When John F. Kennedy Saved the World

(AP Photo)

Kennedy proved his mettle in response to a Soviet breach of the Monroe Doctrine, defusing a crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.”

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Forgiving All Debt Is a Step in the Wrong Direction

In financial markets, the basic unit of cost is risk.”

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The Trump Putsch

(Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

While I am happy to endorse some of President Trump’s policies, I am not willing to endorse his self-serving legal maneuvering simply for the sake of these policies I support.”

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Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor (Part II)

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

“In short, Kendi’s consequentialist view of racism as rooted in policy (which, however unpredictably and unintentionally, results in racial disparities) does not explain everything.”

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Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

For Kendi, it is policy first and racism second. Debatable? That is a racist question. Maybe a presentist interpretation of history? Also racist.”

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The False Dichotomy in Kimberlé Crenshaw’s Intersectionality

(Luke Kenneally)

Why is this important? Because grammar shows that Crenshaw’s distinction between identity politics and liberal universalism is artificial.”

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The Dangers of Campus Speech Codes: Revisiting the Water Buffalo Affair

(Steven Minicola)

“The history which preceded the magazine’s shutdown and resurgence involved a controversy sufficient for the Red and Blue to be ‘expelled from the Student Activities Council (SAC)’ and to have ‘archives…trashed by the University.'”

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Colin Kaepernick and a False Dichotomy

(Michael Zagaris / San Francisco 49ers / Getty)

It probably also guarantees he will not be standing anytime soon, given that these are highly charged social issues which are deeply complex and are probably not going to be ‘fixed’ in the foreseeable future.”

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As the Word “Racism” Loses Its Meaning


Ambiguity, however, is the name of the game when it comes to defining racism, while Whiteness Studies is similarly plagued with ‘critical’ obfuscation.”

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What Søren Kierkegaard Can Teach the Left About Ayn Rand

(Royal Danish Library)

“The view of Rand as a self-absorbed, even solipsistic, apologist for the greed of nefarious capitalists…was always a myopic misreading of Rand, at least if one pays close attention to her novels.”

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There Is No Free Lunch: Landlords Are Not Leeches

(Getty Images)

We should support rent moratoriums—but not because landlords are ruthlessly exploiting a pandemic.

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In Reply to Ben Burgis: Capitalism, Socialism, and Marx

“…one can go into business with the long-term goal of instituting a worker co-op. But the first and most fundamental aim is to supply the market with something consumers want, in as profitable a way as possible.”

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Robin DiAngelo Is Correct about the Psychic Weight of Race

“Although one empirical study indicates that whiteness may not be as invisible to white people as is assumed, DiAngelo is not widely off the mark about the psychological advantages of being white.”

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Shakespeare and Social Justice Ideology: Othello Is Not About Racism

(William Salter’s Othello’s Lamentation)

Unfortunately, I don’t think it simply comes down to the location of a portrait. In recent years, social justice ideology has infiltrated many of our institutions, especially the universities and, particularly, in the humanities.”

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Why Karl Marx Is Wrong


Running a profitable enterprise is not the same thing as Smaug guarding a pile of gold.”

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