On Finland’s Memorandum with Turkey

“Finns should decide their own fate. Their pact with Turkey signals the opposite.”

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Why the Left Is Accepting Finnish NATO Membership


With that said, however, as a country with a 70-year commitment to welfarism, it would not be desirable to substitute this for Russia’s brand of plutocratic capitalism.”

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Lessons from Labour’s 2021 Election Defeat

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

It is a crushing defeat that signals that Labour’s loss of several of its Northern constituencies under former Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the 2019 general election was not a one-off occurrence that could be fixed with a new leader.”

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How Online Meme Culture Fails the Left

“As such, it is not simply the case that coherent political dialogue is difficult via the Internet; it is difficult, in large part, because of the Internet…”

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The Nordic Model is Achievable (Without Going to Extremes)

After all, the disagreement between the authors of The Times piece and the author of the Jacobin piece is only even made possible by the fact that the Finnish system does not easily conform to either model.”

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“OK, Boomer!” Understood


Old leftists fully wish to hold Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Salvini and co., to account for their post-truthism. Meanwhile the younger leftist is likely to be ‘post-truth’ themselves.”

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Review: Matt McManus’ “The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism”


“McManus draws a historical trajectory that sees conservatives responding to the challenges of socialism, communism, and fascism by hardening Burke’s pragmatic project into an ideology: what we now call neoliberalism.”

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