Aprinism: A Worldview

“As mentioned, comparisons with other life-forms are often useful for understanding our human existence. Accordingly, I have derived the word ‘Aprinism’ from the Latin ‘aprinus,’ meaning ‘boar-like.'”

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Critiquing Stoicism

(Marcus Aurelius)

“However, my impression is that there is something more fundamentally toxic about Stoicism. In line with [Will] Durant’s assessment, its dominant theme seems to be retreat: retreat from unpleasant emotion into indifference (despite protestations to the contrary)…”

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Rescuing Religion from Atheism

(The Old Country Church, Búðir, Snæfellsnes, Iceland by O Palsson)

It seems, then, that religious practice is beneficial but unpalatable to many highly analytical people because they deem religious doctrines unpersuasive. The question therefore arises how one can make it palatable to them.”

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The Jewish People Are Both Middle Eastern and European

(An illustration of the Second Temple)

“Given that the Middle East used to be far more ‘Western’ and even ‘European’ than it is now, there is no cultural disconnect between ‘Western’ and ‘Middle Eastern’ Jews. Jews can be both at once.”

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What an International Environmentalist Movement Misunderstands

(Forest in Bergen, Norway by Jules Verne Times Two)

Scientific progress has the potential to be more salutory than legal regulation. To return to Odin’s advice in the Hávamál once more, the power of the human mind is mankind’s most reliable ally.”

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