Better Angels: The Organization Out to Fight Polarization

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“Even if you continue to disagree on 90% of the issues, if you have a little bit of trust, understanding, and empathy, you might find common ground on that 10% or wherever you do have some agreement.”

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Does Marijuana Have Medical Benefits? Sitting Down with an Advocate

Image via (Ryan Collerd/The New York Times)

Bernadette Scarduzio, who lives with a rare neurological disease, argues that medical marijuana has helped normalize her life and has the potential to help reduce opiate overuse in the disabled community.

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Life After Hate: A Conversation with a Former Skinhead

Image via Exposure

“You can’t be a Neo-Nazi and be happy in life. It’s 100% impossible to be those two things at the same time.”

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Everyday Economics: A Discussion with Professor Charity-Joy Acchiardo

(Dan Pelle/The Spokesman-Review)

“We try to take away the value judgments because economics is not designed to make a value judgment—that’s not the tools that we have in this discipline.”

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Philadelphia’s Homeless Are Finding New Hope Thanks to This Organization

Image via Back on My Feet

Now a year has passed from that day at St. John’s, and all Kreuzburg can think about is running and the effect it’s had on his life.  

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Political Philosophy for 2018: Talking with Prof. Christopher Freiman

Image via Bloomberg

“…Politicians are regular people who should not be expected to be more moral in their political lives than their economic lives. If we have this assumption that people in politics are no better than people in markets, this leads to a lot less confidence that political solutions will be any better than market solutions.”

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Has Modern Society Left Honor Behind? An Interview with Prof. Tamler Sommers

When we look back on honor cultures like the Mafia…They embrace values that are precisely what are lacking in our lives—like that fierce, passionate loyalty that Sonny has. He’s not thinking about his own self-interest. He’s thinking about the fact that that guy beat up his sister, and he needs to pay for it.”

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Investigative Journalism Today: New Mexico’s Scott Armstrong

Image via Searchlight New Mexico

“Rather than going for the stories that are most easily obtained, which are also often the ones people want to leak, you ask yourself what is going to be permanent.”

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