On Minimum Wage, Progressive Conservatives Miss the Mark

(via CBS News)

Concerning the Ontarian minimum wage, the lesser of two bad ideas is still a bad idea.

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Drug Testing Is Right for Wisconsin

Image via Politico

Even liberals acknowledge that some individuals unfairly exploit welfare programs.

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The Liberal Case for Markets

Image via children.org


If liberals actually care about making poor people better off, then there is no better system for accomplishing this than the free market. Life expectancy in capitalist countries is much higher than in socialist or communist ones.

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The Trump-Trudeau Sit-down

A once intimate President-PM relationship now sits more precariously than ever.

With repellent taxes and anti-investment policies like these, who would choose Canada for their next business venture?

Unless he can manage to at once defy his principles and please the Liberal base, Trudeau’s favourability is on track to deteriorate within the next three years.

Below the 49th Parallel, the doctrine of “America First” has been made clear. It is a heavy statement. It means more than just prioritizing domestic products; it means a shift in economic regime. And above all, it means a shift that will be felt around the world—perhaps in no place more than Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Read more