Nitazene: Scenes From Britain’s Struggle with a Powerful New Drug

Meanwhile, the death toll rises. John told me he was 44—the same age as me—when we first met. That is just under the average age of death for homeless men in Britain. This is more than 30 years shorter than the country’s average male life expectancy.”

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Ireland Attempts to Silence Critics of Its Immigration Policies

(Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

“The Irish state will undoubtedly have one of the most extensive, if not the most totalitarian, hate speech laws in Western Europe if the bill becomes law, despite the government’s insistence that it contains a provision to ‘protect genuine freedom of expression.'”

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The Failure of Multiculturalism

(Ethnic tension is high in Leicester)

“We have a broken immigration system. Despite saying the right thing, [Suella] Braverman did not take much action to stop it. She ought to be judged similarly to what economists would call a revealed preference. In other words, actions speak louder than words.”

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Is the “Convenience Economy” Worth the Pain It Can Inflict?

We live in a world where every conceivable product or service is instantly accessible.”

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