Why I Don’t Celebrate Black History Month

When we, as a nation, celebrate these heritage months, all that takes place is pandering and more of an unfortunate tendency: dividing people—in the 21st century, no less—by race.”

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A Few Reflections on the Death of Breonna Taylor

(Matt Stone/Courier Journal/Reuters)

Yes, racism does exist. Yes, Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy. However, Breonna Taylor’s tragic death is not rooted in racism.”

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I Have a Suggestion for My Fellow Black Americans—This Black History Month

(Ebony Magazine, December 1966)

“By allowing this ball and chain of victimhood to stay attached to us (and having this mentality that everyone and everything is racist), we are doing ourselves and our ancestors no favors.”

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Getting a Tattoo: Often an Unwise Decision

“This past Mother’s Day, in a survey of over 3,000 mothers who had tattoos, 51% of them said if they had to choose between removing a bad tattoo and receiving a new piece of jewelry (of equal value) as a gift, they would choose tattoo removal.”

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The Case Against Reparations

Our justice system—and accompanying moral philosophies—wouldn’t dream of punishing people for the crimes of others, so why should our public policy?”

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Black America Won’t Be Saved at the Ballot Box

“As a young black man from Southern California watching the systemic problems ailing my community, I believe that repairing our community must come from within, and the impetus is upon us to repair our culture before it’s too late.”

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