Moral Behavior When No One Is Watching: an Interview with Jillian Jordan

“For the ‘Signaling When No One Is Watching,’ basically what we were interested in was motivated by previous research suggesting that people are strongly motivated to signal to others that they’re morally good.”

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Understanding the Viciousness of Jordan Peterson’s Critics

“McManus and Hamilton have each written exceedingly unfair reviews of Jim Proser’s recent book Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson Is Saving Western Civilization.”

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Interview: “Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson Is Saving Western Civilization”

I was surprised at the depth of their depravity in attacking this innocent academic. He also provoked quite a bit of outrage by refusing to be silenced by them—and thank God for that.”

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Jordan Peterson, at His Core, Teaches Personal Responsibility

“…for all of those who continue to maintain that Jordan Peterson is problematic because of something one of his followers somewhere did, keep in mind that—above all else—Jordan Peterson is a proponent of individuals taking responsibility for their own lives.”

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John Horvat: Social Media, Jordan Peterson, and “Returning to Order”

I’ve read Peterson’s Twelves Rules for Life, and it has some points that I agree with. But I don’t think he goes far enough.”

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I Didn’t Vote for Trump But Strongly Oppose His Impeachment

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

However, now—after seeing how he has been treated by Democrats since he was elected—he will have my vote in 2020.”

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Why the World Should Thank Trump for Killing Soleimani

(Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

“In the event that one is not overly familiar with the past forty years of Iranian history, I will explain what I mean; Iran—over the past four decades—has perfected a playbook of deceit that is so effective that nearly anyone has the potential of falling for it.”

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As a Father to Two Special Needs Children—Weighing-in on Greta

(Getty Images)

“What is particularly insidious here is that not only is the victim a child, but, on top of that, it is a special needs child.”

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Sitting Down with the Director of “The Rise of Jordan Peterson”

(Patricia Marcoccia)

I would say the social aspects of making the film were really difficult for me because a lot of my network and friends and social circle is progressive, and, obviously, progressives are not a fan of [Peterson’s].”

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Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson (Part II)

“…what I’ve noticed with Jordan is that his interactions with this polarization of the Left and the Right—it’s actually kind of hardened him. It’s made him a little bit more radical. It’s made him a little bit more hard-skinned.”

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Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson

(Maziar Ghaderi)

“Yeah, there’s not a lot of lying in Jordan. That’s part of what I was trying to say with the fact that he doesn’t do small talk. If he wants to talk to you, he’ll talk to you. And sometimes the first thing he’ll ask you is something kind of serious.”

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Jordan Peterson: An Antidote to the Frightening Wave of Socialism

(Flickr-Gage Skidmore)

“But, fortunately, there is an antidote to Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist wave and its underlying mindsets: it is the hard work and dedication that Jordan Peterson so importantly describes.”

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Interview: Kate Leaver Talks Friendship

Image via Channel 4

“I think reciprocity is a very important part of a friendship or, in fact, any type of relationship. I think having a balance where both of you are investing equal amounts of time and energy and love and attention into that relationship is really important.”

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Let Them Speak: Censoring Controversial Speakers Gets Us Nowhere

(AP Photo/Lisa Rathke)

“If a speaker from the alt-right attracts listeners, it is useless to rush to block him. The better approach is to engage in deep thinking to determine why so many people are willing to follow these messages.”

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Jordan Peterson Deserves a Closer Reading Than the Media Gives Him

(Rene Johnston)

“With that mindset, no wonder we feel bitter, absurd, and helpless. Even though we are living in great times, it is hard to see it.”

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