Why Europe Is Weak on Iran

It can be argued that the European failure to stand with the United States in maintaining sanctions on the Islamic regime is a symptom of their prolonged appeasement policy, which is masqueraded as diplomatic engagement.”

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Killing of Soleimani Presents Opportunities, Not Just Challenges

(Ali Mohammadi/Bloomberg News)

“…it can be argued that the challenges emanating from this sequence of events have the potential to be turned into golden opportunities to clip the Islamic regime’s wings in the Middle East and beyond.”

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Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and the Left’s False Anti-Imperialist Crusade

(Uli Deck/AP)

“Through rallying anti-war movements and opposing any Western intervention (including humanitarian missions), many Western socialist intellectuals have, in fact, turned themselves into foot soldiers for authoritarian and undemocratic regimes.”

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