Mark Harris Just Won the Primary. Here’s his Jan. Interview with Merion West

Image via Charlotte Observer

“An activist court is what is creating the chaos we now have. Today, we have judges who have put them themselves in the place of a king, and they are trying to rule as kings.”

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Congressman Jody Hice: Religious Liberty and Good Business are Benefits of Republican Majority

Image via Office of Congressman Jody Hice

In a one-on-one interview with Merion West, Georgia Congressman Jody Hice explains how his background as a Christian pastor informs his worldview, his bill to address the taxpayer burden of former presidents’ pensions, and a possible solution to easing division in a polarized America.

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Why This Retired Fighter Pilot Wants to Be a U.S. Senator

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My father was a blue collar worker. He was about to buy his first car: a Cadillac. Instead, he gave me the money to go to the school.

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Interview: Businessman John Kingston Is Running for Senate

If you like the “get it down,” boot-skewered style of Charlie Baker, you should send me to Washington. But if you like the divisive, polarizing approach of Senator Warren, by all means, re-elect her.

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