Too Many Excuses for Tyrants

(Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad in Syria in 2020)

Despite all of this, [Robert D.] Kaplan’s analysis of the greater Middle East should not be ignored. His travels throughout this vast region across the decades give him insights into its diverse challenges that few Americans possess.”

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When Promoting Clean Energy, Patriotism Beats Moralizing

The debate over whether to go green is not a debate over whether to incur costs. It is a debate over which set of costs to incur, and people’s willingness to bear tangible burdens to achieve goals supported by affluent, educated progressives is limited.”

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The Legacy of Henry Kissinger


If, as President Nixon and Secretary Kissinger rightly believed, it was in America’s interest to extract itself from the mess their predecessors had created in Vietnam, it was not necessary for them to keep fighting the war for so long.”

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Moving Clockwise around Easton County

They’ve always been rivals with a town across the county line, a town of insulation and roofing makers. It’s a working-class rivalry, the authentic kind, one that lasts whatever color the collars become.”

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Libya, Syria, and the Future of Intervention


No country, even the most powerful, can save lives in every conflict, but if it judges itself to be able to and its conscience is sufficiently moved by the killing, it should step in.”

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Tunisia and Egypt: Two Tests for Biden and Democracy

The Biden administration has not yet decided whether to call Saied’s power grab a coup.”

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Buy Out the Settlers

(Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images)

The United States can offer a very innovative solution to a seemingly intractable conflict: Pay Israel to withdraw its settlers.”

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Where Race and Language Meet

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Dropping one term in favor of another will not, by itself, solve any great problem, but it can make finding a solution a bit more likely.”

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Flexible Government Is Good Government

When to allow discretion on the part of public servants is not an easy question to answer.”

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Desperately Seeking Consistency

(Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“And, as Michael Lind pointed out in Tablet, Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill was not the only Capitol Hill taken over by extremists thanks to a lax police presence—witness ultra-progressive Seattle.”

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The Case for Civic Nationalism

If carefully constructed, civic nationalism in the United States can take both conservative and progressive forms.”

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Three Lessons from Nine Years of Conflict in Syria


“However much Americans and their leaders may want to turn away from wars and atrocities geographically far away, sooner or later they will be impacted by them, usually in a jarring and harmful way.”

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Thomas Friedman, Barack Obama, and the Longstanding Tumult in Syria

(Reuters/Omar Sanadiki)

“Had Obama intervened strongly enough in 2013, Syria could have been his Bosnia, a long-running humanitarian disaster that a U.S. president halted after initially dragging his feet.”

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