Is the American Economy Significantly Different than Europeans Think?

“Do you realize how strange it is that professionals can move around Europe more freely than they can in the U.S.? And that overall, Alabama has more autonomy over its regulations than France does?” 

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: a Discussion with Merlin Schaeffer

Policies that try to tackle diversity problems make it always salient in people’s minds. And that can backfire, even if well-meant.”

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Interview with Ruud Koopmans: Understanding Muslim Immigration to Europe

[Historically,] Islamic societies were actually more advanced, more liberal, and more tolerant than Western societies. So, there is nothing intrinsic to Islam that explains these problems.”

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Interview with Oliver Strijbis: Swiss Lessons on Identity and National Unity

(GlobalVision Communication / GlobalFlyCam / Getty Images)

Political ideas are too abstract. They are not enough to make people emotional about identity. Swiss identity has a cultural element.”

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Why Trust Prevents Nations from Tearing Themselves Apart


“The last time a leading Danish politician was murdered was 1286. It’s not war with your foreign enemies [that matters]; it’s internally, in political stability.”

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