Understanding Belarus’ Upcoming Presidential Election

(EPA Photo)

Belarusian independence would become, however, a package of unfulfilled promises. 

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Mexico: A “Failed State”?

(Press Office Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador/Handout via REUTERS)

“And, at the regional level, Mexico should pursue stronger cooperation with the United States regarding control of arm trafficking, such as Operation ‘Frozen,’ which attempts ‘to freeze the illegal movement of guns between the two countries.'”

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NATO: 70 Years On

“Hence, NATO should devise a strategy to address President Trump’s visions about the alliance in order to maintain (as much as possible) its stability.”

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Slavoj Žižek’s Concept of Rupture—and Post-Truth

“In the matter of politics, our society has become a consumer of emotions, constructed values, and ambiguous promises.”

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