The Power of Stories to Tear Us Apart

“In his TED Talk ‘Be suspicious of stories,’ Tyler Cowen explains that, when we create stories, ‘We’re imposing order on the mess we observe.'”

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Preparing for the Work Only Humans Can Do

(John Thys/AFP—Getty Images)

“Merisotis has written extensively about higher education and the future of work, but Human Work is a departure from much of his past writing.”

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Who Qualifies for a Second Chance?

(iStockphoto/Getty Images)

Can their good works ever balance out any of the harm they have caused?”

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Contra Bridget Phetasy, We Should Not Abandon Partisan Politics

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Given the fact that humans are competitive by nature, how could politics not become some version of a team sport? It is true that hyper-partisanship is not great, but the game is what it is.”

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A Vision for Human Flourishing

Just like we would not accept the transportation technology of the 1800’s, we should not compulsorily accept archaic attitudes toward work, education, possessions, and leisure.”

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A Vision for Transhumanism: an Interview with Rachel Haywire

(Rachel Haywire)

Human nature is to seek power; we’ve had that since the Stone Age. That’s just part of human behavior. But, as transhumanists, we seek to go beyond that kind of thing.”

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