harassing me. He looked at me as if I were a juicy steak instead of an innocent child.

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