A Warning From South Africa

(The July, 2021 protests and looting in response to the imprisonment of former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma)

One might notice that unlike in the 1990s, apart from a few occasional flare-ups, the struggle is no longer primarily between Xhosa and Zulu, or any African ethnicity for that matter. A crusade against whiteness had united black South Africans who would otherwise have been fighting among themselves.”

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What Karl Marx Can Teach Us about Abortion

What better way to avoid paying for maternity leave, family health insurance, and other perks than to make sure that one’s employees never have children?”

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Black War Cinema and the Representation Paradox

(Deme Cisse in Battlefield V)

For all of their insistence on cultural revolution, progressives are not yet ready to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.”

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Do They Really Believe in Eugenics?

(Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

While denouncing the eugenics movement, one must also recognize that its repudiation by the progressive mainstream signals the rise of a self-centered ethos that is destructive in its own right.”

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Prelude to War: Lessons from the Second Spanish Republic

(Popperfoto/Getty Images

The Second Spanish Republic has many parallels with modern American politics. Much like its counterparts in Spain, the American left of today is no less preoccupied with terraforming the cultural landscape.”

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Marxism Has Been No Deliverer from Ethnic Strife

(Polish Voluntary II Death Squad in Lviv 1920, Polish National Digital Archive)

Any utopian project that tolerates humanity’s diverse values and identities only to the extent that they help advance a narrowly defined vision of progress can only end in indiscriminate violence.”

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