The Shadow of Progress

“In a worldview that prizes purity above progress, the flawed and erroneous are stains to be expunged. Their remembrance is not only deplorable but damning by association.”

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Applying Coronavirus-style Problem Solving to Climate Change

(Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)

“It’s by some cruel twist of fate that both the virus and climate change appear to be treatable by the deceleration of society.”

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Actually, Bernie Sanders, Billionaires Should Exist

(Andrew Harrer|Getty Images)

To deny the billionaires of today the aspiration to earn as much as they do (let alone the right), we deny the possibility for everyone else to earn it tomorrow.”

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Godzilla and Environmental Pessimism

The Criterion Collection

“But like his philosophical cousins before him, Godzilla cannot exist because the ideas upon which he is based are incorrect. He cannot exist because pessimism is false.”

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Climate Change Makes a Thanos of Us All

(Thomas Ronge/AWI)

“We need a philosophy of problem-solving, not problem-avoidance. And yes, while stalling techniques are useful, their primary function is to give us more time to create active solutions, not avoid them all together.”

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